Things to Buy For a New House
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Things to Buy For a New House

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You summoned up the courage and made the move and now you're settling in, but you are probably still looking for things to buy for a new house to help make this place your home. Maybe you want to brighten things up a little, or plant a garden, or start taking pictures, or just pick up some household basics. Well, here are some answers for you if you are just so excited and confused that you don't know what to do next. Visit:



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Published 26 May 2020
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Things to Buy For a New House
Written by: Athena64
You summoned up the courage and made the move and now you're settling in, but you are probably still looking forthings to buy for a new houseto help make this placeyourhome. Maybe you want to brighten things up a little, or plant a garden, or start taking pictures, or just pick up some household basics. Well, here are some answers for you if you are just so excited and confused that you don't know what to do next.
What are the Essential Things to Buy For a New House?
To start you off, you need to make anew home checklist.This list should include all of thethings you need for a new house.Kitchen Essentials. Items like drawer and cabinet organizers, a paper towel holder, a dish rack and drying mat, a cutting board, etc. Wait a minute! How on earth are you going to keep track of everything you need when your mind's swirling with ideas and thoughts?
That's where a Home Management Kit comes into play. Purchase one directly from UniKeep for $19.99. These kits are designed to help you organize your life so that life both inside and outside of your home will be smooth sailing. UniKeep kits for home management consist of an enclosed case binder with rings to place your documents on and have them held in place so that you can not only organize, but store and protect your important documents.
Content pages are also included to help you organize your papers -- lists for family and school contacts, insurance policies, household projects, and household maintenance. Furthermore, monthly budget guides and schedules for bill payments are available too. So this kit helps keep your essential papers in order, plus you can make yournew house checklistwith important household items to buy and store them here too along with future plans for the house, and basically keep track of anything else that needs to be done.
There are tabbed dividers included and pockets which make the Home Management Binder a complete organization system. Now here are some things you'll need.
1. New Locks and Keys --With all the people that go in and out of our lives, such as repairmen, contractors, and family members, you don't know how many copies of the keys to your new house are out there in someone else's possession. During the first week, no matter how busy you are, you should replace all the locks in your house and have copies made of the new keys.
2. Home Security System
Your neighborhood may seem like an idyllic, peaceful place to live, but even the best neighborhoods have burglaries. Installing a home security system will provide you with an additional sense of safety and security, particularly if you need to be away from home for extra long periods of time.
3. Fire Safety
.Fire extinguisher
.Smoke detectors
.Carbon monoxide detectors
.Flashlight and batteries
.Surge protectors and extension cords
4. First Aid and Medical Supplies
You can never predict when an accident might occur, or when you might become sick. You need to keep the following items stored in your home in case an emergency crops up:
.Cotton balls
.Hand sanitizer
.Antibiotic cream or ointment
.Antiseptic solution
.Cold/heat packs
Rather than having to buy all of these supplies individually, you can simply get a complete First Aid/Medical Kit that would include all or most of them. Great idea for a new home.
Of course, you also need to put down one of UniKeep's Emergency Preparedness Binder Kits on your household essentials list.At only $19.99 they are a real bargain. When it comes to emergencies there's no time to waste, and it's vital to have your plans written out and ready to use. This kit comes in two designs featuring bright red which makes them easy to find in the panic of the moment. It has guides for creating your own emergency plans and pages for listing details concerning important documents, financial information, and any household valuables you may have. There's also a checklist for emergency supplies and telling what you need to pack if you should have to leave your home unexpectedly.
These are just some of thethings you need for a new house,but the list should give you a good start.
What is the First Thing to Do When Moving Into a New House?
1. Homeowners Insurance
Well, you don't just need to worry about whatthings to buy for a new house.The first thing you should do after moving into your new home is to call and make certain that your Homeowners Insurance is in effect. Now, unless you pay in cash, mortgage companies won't let you have a loan without Homeowners Insurance, but you need to make sure that's it's taken effect.
Remember that your house is probably the most expensive asset you will ever invest in. Check and ensure that you have complete coverage from an insurance agency with an excellent reputation. Talk to your agent and be certain you have a total understanding of what is and isn't covered.
2. Utilities
Before moving into your new home there's one item you should have taken care of on yournew home essentialslist. That is your utilities. You should have called your local utility companies and made certain to set up accounts for water, gas/oil, electricity, cable, and Internet. These things should have been scheduled to be turned on the day you closed on your house. Check and see if everything is working, and then call the utility companies to be certain your accounts are set up for use.
What Every New Homeowner Should Have?
Among the many, manythings you need when moving into a new housecleaning supplies would be right at the top of the list. You'll need plenty too.
1. Cleaning Agents
.All-purpose cleaner
.Toilet cleaner
.Bathroom cleaner
.Window cleaner
.Baking soda
.Laundry detergent
.Dish detergent
Now the next items on yourfirst house checklistshould be cleaning supplies.
2. Cleaning Supplies
.Mop and buckets
.Rubber gloves
.Broom and dustpans
.Scrubbing brushes
.Disinfectant wipes
.Toilet scrubber
.Microfiber cloths
.Vacuum cleaner
Also on yourhousehold items checklistshould be some tools.
3. Essential Tools
.Adjustable wrench
.Utility knife
.Tape measure
.Nails, screws, etc.
Yourchecklist for moving into a new homeshould include essential furniture.
4. Essential Furniture and Supplies
Take it slow and don't rush into buying all of your furniture as quickly as possible. That way you won't be hit by large bills all at once but over a period of several months or so. That will be much easier on your budget. It's not easy to buy all yournew house checklist itemsat one time, so you should really try to spare
yourself that if at all possible.
.Bed -- You have to have a bed on yourmoving into a new home checklist.After all, who wants to put in a long day of sometimes backbreaking work to sleep on the floor?
.Mattress -- The same is true about a mattress, which is why it should definitely be on yournew home checklist.
.Bedside tables
.Kitchen table
Living Room
This room has a top spot on yourfurniture checklist for a new home.Don't get overwhelmed by your household item list,it will keep. Your living room furniture is important too.
.Couch -- This is really a must on yourlist of things to buy when moving into a new house.You need a nice, comfortable, and affordable living room couch where you can just kick back and relax at the end of a long, hard day.
.Chairs -- These are some of the most importantthings you need in your house.You've got to have some decent chairs in your living room in case you get company.
.Coffee table
.Area rug
.Side tables
Dining Room
When you're going over yourchecklist of essentials for setting up house,don't neglect your dining room. Getting some things for your dining room off yourhouse items checklistwill be a huge relief, and add a sense of completeness and organization to your home.
.Table cloth
.Storage cabinet
.Light fixture
5. Kitchen Essentials
Many people enjoy cooking not only for themselves but for others. If you happen to fit into that category, then you need these items on yourchecklist for a new house.As a matter of fact, if, like some people, you use cooking as a form of therapy for what ails you, these could be considered vitalitems for a new house.
.Plates and bowls
.Glasses and mugs
.Silverware and utensils
.Frying pan
.Roasting pans
.Cast iron skillet
6. Bathroom Essentials
Although these do not include cleaning supplies, all of these items belong on yourchecklist for a new home.
.Toilet paper -- Sometimes you can get so caught up in the frenzy of moving that you forget some of the most basicthings needed for a new home.What's life without toilet paper? Hard!
.Hand soap
.Bars of soap
7. Closet Essentials
While your closets may be the last things you're thinking of putting things down for on yourchecklists for moving into a new housethey too include somemust have household itemsthat belong on yournew house items checklist.
.Storage bins
.Shoe rack
8. Linens
Linens too belong on yourthings you need for a new house checklist.They might not seem as important as yourkitchen checklist for a new home,but when night time comes, they will be.
. Pillow covers
9. Outdoor Essentials
Whether or not you enjoy gardening or outdoor work of any type, every new home owner's list ofitems needed for a new homehas to include some supplies for tackling the many chores in the great outdoors. It's all part of thatnew house listand like it or not, you have to deal with it.