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Thermodynamics of the BCS-BEC crossover [Elektronische Ressource] / Stefano Cerrito

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Thermodynamics of theBCS-BEC CrossoverPh.D. thesis byStefano CerritoPhysik DepartmentTechnische Universitat¨ Munchen¨Technische Universitat¨ Munchen¨Physik DepartmentInstitut fur¨ Theoretische Physik T34Univ. Prof. Dr. W. ZwergerThermodynamics of theBCS BEC CrossoverStefano CerritoVollstandiger¨ Abdruck der von der Fakultat¨ fur¨ Physik der Technischen Universitat¨ Munchen¨ zurErlangung des akademischen Grades einesDoktors der Naturwissenschaften (Dr. rer. nat.)genehmigten Dissertation.Vorsitzender: Univ. Prof. Christian Pfleiderer, Ph. D.Prufer¨ der Dissertation:1. Univ. Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Zwerger2. Univ. Prof. Dr. Wolfram WeiseDie Dissertation wurde am 28.03.2007 bei der Technischen Universitat¨ Munchen¨ eingereicht unddurch die Fakultat¨ fur¨ Physik am 06.06.2007 angenommen.AbstractIn this thesis a self consistent and conserving theory for the thermodynamics of an attractive, two component Fermi gas near a Feshbach resonance is presented. The work is motivated by the numerousfascinating experiments which, in the last decade, have been carried out in the field of dilute ultra coldatomic gases.In order to cover both normal and super fluid phase we extend the many body formalism devel oped by Luttinger and Ward and by DeDominicis and Martin.



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Published 01 January 2007
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