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Manuel du jeu vidéo Crysis. Mission Intel
Eyes Only
Unexplained communications breakdown with archaeology
team of US nationals operating on island in Philippines Sea. Last
transmission from team leader, Dr Rosenthal, indicates Korean
People’s Army forces have invaded island and seized control.
Situation Report:
Cause of KPA intervention unknown: no previous indication of
expansionist aims in this location. Possible scenarios: seizure of
finds at archaeological site; US nationals taken hostage for ransom;
acquisition of expert personnel for unknown KPA project.
Action Authorized:
Avoidance of officially sanctioned conflict with KPA imperative at
present time. Recommend covert infiltration by Special Forces
personnel—deploy Nanosuits for flexible response. Primary
objective: hostage location and evacuation. Secondary objective:
update sitrep and establish cause of KPA intervention.
Status: Approved



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1 installing the g ame 1 starting the game 2 mission intel 2 ComPlete Controls 6 setting uP the game 7 FielD equiPment BrieFing—nanosuit 12 WeaPons anD equiPment 16 VehiCles 17 saVing anD loaDing 17 oPtions 18 multiPlayer 21 PerFormanCe tiPs 22 teChniCal suPPort
This product has been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. For information about the ESRB rating please visit
www. .c
installing the g ame Please contact the digital retailer through whom you purchased this game for instructions on how to install the game or how to download and reinstall another copy of the game. starting the g ame To start Crysis: 1. Close all open programs and background tasks, including virus scanners (see Performance Tips on p. 21 for more info). 2. For Windows XP, click the Start button from the Windows Taskbar and select All Programs (or Programs ) > Electronic Arts > Crytek > Crysis . For Windows Vista, click the Start  button from the Windows Taskbar and select All Programs > Games > Games Explorer . From the Games Explorer Window, double-click Crysis .
Control Mouse 1 Mouse 2 X R J B C / hold  mouse 3  and select weapon icon (see p. 12) Mouse wheel Mouse 1/ T G H 1 2 3 4 5 Control F ª Mouse 3/ V (press and hold) M t (press and hold) s a (press and hold) to + numeric key P . t (press and hold) O (press and hold) U / e Y / e e
Action Shoot Zoom/Alt Fire/View Mode Fire Mode Reload Drop Weapon Binoculars Weapon Customization Menu Next/Previous Weapon Melee Attack/Weapon Melee Attack Throw Grenade Grenade Type Toggle Short Range Weapon Toggle Assault Weapon Toggle Explosives Toggle Nanosuit Modes Toggle Utilities Toggle (Multiplayer only) interaCtion Action Interact/Enter/Exit Quick Save (Single Player only) Quick Load (Single Player only) Load Last Save Game Nanosuit Quick Menu Open/Close Map Open/Close Objectives (Single Player only) Open Pause Menu Multiplayer-only interaction Open/Close Voice Chat Radio Commands Open/Close Buy Menu Buy Ammunition Open/Close Scoreboard See All 3D Objectives Open/Close Team Chat Open/Close All Chat Send Chat Message
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VehiCles XBoX 360 ® Controller General Vehicle controls n: To play using an Xbox 360 Controller, you must install Xbox 360 Action Control Controller for Windows software. For more information, see Switch to Driver Seat 1 Switch to Gunner Seat 2 Toggle Between Passenger Seats 3 Player Controls Toggle Third-Person View ¡ s x Zoom In/Out Mouse wheel n M w Horn H s y Zm/a F/Vw M z Lights L tw G (  w Primary/Secondary Weapons (where Mouse 1/Mouse 2 g )  available) o(ohbj )p tvg g  : M s/ b/r W/u im  X land/sea Vehicles B B Action Control (Mv) p Mvm/ s u/Jm A Accelerate/Forwards W (c) c L Decelerate/Backwards S tgg M/ Turn Left A nFx  MW  l 7   l1 (h) ng V ; Turn Right D cmz M l3 Brake  B M (M ) l5   a C BoostLeft q o/c(c) W(M vM) p Vw/ helicopter TOoP TtIoOggNlSe  >F oGrcAe MFEePeAdbD acSkE ToUr PI nfvroermt  Vtiheew  mCaoinn trmoelsn uo/np oaru soef f, mseelneuc ta nd click Action Control the checkboxes. Power Up Engine W Power Down Engine S Roll Left/Right A / D VehiCle Controls Turn/Pitch Mouse s pm W x AfterburnerLeft q n M w B y s s W z Vtol tgg s Y o p M/ Action Control ) t  sb/ Accelerate/Forward W o(hbjvgg  : ex V X Decelerate/Backward S tgg t-p Vw B Steer Mouse / Strafe Left/Right A / D ((Mcv))  lVg   L Mvm/ B (l/s V) A Roll Left/Right Q / E t  M Move Up Mv u (Vtol) l7 (h) nggg V  ; / Move Down Left v (Vtol) l3 AfterburnerLeft q oMv/ dcw  B M (M )  l5 (c) h (l(M/vs)  pV V)  w C / 4 5