Professeur Layton and the Unwound Future
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Professeur Layton and the Unwound Future

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Manuel du jeu vidéo professeur Layton pour Nintendo DS



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PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE SEPARATE HEALTH AND SAFETY PRECAUTIONS BOOKLET INCLUDED WITH THIS PRODUCT BEFORE - Reetitive otion Inuries an Eyestrain WARNING USING YOUR NINTENDO®HARDWARE SYSTEM, GAME CARD ORPain ideo ame can mae or mce, oint, in or ee rt. oo tee intrction to aoid ACCESSORY. THIS BOOKLET CONTAINS IMPORTANT HEALTH ANDa tendiniti, cara tnne ndrome, in irritation or eetrainroem c SAFETY INFORMATION.monitor teir cidren for aroriate a. exceie a. Parent od • Aoid • ae a 0 to 5 minte rea eer or, een if o don’t tin o need it. IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: READ THE FOLLOWING• Wen in te t, o do not need to ri it tit or re it ard aaint te creen. oin o ma  WARNINGS BEFORE YOU OR YOUR CHILD PLAY VIDEO GAMES.or, f  i oefe ereia nicome tired or oa mr roe e e,ndar ,tri .trofmoco fI tie fa die orac  ac omtm    tinin, nmne, rnin or tiffne, to and ret for eera or efore ain aain.   WARNING - Seizuresde e tfa  re,ato  ina   mo mote r rtoomfodicrinrt d ot enina eae tf  oe oao octnI  f an • ome eoe aot  in 000 ma ae eire or acot triered  it flae or attern,  and ti ma occr ie te are atcin  or ain ideo ame, een if te ae neer ad a  eire efore.WARNING - attery Leaage • Anone o a ad a eire, o of aarene, or oter mtom ined to an eietic condition      od cont a doctor efore ain a ideo ame. • Parent od atc teir cidren a ideo ame. to ain and cont a doctor if o or e Nintendo  contain a recareae itim ion atter ac. eaae of inredient contained itin te  or cid a an of te fooin mtom atter ac, or te comtion rodct of te inredient, can cae erona inr a e a damae to or    of awareness or muscle twitching LossConvulsions EyeNintendo .  Altere vision Involuntary movements isorientationf contact occrca tit i.nI rca, d ointcorette aaco ef ir. I eaidao t aetna droo ti idemmi ,a etae ,miem o react itnto contmoc i e recaa m ttaniro f ti oro t eatdia fI • o redce te ieiood of a eire en ain ideo ame ater and ee a doctor.  . it or tand a far from te creen a oie. o aoid atter eaae  . Pa ideo ame on te maet aaiae teeiion creen. • o not exoe atter to exceie ica oc, iration, or iid.  3. o not a if o are tired or need ee. • o not diaeme, attemt to reair or deform te atter.  . Pa in a e-it room. • o not dioe of atter ac in a fire.  5. ae a 0 to 5 minte rea eer or. • o not toc te termina of te atter, or cae a ort eteen te termina it a meta oect. • o not ee or damae te atter ae.   WARNING - Raio reuency Interference e Nintendo  can emit radio ae tat can affect te oeration of near eectronic, incdin cardiac acemaer. • o not oerate te Nintendo  itin 9 ince of a acemaer ie in te iree featre.Imortant Legal InformationREV–E  • If o ae a acemaer or oter imanted medica deice, do not e te iree featre of te  Nintendo  itot firt contin or doctor or te manfactrer of or medica deice. i Nintendo ame i not deined for e it an natoried deice. Ue of an c deice • Oere and foo a reation and re reardin e of iree deice in ocation c a i inaidate or Nintendo rodct arrant. oin of an Nintendo ame i iea and i trict   oita, airort, and on oard aircraft. Oeration in toe ocation ma interfere it or cae   norot aititeodri e dd aonmd eartiec  naont dn iencteernaatrio tnoa  irnotteecetc toar  roofteratre .a  io. atBoarc -i  eo r roarcecitaed .c oie are  mafnction of eiment, it retin inrie to eron or damae to roert.
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A Letter from the Future About the Game Getting Started Controls Basic Pla  Exploring Your Surroundings  Conducting Your Investigation  Solving Puzzles he Professor’s run  Layton’s ournal and ysteries  Puzzle Index  Saving and uitting  inigaes in te Proessor’s run Lost Pules Bonuses eel intendo FC Pules o Secret anuel en français
NEED HELP PLAYING A GAME? ecoded ti o an title ae aailale on Nintendo’ oe Line at 25 5-52. Thi a e a long-ditance call, o leae a eiion o hoee a the hone ill. I the inoation o need i not on the oe Line, o a ant to t ing o aoite Intenet each engine to find ti o the gae o ae laing. Soe hell od to inclde in the each, along ith the gae’ title, ae “al thogh,” “,” “code,” and “ti.”
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The envelope containing the letter is ineplicably postmarked with a date from  years in the future tranger still is the sender, who claims to be Luke from the future
ne uiet London morning, a strange letter makes its way to the professor
yaMwP  r0i0eht evl
Is this the LONDON of the future?
pon eiting the shop, the duo encounters an unbelievable sight
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Luke Luke is Professor Layton’s biggest fan as well as his self professed apprentice
Puzzle MasterAkira Tago Professor meritus hiba niversity
orn ebruary th,  Professor Tago performs research in the field of psychology and has written multiple bestselling puzzle books in his spare time ven now, he actively continues to research a wide variety of subects e is still very visible in the media thanks to his popular lectures as well as guest appearances on television and radio
n addition to writing the hugely popular brainteaser book series, ead ymnastics, Professor Tago aids in the selection and creation of puzzles for the Professor Layton series or this newest Layton title, the professor has strived to come up with bigger and better puzzles that blend right into the story et ready to use your brain Puzzles contained within this game were created under the supervision and direction of Professor Tago and the Tago–kira esearch nstitute
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