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Statistical data fusion for hybrid localization of mobile terminals [Elektronische Ressource] / von Carsten Fritsche

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Statistical Data Fusion for Hybrid Localization ofMobile TerminalsVom Fachbereich 18Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnikder Technischen Universit¨at Darmstadtzur Erlangung der Wu¨rde einesDoktor-Ingenieurs (Dr.-Ing.)genehmigte DissertationvonDipl.-Ing. Carsten Fritschegeboren am 20.07.1978 in Groß-GerauReferent: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anja KleinKorreferent: Prof. Dr. Fredrik GustafssonTag der Einreichung: 31.01.2011Tag der mu¨ndlichen Pru¨fung: 15.03.2011D 17Darmstadt 2011IAcknowledgmentsThis thesis is the result of several years of research that I have conducted at theCommunications Engineering Lab of the Technische Universit¨at Darmstadt. Manypeople have contributed to this thesis either directly or indirectly. With the followinglines, I would like to thank these people. Your help has made this work possible.IwouldliketoexpressmysinceregratitudetoProf. Dr.-Ing. AnjaKleinforherendlesssupport, guidance and constant encouragement during the supervision of the thesis.The fruitful discussions, her invaluable suggestions, ideas and advices have essentiallycontributed to this thesis. Furthermore, I would like to thank Prof. Dr. FredrikGustafsson for the valuable feedback on my research, his constructive comments andsuggestions during my stay at Linko¨ping University and for his willingness to act asmy external examiner.I would like to deeply thank Dr.



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Published 01 January 2011
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