Mega Gold, Rogue Level 40-45
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Mega Gold, Rogue Level 40-45


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Mega Gold, Rogue Level 40-45
I farm the boss Arcanist Doan in Scarlet Monastery, he drops Hypnotic Blade, which sells for 1g27s, and
Illusionary Rod, which sells 1g 59s I think. He also drops Robe of Doan, 40s, and Mantle of Doan, 30s.
You should be about level 40, which is when I started farming, that's what I did when I wanted my mount.
Arcanist Doan is level 37 and is in the Scarlet Monastery, located in the far right SM instace, the boss you
gotta kill to get the Scarlet Key. Just Stealth directly to him, avoiding all the other mobs.
Strategy to kill him:
He's immune to cheap shot, so I suggest ambushing/garroting him. He spams Arcane Explosion a lot, which
hits you for 200 damage, so you better have a lot of hp for him. When his hit points reaches 50%, he'll put up
a blue barrier and charges up Detonation, that is when you better get the heck out to the other side of the
room before it hits you for a good 800 damage. How to avoid this is to engage the fight while when he walks
to a corner of the room, so when he starts casting Detonation, you have around 5 seconds to bolt to the
other side and dodge it. Or you could just simply resist it. An important part during this portion is to use first
aid while he's busy casting Detonation, and when he's finished, you should just run around a little for your
first aid to finish up before confronting him again. Now just hack at him, use a potion if needed, until he dies.
=) He'll drop 2 items: a Hypnotic Blade/Illusionary Rod AND Mantle of Doan/Robe of Doan. Which is nearly
2g per round. It takes about 5 minutes for this whole sequence.
Now. How to get him to respawn all the time? Just have a pal to group up with, he can be doing anything he
wants on the other continent if he wants. After you kill Doan and come out of the instance, have him make
you party leader, then he leaves the group, then he invites you again.
There the instance is reset, with a new Arcanist Doan for you to kill