Catalogue Pendule et horloge Erwin Sattler 2013-2014
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Catalogue Pendule et horloge Erwin Sattler 2013-2014

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63 Pages


Découvrez la belle collection de pendules et d'horloges de l'horloger munichois Erwin Sattler. Ce catalogue en anglais présente la collection 2013-2014.



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Published 04 April 2014
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c o n t e n t s

P r e c i s i o n
P e n d u l u Mc l o c k s

Classica Secunda 1985
Classica Secunda 1995
Secunda Lunaris
Secunda Sonata
Opus Temporis
Metallica 1735

r e g u l a t o r
P u l l e yc l o c k s

Classica 60
Classica S 70
Classica S 100
Classica S 130
Classica K 100 and K 130
Classica KS 100 and KS 130

t a b l ec l o c k s


l o n g c a s ec l o c k s

Troja 16 M
Troja Lunaris M
Troja Sonata M
Troja Opus Temporis

1 0

2 6

4 2

5 0

W r i s t W a t c h e s

Regulateur Classica Secunda
Regulateur Classica Secunda Medium
Regulateur Grigio Secunda

P r e c i s i o n
W a t c hW i n d e r

Rotalis S 2
Rotalis S 6
Rotalis S 10
Rotalis 30
Rotalis 60

6 0

6 8

M a r i n ec l o c k s&
n a u t i c a li n s t r u M e n t s7 8
Nautis 80
Nautis World Time82
Nautis Barometer82
Navis and Navis 2484
Navalis 86
Nautical instruments86
Carbonautis 88

i n n o v a t i o n s

Columna Temporis
Atlantis Module
Columna Atlantis
Atlantis Orbis
Atlantis Table

Technical data

9 0


d ea rc u s t o Me r,

Welcome to our catalogue! We invite you to leaf through and explore the
wonderful world of Erwin Sattler timepieces. With the gentle sound of their
ticking and rhythmic swing of their pendulums, our clocks have a special
ability to infuse any room with an unparalleled feeling of well-being. You can be
sure that they will become highly valued companions as well as long-lasting
heirlooms that can be passed down with pride from generation to generation.

Our aim, however, is not only to introduce you to our products, but also to
convey to you a sense of the enthusiasm and dedication we put into creating
works of art in our manufacture, as we combine timeless design with the
highest standards of quality. Together with our highly qualified staff, we
develop and create magnificent clocks showcasing the very best of 400 years
of clock-making tradition – and we have been doing this for over 50 years.

Our company founder, Erwin Sattler, laid the foundation stone for our success
with his wife Viola in 1958. We are indebted to them for their unwavering faith,
which has enabled us to grow and develop into the clock manufacturer we
are today. The company is still family owned and built on the reputation of
the „Made in Germany“ seal of quality. We take great pride in this.

With best wishes from Munich,


g r e e t i n g

Yours, Richard Müller

With a background in business administration,
Stephanie Sattler-Rick is responsible for the
manufacture‘s commercial affairs.

Clockmaker Richard Müller is in charge of the
design and development of the timepiece models.


Markus Glöggler
Master clockmaker

C la ss i C
t im ep i e C e s

Fueed by deermnaon and manaon, e ma
famy-run company Erwn Saer Suren, founded
n 1958, a deveoped over me no a modern-day
cock-makn manufacure operan on e ba of a
combnaon of ae-of-e-ar manufacurn ec-
nooe and cenure-od craſtmanp. Te reun
creaon are wonderfu fixure a mmedaey
become e vua focu of waever room ey are

On 4 March 1903, clockmaker Heinrich Sattler
patented a desk or shelf clock containing a
perpetual calendar. His motto was: “What you
can’t buy, you simply have to make yourself”.

Precon penduum cock10
Reuaor puey cock26
Tabe cock42
Loncae cock50
Wrwace 60

paced n. Snce vruay a par are manufacured
n-oue n excuve ma-bac ere, ere  ao
ampe cope for cuomaon. For over 50 year,
empoyee of Erwn Saer ave been devern e
very e andard of quay and, n keepn w
e company’ radon, ave been deveopn and
makn mepece a ruy a for eneraon – and
a ey emeve woud buy.

In 1958, about 60 years aſter Heinrich Sattler’s
invention, Erwin Sattler founded his own clock-
making manufacture, which now, as then, attaches
great importance to ensuring the finest workman-
ship, the highest precision and timeless design.

Between 1992 and 2002, Erwin Sattler transformed
into an almost fully self-sufficient manufacture,
achieving a production depth of over 90 percent.
As a result, the scope for customisation of
features in the clocks, so lovingly manufactured
in small-batch series, is vast.

Caca Secunda 1985
Caca Secunda 1995
Secunda Lunar
Secunda Sonaa
Opu Tempor
Meaca 1735

p r e C i s i o n
p e n d u lu mC lo C k s

In 1820, a roup of Frenc cen defined e “ecunda
dmnuva par”, .e. e “econd dmned par” of an
our, a/86.400 of a mean oar day. One econd , fir
and foremo, one vauabe momen of our ve, and e
connua pan of ee momen  a joy o beod on
any Erwn Saer cock. however, our precon penduum
cock are no ony beaufu; ey are ao exremey
accurae. Becaue we appy e umo care and ue ony
e very be maera o produce our excuve creaon,

The generously skeletonised dials on almost
all the precision pendulum clocks allow an
interesting and attractive view of the inside.


e en of one penduum wn w devae ony
mnmay from e ae caeum me andard over
e coure of mon and year. T  demonraed
perfecy by one parcuar Erwn Saer penduum cock
a and de by de w e famou orca me-
keepn nrumen n Munc’ Deuce Mueum.
Te Erwn Saer cock-makn manufacure a one oa:
o aceve aeec and mecanca perfecon.

The “regulator dials” are modelled on the
especially high-precision pendulum clocks found
at observatories. The precision pendulum clocks
feature a main dial for the minute hand and two
subsidiary dials for hours and seconds.

Something to discover: Various accessory parts
are discreetly stored in a hidden compartment in
the bottom of the clock case.

H i g H li g H t s
Cae and penduum denca o oe of e Caca

Secunda 1995
Acevabe accuracy of one o wo econd per mon

13 coa of varn and nerm pon by and refine
e cae
30-day power reerve

God-paed componen nde e cock

he: 145 cm, wd: 37 cm, dep: 18 cm
Back varn | Back varn w wanu roo wood caee | Wanu w wanu roo wood caee |
Cerry w ove roo wood caee

C la s s i C as e C u n d a
1 98 5

W h e r et h eh i g hp o i n to ft r a d i t i o n a lC l o C k - m a k i n gm e e t s
t i m e l e s sd e s i g n .t h eC l a s s i Ca m o n gp r e C i s i o nC l o C k si s
a ne x a m p l eo fe x C l u s i v eW a l la r tf o ra n yr o o m .

Te refined veron of e precon 1935 mode, manufac-
ured over 600 me,  e perfec embemen for an
office, foyer or vn room. I cac den combned w
e ecnca expere of e Erwn Saer cock-makn
manufacure urn e Caca Secunda 1985 no a verae
feye acceory.

T penduum cock  ao an exremey accurae mepece,
manann a maxmum accuracy devaon of one o wo
econd per mon. A we runnn down e de aow
a power reerve of 30 day. Te fine ear wee ee and
e ue of ba or jewe bearn for a urnn par enure
a ervce fe an for many eneraon. Te  cane
n e en of e Super Invar penduum rod, wc are
caued by emperaure, are counerbaanced by a precey
cacuaed, freey wnn compenaon ube.

Tree beveed a pane aow a facnan vew of
ome of e Caca Secunda 1985’ nerna ecre. An
addona wndow n e op aow  o umnae e
movemen from above. Te cock’ pae, par, pae
brde and cock, ear wee, ude roer and caon
are med and urned n ma-bac ere n e manu-
facure. Many componen are fined by and and
decoraed w od-pan. Te wndn crank, fine adju-
men we and addona acceore are dden n a
comparmen n e boom of e cae.

Te aenon o dea a oe no e manufacure
of e Caca Secunda 1985 make  a funcona ye
beaufu objec, wc w be reaured for a very on

p r e C i s i o np e n d u l u mC l o C k s

Each and every raw part destined for use in an Erwin Sattler precision
pendulum clock is created from solid material, whether it is steel or brass.
It takes over an hour to mill out and engrave the dial.

To prevent major accuracy deviations as a result of fluctuations in air pressure,
an aneroid barometric compensation is added to the pendulum.

1 3

H i g H li g H t s
3 coa of varn and nerm pon by and refine

e cae

Acevabe accuracy of approx. one o wo econd
per mon
30-day power reerve

Compex ba bearn rope puey for e wndn we

Ineraed acceory comparmen n e boom of e cae

he: 145 cm, wd: 37 cm, dep: 18 cm
Back varn | Back varn w wanu roo wood caee | Wanu w wanu roo wood caee |
Cerry w ove roo wood caee

C la s s i C as e C u n d a
1 99 5

t h ef i n ea r to fC l o C k - m a k i n g .t e C h n i C a ld e t a i la n d
u n C o m p r o m i s i n gd e s i g nm e r g es e a m l e s s lyi na Cl a ss i C -
m o d e r nt i m e p i e C ef r o me r W i ns a t t l e r .

I ake an averae of wo year o manufacure a e
ndvdua componen of a precon penduum cock.
handmade n excuve ma-bac ere of no more an
en pece, e cock ceary ow e deep-rooed nk
w radon and e paon for dea a conrbue
o er  quay. Te Caca Secunda 1995  an
mpreve exampe of Erwn Saer furern  rea
radon for precon penduum cock.

Te den of e Caca Secunda 1995  domnaed by a
cuaway da for econd, wc aow a vew of e od-
paed ear wee. Oer fine dea are e ar-aped
ane ee ecape wee brde and e pore and –
mecuouy domed, poed and bue empered by and.

p r e C i s i o np e n d u l u mC l o C k s

A a pane n e op aow  o ener e cae and
umnae e nner workn from above. Precou wood
encae e -precon movemen and round off e
pece a a mee work of ar.

W  30-day movemen and aby o keep me w an
accuracy drſt of around one o wo econd per mon,
e Caca Secunda 1995  ao a ecnca rump. Te
Graam ecapemen w jewe pae enure a conan
ranmon of enery o e penduum. God-paed
wee, arbor made from peca Swed ee, five ba
bearn and 11 jewe bearn n wo bae pae craſted
n four-mmere-ck ard bra ncreae e efficency
and onevy of  “cock for eneraon”.

The precisely calculated, fine gear wheel teeth and
the use of ball or jewel bearings for all turning
parts reduce wear to a minimum and guarantee the
lifespan of an Erwin Sattler precision pendulum
clock for many generations.

1 5

H i g H li g H t s

Precon penduum cock w caendar
Acevabe accuracy of one o wo econd per mon

hand-paned moon dc

L ener rou a pane n e op o umnae

from above

Secre acceory comparmen n e boom of e cae

he: 145 cm, wd: 37 cm, dep: 18 cm
Back varn | Back varn w wanu roo wood caee | Wanu w wanu roo wood caee |
Cerry w ove roo wood caee

s e C u n d al un a r i s

t h em o o ni m m o r t a l i s e do na di a l– th es e C u n d al u n a r i s
h a sb o t ha Ca l e n d a ra n da ha n d - p a i n t e dm o o np h a s e.

Te Moon erve a our Ear’ myerou companon,
nfluencn e de and a fe on our pane. Te Secunda
Lunar ve over par of  fine, ver-paed da o e
myca aee, and    a fir cace e eye.
Aenon en urn o e me w eparae econd
dpay, e dae, e day and e moon pae, a beau-
fuy pooned o creae mee appea. Te mecuouy
domed, poed and bue-empered Breue-ye and
round off e face of  cock.

Te cuaway under e econd and and e rece n e
fron pae of e movemen aow a vew of  precon
penduum cock’ od-paed componen and e Graam
ecapemen w  aae pae. Ju ke e Caca
Secunda, e Secunda Lunar ne w ecnca and
vua brance – e ar-aped ecape wee brde,
finey poed, ny ncke-paed pae o conra w
e od-paed ear wee, and a ba bearn rope puey
for e wndn we. Durn wndn, a power-manan-
n mecanm drve e penduum. Te addon of an
anerod baromerc dpay on e penduum and a precey
cacuaed, freey wnn compenaon ube enure
maxmum precon.

Te Secunda Lunar  a ecnca marve a w add a
maca dmenon o any room.

p r e C i s i o np e n d u l u mC l o C k s

The second hand is located in an off-centre position above the cutaway in
the silver-plated dial; below the centre there are two small subsidiary
dials showing the day and the date. A beautifully hand-painted moon disc
below the dials indicates the current moon phase.

1 7

H i g H li g H t s
Sver-paed da w parcuary are, and-paned

moon pae dpay
Peaan, rc-oundn af-our rke ran

30-day power reerve

Second penduum w wn baromeer and emperaure

Acceory comparmen n e boom of e cae

he: 145 cm, wd: 37 cm, dep: 18 cm
Back varn | Back varn w macaar caee
Bo w mea nay

s e C u n d as o n at a

a ha r m o n yo fC o m p o s i t i o n– th es e C u n d as o n a t ab r i n g s
t o g e t h e rt h ep h a s e so ft h em o o na n dt h eC h i m i n go f
t h ep a s s i n gt i m e .

In muc, e word “onaa” ndcae an nrumena pece
and come from e Lan verb “onare”, meann “ound”.
Te mo dncve feaure of e Secunda Sonaa  u
reveaed r ere n  name. Te proud owner of uc
a andome, andmade mepece w de no ony n
e oon ckn of e movemen bu ao n e warm
ound of e on on e af-our and e our.

In addon o  peaan cme, e cock ao a a and-
paned moon pae dpay a end a peca appea
o e ver-paed da. Te combnaon of ee wo
funcon brn oeer vua beauy and acouc

The cutaway in the dial shows off the movement. The window in the top
allows light to enter and illuminate the movement from above, which gives
it a particularly beautiful sparkle.

p r e C i s i o np e n d u l u mC l o C k s

A  cuomary w e precon penduum cock from
Erwn Saer, e penduum of e Secunda Sonaa 
equpped w emperaure and ar-preure compenaon.
Te od-paed ear ran, w a 30-day power reerve, 
fuy fied w ba bearn and jewe bearn, we e
cac Graam ecapemen  embeed w aae

T excuve enembe  oued n a fine, conemporary
cae fined w mea nay and a macaar caee n
e back.

The movement, which is largely hidden by the dial, conceals the full view of the
hand-painted moon disc, the gold-plated gear wheels and the shiny nickel-plated
plates, which represent much more than simply a technical masterpiece.

1 9