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Anykeylogger for Mac OS X can log any online activities on Mac including keystrokes, websites, applications, clipboard and snapshots on Mac computer, as a parental control or employee monitoring tool in our life.



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Published 31 July 2014
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Parental Control Solutions
My daughter is 15 and spends all her time on her Macbook. I am getting worried about what she is doing and was wondering if there is a way to check her Macbook from mine. I never have the ability to look at it as she gets home from school long before I am home from work and when I walk in her room, she closes it and won’t let me see. Please help.This is a question posted by a parent on a forum. Parents are alw ays concerned about the childrens online safety; they worry that children will browse inappropriate online contents. Thats why now many parents want to monitor childrens Internet usage. Today, I will show you some ways that can be used to monitor and control childrens Macbook. 1. Built-in Remote Parental Control Feature Built-in parental control feature of Mac is a n useful and wonderful thing that allow you to filter some certain Internet contents, block some applications and limit use of the Mac. Why call this feature Remote Parental Control? You can manage the parental control feature from other Mac on LAN. Thats to say, you can change or remove the control on your own Mac. This feature is totally free and helpful for parents to manage and control childrens Mac use. However, for the parents who have request of monitoring childrens Mac activities as above, this feature is not avail. How to enable the parental control system? a. Create an admin account on childrens Mac and set an admin password. b. From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences of childrens Mac. c. From the View menu, choose Parental Controls. d. Set up restrictions for your childrens Mac or accounts here. e. Click on the little gear icon on the bottom of the User list and select Allow Remote Setup, click the lock to secure it all. 2. OpenDNS OpenDNS offers DNS service with features including misspelling correction, phishing protection, domain blocking and content filtering, etc. OpenDNS is mainly used to speed up Internet experience and improve the Internet security. As a family shield parental control, it can provide you with Web filtering or network security feature, such as blocking pornography, proxy servers, phishing site and some malwares. Different from built -in parental control feature, O penDNS provides you with visibility of networks Internet activities, allowing you to know how your Internet resources are used. However, this service can only help you to know the Internet visited websites records. Its useless if you want to know the all yourchildren’sactivities on Mac such as running applications or typed keystrokes. 3. Hardware Keylogger for Mac This tool is mainly used in form of USBs. Just as all USB keyloggers for Win, you can just plug it to
the keyboard and it will record allmac keystroke logger. This kind of USB Keylogger is undetectable and will not show up as an additional USB hub in your system device manager. If a USB keyboard works when you plug it to your computer then USB keylogger will also work when attached to that keyboard. The disadvantage of this keylogger is that you need to physically remove the tool to retrieve the records, which makes you a problem when you want to monitor yourchildren’s Mac in stealth mode. And even though your children know that you are monitoring their Mac, its also very troublesome to get back the keylogger every time. 4. Keylogger Software for Mac Apart from built-in parental control feature, keylogger software is one of most common parental control tools. For keylogger software only need you to install it in your childrens Mac and then you can view all childrens Mac activities without any physical access to the Mac. This kind of parental control tool needs no more computer knowledge and everyone can use it, after monitoring, the program can automatically send logs to your email. It can perfectly remedy the limitation of built-in parental control feature of Mac that it cant record Macs activities. Som e keystroke logger maceven contains the features of web filter, time control, application blocking, etc. Such kind of all-in-one keylogger software is more convenient and effective than other tools.
When you worry about childrens online safety or are concerned that they spend too much time on the Mac, you can choose suitable parental control solution to control and manage your childrens Mac use. You can write a message to them and even have a talk with them to explain why you've chosen to restrict and supervise their Mac use. Your kids will clearly understand your logic in restricting access or time limitation to the websites.