Lazer Helmets Catalogue 2012 (EN)
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Lazer Helmets Catalogue 2012 (EN)


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Complete 2012 Lazer Helmets product range



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Published 05 December 2011
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w Passionate about Helmets 8 Passionate about Racing & Road 12 Kite, Falcon, osprey, Kestrel, solano,Breva’r, Breva, vertigo’r, vertigo, Bora Passionate about touRing 42 Monaco,panaMe Passionate about off-Road 54 MX8, MX7evoUltralight, sMX,X7, X6 Jr. Passionate about style 74 Bolero, teMpo VisoRs 86 accessoRies 88 moRPHo system 92 meRcHandising94 Range98 Msesgea fro M Pro Te CT Yo Ur t He cHaiRman f Reedom We make helmets with pride and care so Speak to passionate bikers, racers, off-roaders and there’s always that you can fully enjoy the freedom of a moment when they mention FREEDOM. riding motorcycles and scooters. For Lazer, helmets are more than just mandatory The sensation of FREEDOM of being able to jump on your bike after a headgear. First and foremost they are brain hard day’s work and ride home without feeling like one of the herd, protection, but they should also look good, zipping through traffic jams. be comfortable to wear and give you real The sensation of FREEDOM when you discover a new road on value for money. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our products in each of a Sunday ride, one you’ve never ridden before. these important functions, from comfort to The sensation of FREEDOM of planning your next trip with your mates. ease-of-use, from protection to visibility. We have made many such improvements again The sensation of FREEDOM when, as a teenager, you got onto this year and we hope that you will discover a scooter for the first time. them very soon. The sensation of FREEDOM when you let it all rip and push your bike After last year’s launch we are now to its limits on a race track.supplying the Monaco to very demanding customers. It’s the lightest modular helmet The sensation of FREEDOM because you know that your bike’s in the world, weighing around 1.350 grams waiting for you in your garage ... in its Pure Carbon version. It is precabled and has integrated Bluetooth controls. Its To ride in freedom. To ride is to be free. photochromic visor is unique in giving you Our passion is to invent, design and make the perfect helmet the full range of sun protection, from a clear for all riders.base to dark and unique eye-relief. We have ample confirmation that those who have The perfect helmet that becomes part of you and protects you best tried it, never want to ride with any other in all circumstances. visor. The Monaco has succeeded in setting a new standard. The best possible protection that ensures that you can always We have become so convinced that the continue to enjoy what you want to do most: Lumino breaks new territory for riders that we ride in complete freedom. have extended it as standard equipment to a Kestrel and a Paname version. We believe that the Lumino is for the first time a helmet feature that clearly increases the fun of riding, through better vision and permanent eye-relief, under all circumstances. Test it! We are also proud to present two new helmets, the Bolero and the X7. The Bolero is a stylish half-jet helmet with an internal sun visor. The X7 is our new entry-level off- road helmet with an unmistakeable Lazer signature. We wish you great riding in this new season and hope that our products contribute to your sense of freedom! Alexander de Vos van Steenwijk Chairman of Lazer S.A. Xavier Siméon, Moto 2 a family business set up in 1919, l azer is the oldest brand of sports helmets in the world. f rom its beginnings in an attic where leather articles were made to the hundreds of thousands of helmets produced today, the belgian brand has always had a philosophy of developing the best products with the best technologies of each era. M CT today, the story goes on : every l azer helmet is dreamt up, designed, conceived, manufactured and tested for and by people who are passionate about them. 1919 Roger Lacroix, the brand’s founder, manufactures leather articles for motorcyclists 1930 Rigid leather helmet 1945 Commercialization of Lacroix helmets under the brand CROSS 1948 Aluminum helmet 1955 Thermoplastic helmet 1964 First compulsory safety standards 1972 Full Face helmet 1974 Injected helmet 1980 Lazer becomes the brand name for helmets manufactured by the company CROSS H.M.. 1987 Foundation of the bicycle helmet department 1990 Jet-ski helmet 1994 Snowmobile helmet 1997 Foundation of the paragliding helmet department 1998 Fibre helmet 2008 Introduction of the fashion range and new Kite, Osprey and Kestrel models 2009 SuperSkin revolution and Best Patented Innovation Award 2010 Extension of the SuperSkin range to full-face and Off-road helmet 2011 3 new top-of-the-range helmets in fibres: Falcon (integral), Monaco (modular) and the MX8 (off-road) 2 bluetooth solutions: the Lazer blue and the RingO 2012 Lumino, revolutionary photochromic visor Breva’R and Vertigo’R equipped with our Lazer’R “pump-to-fit” 2 new entry-level helmets: Bolero (half-jet with internal sun visor) and X7 (off-road) ••• s fa e so Steven Frossard, MX2 - © Pascal Haudiquert / Mediacross Pass Io Na Te aB o UT ultR a-lig HtnessPass Io Na Te aB o UT lumino Viso R t he l umino visor: a breakthrough in sun glare protection in terms of protection and comfort, weight is a crucial factor. t he challenge for l azer engineers was to maximize the lightness It is the only visor that darkens from a clear state of 90% light transmission to a dark state of 20% light transmission, of the helmets while providing more about 15 seconds. They lighten back automatically in function of the sunlight’s intensity. This effectively means that Lumino is a complete visor, all-in-one, always giving you optimal eye relief. By using pure carbon fibres which are woven through a complex process with differentiated polymerization and by removing unnecessary components, Lazer has reached this goal. The goal is fulfilled, the MX7 Evo UL Off-road helmet weighs only 956 gr, the MX8 weighs 1000 gr whereas the Monaco weighs 1350 gr, making it the lightest modular helmet in the world ! ®• Lumino visors utilize unique Transitions SOLFX™ • F ast to activate and fade back photochromic technology • The complete visor solution - day or night • C lear at night and up to 90% tint in bright sunlight • F its every Lazer fiber helmets Pass Io Na Te aB o UT • B etter than an internal sun visor • Factory fitted on all Monaco, Kestrel Z-Line Lumino & Paname Z-Line Lumino la ZeR’R• Boosts rider comfort by reducing glare and helping enhance contrast • Also available as accessory Lazer ‘R is the evolution of the famous Morpho System. • B locks 100% UVA & UVB rays Air cushions in the cheek pads allow you to optimise the adjustment and fit of your helmet. with just a few pressures on the pump you’ll feel the pads comfortably www. TRAnSITIOnSSOLFX.COM/ROAd.ASPX hold your cheeks. with one pressure on the release valve the air is let out and you can remove your helmet with ease. Pass Io Na Te aB o UT suPeRskin Pass Io Na Te aB o UT according to the european study cost 327 on the safety of motorcyclists, 80% of motorcycling fatal injuries are due to an impact to the head. t he rotational impact is the major cause of severe head injury.. communication The head is naturally protected by Compared to a conventional helmet and l azer offers a complete range of motorcycling communication systems the skin. during an impact, the skin slides thanks to the skin applied to the external over the skull. Lazer has developed shell, the SuperSkin reduces rotation up to an anti-rotation membrane and 50% and increases the protection of your a lubricant which imitate the natural head and your brain by more than 67.5%. movement of the skin over the skull. (Biomechanical study carried out by the ULP – CnRS, Institute of fluids and solids mechanics) This membrane covers the helmet. It slides over the surface of the helmet’s shell during the first 15 milliseconds Three different models l azer blue is our top-of-the-range Ringo is a cool and of Lazer helmets of an impact.bluetooth communication system. affordable approach of are now produced the bluetooth technology. ®l azer superskin uses the PHPs™ technology with the SuperSkin membrane: Some Lazer models are already precabled, (Phillips Head Protection system™ - anti-Rotation) the Rider, the Solano and the just have to place the components of It is a single all-in-one the Lazer Blue kit that you will have bought "pebble" that you can separately (battery, headset, buttons, easily place with a velcro microphone) into your helmet. This system is inside any Lazer helmet. a unique combination between a handsfree It allows you to choose mobile kit, an audio stereo system, an between mobile intercom between the passengers of a same communication, bike and even between a group of 4 riders. listening to music or following Easy to use and intuitive - 1 single button and the vocal instructions of your GPS, one audio menu customized in your own one fuction at a time. language – it is the best system in terms of on- Very easy to set up nand use, board communication and it does not require it is the ultimate fashionable any tedious or expensive fitting. You can also accessory for any Lazer helmet, choose the handlebar control as an option. at an entry-level price. Pass Io Na Te aB o UT Z-line / X-line The Z-line and X-line helmets distill the essence of the shells’ design, accentuating their lines and movement, bringing to life objects of beauty that are your protective companions whenever you ride. Pass Io Na Te aB o UT RACING & RoAd KITE KITEcR eated to fly cR eated to flyROAD Technology Shell Security ®• Carbon Light version : • Clear visor anti-fog Pinlock Provided Full High Tech carbon fibres • Anti-scratch visor • M .D.C.F. - • H igh security visor fixation - Multi directional Composite Fibres reinforced with aluminium • 2 shell sizes • Double D racing buckle with • XS - S - MS - ML - L - XL – XXL new strap puller (running change) • F rom +/- 1400 gr (L Carbon Light) • Red rear reflector 2 SHELL SIZES to +/- 1550 gr (L) • 4 reflective zones 3M Scotchlite™ • EPS - optimized upper insert protection ECE 22.05 cm 53-54 55-56 57 58 59-60 61-62 63-64 XS S MS ML L XL XXLCLEAR VISOR ®PINLOCK PROVIDED Interior/Comfort/Finishing • F .A.S. : 7 ventilations, rear extractors, • Flexible removable nose deflector Venturi effect and chin curtain • 100% removable and washable • V.P.F.S. - Visor Perfect Fit System : visor adjustment and perfect sealing• M orpho System Plus - cheek and head pads • Removable peripheral visor seal available in your size • 3rd generation “Quick release” visor system• Ergonomic 3D cheek pads ®• D r L e x interior - • Specific helmet bag Aegis™ antimicrobial treatment Accessories • Large range of visors such as : - w ideRace Lumino (photochromic) ® Pinlock provided - wideRace tinted 80% - wideRace clear ® - Lumino ( photochromic) Pinlock ready GUARANTEE - 14 - NEW! - i KITE c Reated to flyROAD BLACK CARBOn WhITE - BLACK - RED WhITE METAL BLACK METAL MAT Carbon Light Karat gL MLE 026020 MLE 026030 MLE 026000 ® ® ®CLeAr ViSor PinL oCk Pro Vided CLeAr ViSor PinL oCk Pro Vided CLeAr ViSor PinL oCk Pro Vided TITAn gREy MAT SILvER MAT FALCOn FALCOncR eated to tou R cR eated to tou RROAD Technology Shell Security ®• P ure Carbon version : • Clear rainbow visor Pinlock Provided Full High Tech carbon fibres ®• Faded visor Pinlock Ready • M.D.C.F. - included in the box Multi directional Composite Fibres • Anti-scratch visor • 2 shell sizes • High security visor fixation • XS - S - MS - ML - L - XL – XXL reinforced with aluminium • From +/- 1350 gr (L in Pure Carbon) • D ouble D racing buckle with 2 SHELL SIZES to +/- 1500 gr (L in M.D.C.F.) new strap puller (running change) • 6 reflective zones 3M Scotchlite™ ECE 22.05 • EPS – optimized upper insert protection cm 53-54 55-56 57 58 59-60 61-62 63-64 XS S MS ML L XL XXL Interior/Comfort/Finishing • F.A.S. : 7 ventilations, Venturi effect • Removable nose deflector and chin curtain• 100% removable and washable • V.P.F.S. - Visor Perfect Fit System : • M orpho System Plus – visor adjustment and perfect sealingcheek and head pads • Removable peripheral visor sealavailable in your size • Ergonomic 3D cheek pads • 3 rd generation “Quick release” ® visor system• D r L e x interior - Aegis™ antimicrobial treatment • Specific helmet bag Accessories • L arge range of visors such as : - w ideRace Lumino (photochromic) ® Pinlock provided - wideRace tinted 80% - wideRace clear ® - Lumino ( photochromic) Pinlock ready GUARANTEE - 18 - NEW! - i FALCOn c Reated to tou RROAD WhITE - BLACK BLACK - BLACK BLACK - WhITE BLACK - WhITE PurE Carbon bandEra PhantoM MLE 033000 MLE 033010 MLE 033020 ® ® ®rAinBo W ViSor PinL oCk Provided • FAded viSor PiNLoCK reAdY TN THe Bo X • rAiNBoW viSor PiNLoCK Pro Vided • rAiNBoW viSor PiNLoCK Pro Vided • FAded viSor PiNLoCK reAdY TN THe Bo X • FAded viSor PiNLoCK reAdY TN THe Bo X