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Synchrotron radiation based multi-scale structural characterization of CoPt_1tn3 colloidal nanoparticles [Elektronische Ressource] / vorgelegt von Ardalan Zargham


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Synchrotron Radiation BasedMulti-Scale StructuralCharacterization of CoPt Colloidal3NanoparticlesbyArdalan ZarghamUniversity of Bremen2010Synchrotron Radiation Based Multi-Scale StructuralCharacterization of CoPt Colloidal Nanoparticles3Vom Fachbereich fur¨ Physik und Elektrotechnikder Universit¨at Bremenzur Erlangung des akademischen GradesDoktor der Naturwissenschaften– Dr. rer. nat. –genehmigte DissertationvonDipl.-Ing. Ardalan Zarghamaus Teheran, Iran1. Gutachter: Prof. Dr. Jens Falta2.hter: Prof. Dr. Marcus B¨aumerEingereicht am: 17.06.2010Tag des Promotionskolloquiums: 05.08.2010The work described in this thesis has been performed in the Surface Science Group ofProf. Dr. J. Falta at the institute of Solid State Physics, University of Bremen, Germany.Synchrotron Radiation Based Multi-Scale StructuralCharacterization of CoPt Colloidal Nanoparticles3A dissertation submitted to theDepartment of Physics and Electrical EngineeringofUniversity of Bremenin partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree ofDoctor of Natural Science– Dr. rer. nat. –in Solid State PhysicsbyArdalan Zarghamfrom Tehran, Iran1. Examiner: Prof. Dr. Jens Falta2. Prof. Dr. Marcus B¨aumerDate of submission: 17.06.2010Date of defense: 05.08.2010ThememorybegreenW. Shakespeare,HamletAbstractBimetallic CoPt nanoparticles represent a category of colloidal nanoparticles with high3application potentials in, e.g.



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Published 01 January 2010
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