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PR Log - Thai Cooking, Farming and Cultural Experience in Chiang ...


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PR Log - Thai Cooking, Farming and Cultural Experience in Chiang ...



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Thai Cooking, Farming and Cultural Experience in Chiang Mai, Thailand
By The Prem Organic Cooking and Farming Academy Dated: Oct 22, 2009
The Prem Organic Cooking and Farming Academy announces 2010 dates for fourday immersion classes on traditional Thai cooking, farming and culture in Chiang Mai. Travelers have an opportunity for an authentic cooking vacation experience.
The Prem Organic Cooking and Farming Academy is located at the Prem Center in Chiang Mai and offers professional chefs, international families and adult travelers to Thailand a chance to experience the beauty of food and the pleasure of cooking and eating in Thailand.The Academy has announces eight new dates in 2010 for its fourday immersion classes in Thai cooking, farming, and culture. This opportunity for an authentic Thai experience fosters a better understanding of how the natural world sustains us, while conveying the essential belief and philosophy of the Thai people, that nature’s way exudes pleasure, provides health and wellbeing, stimulates the senses, and embodies sustainability. The four day immersion classes will include five nights stay at Prem Residences, Mom Tri's newest accommodations and will include: 1. Learning how to prepare authentic Thai food from scratch using traditional tools, the real Thai way 2. Understanding how Thai food is connected to Thai culture, tradition and family 3. Learning how to apply the Thai principle that food is medicine to cooking and eating for optimal health 4. Getting a glimpse of how Thai people live 5. Having the opportunity to cook with a Thai family Participants willl: 1. Learn the fundamentals of Thai cooking through handson harvesting and cooking classes 2. Visit traditional Thai markets where Thai cooks and families buy their ingredients to purchase ingredients for our classes 3. Be a guest of Thai families who live in rural villages near our farm to see their traditional kitchen, to cook with them and to prepare alms trays before walking to make merit at the local temple 4. Enjoy traditional Northern Thai specialties at Krapood restaurant on campus 5. Visit a traditional Thai healer to learn how to apply the healing benefits of herbs and spices in your everyday life 6. Shop for locally made handcrafted quality kitchen and dining utensils as souvenirs and gifts 2010 Schedule for Thai Cooking, Farming, and Culture Classes: * February 7th  11th * May 10th  14th * June 21st 25th * July 19th 23rd * September 13th  17th * October 18th  22nd (Vegetarian Class) * November 15th  19th * December 6th 10th All inclusive prices range from $2250 US for standard, double occupancy accommodations to $3100 US for deluxe, single occupancy accommodations.
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