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The technology is a very broad term that includes a set of methods, knowledge or skills that are used in various trades and professional fields. Besides in crafts or industry, technique is an essential part of their know-how.

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The technique, an important knowledge

Historically, men have acquired and created techniques. Indeed, the cultivation of cereals, fruits or vegetables is in itself based on techniques, just like hunting. Over the centuries and technological advancement (technology means the study of tools and techniques), new techniques have appeared in new fields. This spectacular advance is largely due to the development of science .

Each profession or field of activity today has its own techniques. It is therefore important to know them, to be competent, to improve their productivity  or their professional efficiency .

Another important point is the importance of the development of new techniques , because science making new discovery, research advancing, it is essential to follow this trend and develop new technique. The objectives are often the same: to improve profitability, productivity, quality, results, etc.

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