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Vegetables, orchards, green plants…: all you need to know about gardening

Gardening, through the diversity of techniques and plants, is an area in which books and advice of all kinds are welcome. Creating a seasonal vegetable garden, maintaining a bonsai, sowing and harvesting seeds will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Learn the basics of gardening

Have you swapped your apartment for a country house with its garden? To avoid it looking like a wasteland and make it a little piece of paradise, it is better to learn some basics.

Which plants should be sown depending on the region and the orientation of the flowerbed? How to maintain your flower beds? In what season to prune roses? Find all the answers to these questions in a large selection of books on gardening.

Gardening tips for ever more beautiful plants

Are you not afraid of gardening and want to invest more? In a few clicks, you will have access to the best books to discover hundreds of tips that will facilitate the maintenance of your garden and your indoor plants.

Those who do not have a green thumb can be reassured, even plants from warm countries will be able to flourish fully in cold regions, thanks to experience sharing and professional advice.

Create and maintain a vegetable patch or orchard

At a time when soil pollution and the untimely use of chemical insecticides are constantly pointed out, organic is in the spotlight. Whether you own a garden or rent a piece of land, making your own vegetable garden and setting up an orchard is the solution for tasting organic seasonal fruits and vegetables daily.

Let yourself be guided by our books which will teach you the essentials for planting your seeds and harvesting healthy and tasty products.