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The Profit Chart


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The Profit Chart Copyright 2005-2008-- For Customers Only. Do not distribute – Copyright Enforced. Level. Range. Mob and Location ...



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The Profit Chart Copyright 2005-2008-- For Customers Only Do not distribute – Copyright Enforced
Level Mob and Location Range 10-15Defias- Westfall
Fast respawn rate and drop cloth, money, and green items. Drop large amounts of cloth.
Southsea Pirates-The Barrens Large amount to kill. Drop cloth, money, and greens. Razormane Quillbore-The Barrens Cloth, money and chance for greens. Tunnel Rat Kobalds-Loch Modan Cloth, greens, and fast respawn. Nazzivus Satyrs-Bloodmyst Isle Drop cloth, money and greens. Dark Strand Fanatics-Darkshore around Tower Drop cloth, money, and green of Althalaxx items. Do not enter the tower at low level. Kolkar Centaurs-The Barren Drop cloth and chance for greens Dalaran Mages-Silverpine Forest in Ambermill Drop cloth, money, and fast respawn rate. Stonesplinter Troggs-Loch Modan Drop wool and linen cloth. Chest are also located in camps. Redridge Gnolls-Redridge Mountains, north of Drop wool and linen cloth. Chest Lakeshire and ore found near camps. Venture Co. Goblins-Stonetalon Mountains Fast respawn, drop linen, money, and greens. Sunhawk Blood Elves-Bloodmyst Isle at The Drop wool and linen cloth, money. Cyro-Core Lots of mobs to kill. Deathbone Undead-Ghostlands at The Dead Drop wool and linen cloth, money, Scar and Spinal dust for Tranquillien reputation. Tons of mobs to kill with fast respawn rate. Hillsbrad Farmer (Horde)-Hillsbrad Foothills Drop wool cloth and greens. Bloodfury Harpies-Stonetalon Mountains in Drop light feathers that sell for Charred Vale great prices at Auction House. Drop wool.
Bluegill Murlocs-Wetlands Great for AOE farming for mages. Tons of mobs in a small area. Close to town to vendor all gray items. Crimson Whelp, Red Whelp, Flamesnorting Drop rare Tiny Crimson Whelpling Whelp-Wetlands pet. Sells for great on Auction House. Great for skinners. Skeletal Fiends and Horrors-Duskwood at Tons of mobs to AOE grind. Drop Raven Hill Cemetery wool, linen cloth. Watch out for Mor'Ladim Cave Yeti-Hillsbrad Foothills Skinnable. Drop cloth, money, and greens. Satyrs-Ashenvale Drop silk cloth, greens Dragonmaw Raiders-Wetlands Very fast respawn rate. Drop silk and wool cloth. Check for mining nodes. Plague Spreader, Bone Chewers-Duskwood at Drop Silk cloth and greens. Many Raven Hill Cemetery mobs to kill and AOE grind. Highperch Wyvern-Thousand Needles Large number to kill. AOE grinding is possible for mages. Mithril node spawns and chest spawns. Saltstone Basilisk-Thousand Needles at Great mod for skinners. Drop Shimmering Flats medium and heavy leather. Dark Strand Voidcaller-Darkshore inside Tower Drop silk cloth, money, and chance of Althalaxx for Robes of Arcana pattern. Sells great on Auction House. Mobs are limited and slow respawn. Defias Enchanter-Duskwood at The Yorgen's Drop silk cloth, money, and chance Farmstead and Addle's Farmstead for Robes of Arcana pattern. Mobs are limited.
Syndicate rogues-Alterac Mountains Kurzen Camp-Stranglethorn Vale in Northern Tip
Panthers, Tigers-Stranglethorn Vale Bloodscalp Trolls-Stranglethorn Vale
Boulderfist Ogres-Arathi Highlands
Large amount to kill. Drop silk and wool cloth, greens, and money. Drop silk cloth. Many mobs to kill. Drop silk and mageweave cloth. A large amount to kill. Ideal for a rogue. Great mobs for skinners Drop cloth, money, and Green Hills pages that sell on AH for Alliance quest.
Drop silk and wool cloth, money and chance for greens.
Highland Raptors-Arathi Highlands Dreaming Whelps-Swamp of Sorrows
Burning Exile-Arathi Highlands
Bloodsail Pirates-Stranglethorn Vale on shoreline
Crushridge Ogres(Elite)-Alterac Mountains
Scalding Whelp-Badlands
Searing Whelp-Dustwallow Marsh
Mirefin Coastrunner/Muckdweller-Dustwallow Marsh Green Dragonkin-Swamp of Sorrows
Firemane Black Dragon-Dustwallow Marsh
Southsea Pirates-Tanaris at Lost Rigger Cove
Wastewander Pirates-Tanaris at Waterspring Field
Dunemaul Ogres-Tanaris at Dunemaul Compound Woodpaw Gnolls-Feralas in Woodpaw Hills
Gordunni Ogres-Feralas in High Wilderness and Gordunni Outpost
Great mob for skinners. Drop rare Tiny Emerald Whelpling pet. Sells great on Auction House. Also a great place for a skinner. Drop elemental fires that sell on Auction House. Chance to drop rare Blue Hyacinth Macaw parrot pet. Drop Mageweave cloth and volatile rum. Drop money and silk cloth. Best for casters, hunters and rogues. Chance to drop rare Dark Whelpling pet. Sells on Auction House for lots of gold. Great place for skinners and miners. Check for Mithril and Truesilver mining nodes here. Chance to drop rare Dark Whelpling pet. Great for skinners. Great for AOE grind farming.
No longer Elite mobs. Great place for skinners. Drop money and greens. Check for herbs too.
No longer Elite mobs. Drop some money, chance for great BoE's. Nice place for skinners. Drop thick and heavy leather.
AOE farming. Drop mageweave cloth, money, greens, and key that opens a chest with potential blue items. AOE farming. Drop mageweave cloth, money, greens. Turn in wastewater pouches for a bag full of random items. Drop mageweave cloth, money and greens. Several camps full of gnolls. No downtime. Drop cloth, money, greens. Lots of mobs to kill. Drop mageweave cloth, money, greens. Lots of mobs to kill.
Dreadmaul Ogres-Blasted lands at Dreadmaul Drop mageweave cloth, money. Hold Drop greens. Various Troll Tribes-The Hinterlands Drop mageweave cloth, Wildwine, money. Many mobs to kill. Legashi Satyrs-Azshara Drop Felcloth, runecloth, money and green items. Several camps to choose from. Dark Iron Dwarves-Searing Gorge Drop mageweave cloth, money, and various greens. Many camps to kill. Lava Spiders-Searing Gorge Drop Ironweb Spider silk. Many to kill. Gorillas-Un'goro Crater Great for skinners. Drop rugged leather. Greens and lots of vendor trash. Deadwood Furbolg-Felwood Drop cloth, money, and raise reputation with Timbermaw Furbolgs.
Shadowsworn-Blasted Lands
Blue Dragonspawn/Blue Scalebane-Azshara
Black Dragon-Elite-Burning Steppes
Firegut Ogre-Burning Steppes
Skeletal Flayers/Slavering Ghoul-Western Plaguelands in Sorrow Hill
Scorching Elementals/Living Blaze-Un'goro Crater
Thaurissan Firewalker-Burning Steppes
Drop mageweave cloth, money. Lots available inside cave. Some elites inside. Check for herbs in this area.
Great for skinners. Drop Thick and Rugged leather, Blue Dragonscales. Chance to drop rare Azure Whelpling pet that sells great on Auction House.
Great for skinners. Drop rugged leather and Black Dragonscales. Chance to drop greens, money. Chest spawn within these camps.
Drop runecloth and money. A whole mountain area full. Check for thorium veins.
Drop money and runecloth. AOE farming is possible here. Give reputation for Argent Dawn.
Drop elemental fire, heart of fire that sell on Auction house. Chance for rares and epics. Keep an eye out for Rich Thorium Veins.
Chance to drop Pattern:Cindercloth Cloak and Cindercloth Pants. Sells
Scarlet Cleric/Archmage/Enchanter(Elite)-Eastern Plaguelands inside Tyr's Hand
Scarlet Spellbinder-Western Plaguelands south of Hearthglen in a tower.
Devilsaur-Un'goro Crater
Stone Guardians-Un'goro Crater
Winterfall Furbolgs-Winterspring east of Everlook at Winterfall Village
Blue Dragonkin (Elite)-Winterspring
Frostmaul Giants(Elite)- Winterspring at Frostwhisper Gorge
Twilight Cultists-Silithus
Hive Bugs (Elite)-Silithus
Hederine Slayer (Elite)-Winterspring in Darkwhisper Gorge
Eastern Plaguelands at The Noxious Glade
Sister of Grief/Mo'arg Forgefiend-Hellfire Peninsula at Forge Camps
great on AH. Also drop runecloth, money, and green items. Mobs are limited.
Drop runecloth, money. Chance for rares. Lots of mobs and chest spawns.
Chance to drop Formula:Enchant Weapon Crusader. Sells on Auction House. Also drop money, runecloth, and other items. Limited mobs.
Skinned for Devilsaur Leather. Sells on AH. Chance for greens.
Drop Guardian stones used in crafted items.
Drop money, runecloth and Winterfall Firewater. Chance for rares. Several Rich Thorium veins and chest spawns.
Chance to drop Blue Dragon Sinew. Also drop money and great for skinning. Black Lotus and Icecap spawn here.
Drop Recipe: Greater Frost Protection Potion. Drop money and other items. Rich Thorium Veins spawn in area.
Drop cloth, money, Twilight Text, and Twilight Trappings. May sell for some gold on AH.
Chance to drop rares. Skinners may sell Carapaces and Chitin for gold. Can be hard fights.
Chance to drop Eye of Shadow, which sells on AH. Also drop money and demonic runes for casters. Tough fights.
Lots of mobs that drop runecloth, money, and chance for rare items. Rich Thorium Veins spawn here. Check for chest spawns too.
Drop money, runecloth and netherweave cloth, Mote of
Shadow. Many mobs to kill here. Watch out for canons. Mag'har Orc-Hellfire Peninsula at Mag'har Post Drop money, runecloth, and netherweave cloth. Mobs tough for their level. Fast respawn. Thornfang Skitter-Hellfire Peninsula at Drop money, vendor trash, greens. Thornhill Fang Great for skinners. Bogflare Needler-Zangarmarsh north of Drop the very rare Captured Firefly Serpent Lake pet that sells for lots of gold in Auction House. Also drop grays. Lagoon Eel-Zangarmarsh in Lagoon Lake Drop mote of water that combine into Primal water. Ango'rosh Ogres-Zangarmarsh at Hewn Bog Drop money, Netherweave cloth and greens. Lots of mobs to kill. Nagas-Zangarmarsh at Bloodscale and Drop netherweave cloth, money. Darkcrest Camps Involved in quest for reputation with Sporeggar. Boglord-Zangarmarsh at The Spawning Glen Best for herbalists. Drop Mote of and The Dead Mire life that combine into Primal Life. Drop grays and increase reputation with Sporeggar. Firewing Blood Elves-Terokkar Forest at Drop money, Firewing Signets, Firewing Point Netherweave cloth. Lots of mobs to kill and fast respawn. Dreadfang Spider-Terokkar Forest at Drop vendor trash and Netherweb Netherweb Ridge Spider Silk. Spider silk sells on Auction House. Muck Spawn-Nagrand in Halaani Basin Drop Mote of water that combine into Primal water. Great for frost mages since mobs are not immune to frost. Drop great vendor trash.
Clefthoof-Nagrand at Oshu'gun Great for skinners. Chance to skin Thick Clefthoof Leather which sells on Auction House. Vir'anni Nethereals-Nagrand at Spirit Fields Drop Netherweave cloth, money, and Oshu'gun Crystal Powder used for rewards at Halaa. Very fast respawn. Scalewing Serpent-Blade's Edge Mountains at Great for skinners. Drop Wind Scalewing Shelf Scales, Knothide leather. Searing Elemental-Blade's Edge Mountains at Chance to drop Mote of Fire that Skald combine into Primal Fire. Drop vendor trash that sells decent.
Sunfury Blood Elves-Netherstorm at Manaforges
Mana Snapper/Mana Wraith/Phase Hunter-Netherstorm Northwest of Ruins of Enkaat
Mageslayer/Mana Seeker-Netherstorm in Kirin'Var Village
Warp Monstrosity-Netherstorm near Forge Base Oblivion
Deathforge Smith/Guardian/Tinkerer-Shadowmoon Valley in Deathforge
Enraged Water Spirits-Shadowmoon Valley around Coilskar Point and Cistern Raging Fire Soul/Crashing Wave Spirit/ Storming Wind Reaper- Nagrand at Elemental Plateau
Eclipsion Blood Elves-Shadowmoon Valley at Eclipse Point
Coilskar Naga/Cobra-Shadowmoon Valley at Coilskar Cistern
Skettis Surger-Terokkar Forest at Skettis
Many mobs to kill. Drop Netherweave cloth, Sunfury Signet, Arcane Tome, and money. Lots of mobs to kill in the Manaforges. Excellent place to grind for hours. Drop Mote of Mana that combine into Primal Mana. May be skinned. Fast respawn rate and lots of mobs.
Drop Mote of Mana that combine into Primal Mana. These mobs drain mana from casters. Fast respawn rate and lots of mobs.
Drop Mote of Mana that combine into Primal Mana. Great for casters because the mob does not drain mana. Excellent vendor trash and chance for greens/rares.
Drop Netherweave cloth, money, Mark of Sargeras and Fel Armament for Aldor reputation. Also drop Mote of Shadow.
Drop Mote of Water that combine into Primal Water. Limited mobs.
Flying mount required. Drop Mote of Fire, Air and Water that combine into Primal Fire, Air and Water. Drop excellent vendor trash and chance for rares.
Drop money, Netherweave cloth, Sunfury Signet, and Arcane Tome for Scryer reputation. Chance for greens. Alchemist can farm for Recipe: Fel Mana Potion from these mobs. It is a Bind on Pickup recipe.
Naga drop money, vendor trash. Cobras can be skinned for Cobra Scales that sell on the Auction House.
Flying mount required. Drop Mote of Water that combine into Primal Water. Excellent vendor trash and
Talonsworn Forest-Rager (Elite) -Terokkar Forest at Skettis
Skettis Arakkoa-Terokkar Forest at Skettis
chance for rares. Flying mount required. Great for herbalists. Drop Mote of life, chance for other herbs when gathered with herbalism. Very profitable! Flying mount required. Drop Netherweave cloth, light feathers, money. Chance for many great drops.