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Synchronization in Delay-Coupled Laser Networks [Elektronische Ressource] / Thomas Dahms. Betreuer: Eckehard Schöll

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Synchronization inDelay-Coupled Laser Networksvorgelegt vonDiplom-PhysikerThomas Dahmsaus Rüdersdorfvon der Fakultät II – Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften –der Technischen Universität Berlinzur Erlangung des akademischen GradesDoktor der Naturwissenschaften– Dr. rer. nat. –genehmigte DissertationPromotionsausschuss:Vorsitzender: Prof. Dr. Christian ThomsenBerichter: Prof. Dr. Eckehard Schöll, PhD Prof. Dr. Wolfgang KinzelTag der wissenschaftlichen Aussprache: 16. Juni 2011Berlin 2011D 83To Emil and MatteoAbstractIn this work I investigate patterns of synchronization in networks of semiconductorlasers. Two main questions arise when studying synchronization phenomena in thesenetworks: (i) What kind of synchronization patterns can exist in a given network and(ii) is the synchronization stable? The basis for this study is formed by the chaoticdynamics that lasers may exhibit when coupled via time-delayed links. The lasers aremodeled by the well established Lang-Kobayashi model. The main focus lies on thecharacterization of network topologies and parameter regimes that generate distinctpatterns of synchronization in such laser networks.Since the stability analysis can be carried out only numerically for chaotic dynamics, Icomplement my investigations by another model for the local dynamics in the networks’nodes – the Stuart-Landau oscillator. These nonlinear equations represent a normalform for any periodic dynamics near a Hopf bifurcation.



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Published 01 January 2011
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