Lancashire - Records of Early English Drama
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Lancashire - Records of Early English Drama


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DramaofRecords Early EnglishTORETURNPLEASEDRAMAEARLY ENGLISHOFRECORDSWESTSTREET150 CHARLESONT.M5S1K9.TORONTO,MACLEANSALLY-BETHATTN.416-585-4504Records of Early DramaEnglish150 Charles Street WestRECORDS OF EARLY ENGLISH DRAMA Toronto, Ontario, CanadaM5S 1K9Records of DramaEarly EnglishLANCASHIREEDITED BYDAVID GEORGEUNIVERSITY OFTORONTO PRESSTORONTO BUFFALO LONDONofToronto PressUniversity 1991Toronto Buffalo LondonPrinted in CanadaISBN 0-8020-2862-4Canadian in Publication DataCataloguingMain under title:entryLancashireof(Records drama)early EnglishIncludes references.bibliographicalISBN 0-8020-2862-4- - -1 . arts LancashirePerforming England History-Sources. 2. TheatreEngland- Sources. I. David II. Series.History George,1991 790.2 09427 6PN2595.5.L3L3 C91-093351-3The research and costs oftypesettingDramaRecords of Early Englishunderwritten thehave been byHumanities and theNational Endowment for theResearch Council ofCanadaSocial Sciences and HumanitiesContentsACKNOWLEDGMENTS VII TRANSLATIONS 293INTRODUCTION ENDNOTES 311Historical xiiiBackgroundand Customs xxxix PATRONS ANDDrama, Music, TRAVELLINGPopularThe Documents liii COMPANIES 371Editorial Procedures cNotes cvii GLOSSARIESIntroduction 385SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY CXvi Latin 389Glossary398EnglishMAPS CXXINDEX 423THE RECORDS2SymbolsParishes, and Other Localities 3Boroughs,Monasteries 114Households 145Province of York and Diocese ofChester 2 1 3ofLancaster ...


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DramaofRecords Early English TORETURNPLEASE DRAMAEARLY ENGLISHOFRECORDS WESTSTREET150 CHARLES ONT.M5S1K9.TORONTO, MACLEANSALLY-BETHATTN. 416-585-4504 Records of Early DramaEnglish 150 Charles Street West RECORDS OF EARLY ENGLISH DRAMA Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 1K9 Records of DramaEarly English LANCASHIRE EDITED BYDAVID GEORGE UNIVERSITY OFTORONTO PRESS TORONTO BUFFALO LONDON ofToronto PressUniversity 1991 Toronto Buffalo London Printed in Canada ISBN 0-8020-2862-4 Canadian in Publication DataCataloguing Main under title:entry Lancashire of(Records drama)early English Includes references.bibliographical ISBN 0-8020-2862-4 - - - 1 . arts LancashirePerforming England History -Sources. 2. TheatreEngland - Sources. I. David II. Series.History George, 1991 790.2 09427 6PN2595.5.L3L3 C91-093351-3 The research and costs oftypesetting DramaRecords of Early English underwritten thehave been by Humanities and theNational Endowment for the Research Council ofCanadaSocial Sciences and Humanities Contents ACKNOWLEDGMENTS VII TRANSLATIONS 293 INTRODUCTION ENDNOTES 311 Historical xiii Background and Customs xxxix PATRONS ANDDrama, Music, TRAVELLINGPopular The Documents liii COMPANIES 371 Editorial Procedures c Notes cvii GLOSSARIES Introduction 385 SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY CXvi Latin 389Glossary 398English MAPS CXX INDEX 423 THE RECORDS 2Symbols Parishes, and Other Localities 3Boroughs, Monasteries 114 Households 145 Province of York and Diocese ofChester 2 1 3 ofLancaster 218County APPENDIXES 1 Post-1642 Records 239 2 Lancashire Entertainers 242 3 A Minstrel at Windermere 249 4 A at House 252Masque Knowsley 5 Musical and Dramatic Entertainment in the Isle ofMan 267 6 The 282Stonyhurst Pageants Robin Hood in LancashirePlays 283 8 The Black ofAshton 286Knight 9 The Ghost ofMaypole Cockersand 290Abbey Records of DramaEarly English The aim ofRecords of isDrama (REED) to find, transcribe, andEarly English publish external evidence ofdramatic, ceremonial, and minstrel in Great Britain beforeactivity 1642. The executive editor would be for comments on and corrections to thegrateful volume and for relevant additional material drawn to her attention.present having any ALEXANDRA F. ofToronto DIRECTORJOHNSTON University SALLY-BETH MACLEAN ofToronto EXECUTIVE EDITOR EDITORIALADVISORYBOARDEXECUTIVEBOARD of ofManchesterPETER CLARK Leicester J.J.ANDERSONUniversity University ofJOANNA DUTKA ofToronto HERBERT BERRY R. ELLIOTT SaskatchewanJOHN Syracuse University ofDAVID GALLOWAY ofNew Brunswick DAVID BEVINGTONUniversity University Chicago IAN LANCASHIRE ofToronto A.C. CAWLEY ofLeeds University of Leeds L.M. CLOPPER IndianaPETER MEREDITH University University of DAVID MILLS ofA.H. NELSON California, Berkeley University LiverpoolUniversity Western Ontario RICHARD PROUDFOOT sA. B. SOMERSET of j. King College, PRUDENCE TRACY ofToronto Press LondonUniversity ROBERT TITTLER Concordia University StateSTAFF JOHN M. WASSONEDITORIAL Washington PullmanUniversity, GLYNNE WICKHAM of BristolWILLIAM COOKE UniversityPaleographer/Glossarian Assistant LAETITIA YEANOLESHEENA LEVITT Administrative Folger Shakespeare MCKEE Patrons ResearcherSALLY Library ROWCLIFFEWILLIAM Typesetter EditorMIRIAM SKEY Bibliographer/Copy GAIL STEWART Secretary ABIGAILANN YOUNG Paleographer/Glossarian