Cooking and wine

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Cooking and wine recipes: find the perfect match

Cooking is inseparable from wine, especially in France where gastronomy and the wine world are an integral part of our heritage. Fine gourmet, apprentice cook or simple epicurean, discover all the subtleties of the cuisine, from original recipes to pair wine dishes…

Gourmet recipes: from starter to dessert

Are you out of inspiration and looking for new ideas to seduce the taste buds of your guests? Do you want to add a touch of madness to your traditional recipes? Learn to make new easy dishes and desserts?

Our site puts a mine of cookbooks and advice guides at your fingertips, to explain step by step the secret of the best recipes and give you all the tips from the chefs.

Oenology, the science of wine

The French are, without question, great wine lovers. However, they are not necessarily connoisseurs. How to recognize a Burgundy? What is special about Bordeaux wines? How to describe the dress of a wine, its perfume?

If you are interested in the world of wine, you will be pleased to read our various regional documents and guides on the subject. An essential knowledge base to build up an ideal cellar.

Food and wine pairing: the secrets of a successful association

One of the big questions, especially in the restaurant, is the choice of wine. Indeed, if it is a matter of taste, it is also necessary to respect a few elementary rules so that the aromas and textures blend together as well as possible.

Which wine to associate with such a dish? What associations to avoid? Is it true that you always need white wine to accompany the fish? Learn the best associations to know which wine to buy when you organize a meal or order a dish at a restaurant.