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Buy Indica Online Canada Topshelf Express


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Buying weed online is made easier for Canadian residents today. At Top Shelf Express, get your medical weed as easy as 1,2,3 just shop in our store, add to cart, check-out, and pay via e-transfer. We have the popular indica strains like King Kush, MK Ultra, Purple Kush, Bubble Gum, and many more. For more information, visit:



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Published 11 April 2019
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What is Top Shelf Express?
Top Shelf Express is a Canadian cannabis dispensary that sells cannabis products to Canadian residents only. Since 2016, has oered popular weed products at great prices and great customer service to thousands of Canadian residents each month.
We make buying weed in Canada easy. Shop our store, add to cart, check out and pay by e-transfer. We’ll mail your discreetly packaged order directly to your door by Canada Post.
Shop with us and receive a free gram with your îrst purchase! Earn reward points that you can use to purchase weed products.
You must be of legal age in your province or territory to shop our online dispensary.
Buy Indica Strains Online Subject to availability. Prices may change at any time
POPULAR INDICA STRAINS A sampling of Indica strains frequently purchased at our Canadian online dispensary
King Kush Indica Dominant
King Kush packs a punch with 20% THC content. Not recommended if you are a new cannabis smoker.
You’re mood will improve, and you’ll be overcome by a pleasant, euphoric sensation that leads to blissful relaxation.
MK Ultra Indica Dominant + Sativa
MK Ultra is a special Indica dominant strain crossed with Sativa, resulting in 18% THC.
This strain is powerful with strong, distinct fragrance. It is hypnotic, sedative and puts you into a deeply relaxed state. You’ll feel hungry soon after smoking.
If you have low tolerance, go slow. The strain can result in headaches and dizziness in infrequent users.
Great for insomnia and chronic pain.
Purple Kush Indica
Purple Kush Indica is one of the most well-known Indica strains ever cultivated. PK puts you in a state of blissful relaxation, helps with muscle pain, insomnia, stress and anxiety.
Its pungent, but pleasant aroma will envelope you in a cloud of calm.
Bubblegum Indica Dominant (80:20)
Years in the making, Bubblegum was created by crossing Indiana Bubblegum another (secret) Indica strain. The result is sweetly fragrant smoke that gives you a euphoric high.
If you want deep relaxation and that “at peace with the world” feeling, this Indica is for you. People use it to reduce stress and improve mood.
Rockstar Indica Hybrid
A slowly building high that doesn’t let you down. Your body will feel like its being hugged by a soft blanket of relaxation and all the world’s troubles will seem far away and miniscule by comparison to the “at one” relaxation you’ll feel.
Violator Kush Indica Dominant (80:20)
Violator Kusch Indica is called “violator” for a reason. It contains THC levels from 19-23% with a little CBD to mellow it out and give you some of CBD’s beneîts.
This Kush Indica high is like a slow action movie. It takes awhile to get into the plot line, but once you’re there, you’ll never want it to end. You’ll feel a nice body stone with some euphoria. You’ll feel talkative and social for awhile but you’ll slowly get stuck to the couch, where you may stay for awhile, feeling the pleasantness of the sedation.