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Published 15 January 2020
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GardeningTipsAnd Tricks
TableOfContents 1.Introductions To Gardening Tips And Tricks
2.Organic Gardening
3.Gardening Tips Essential For Beginners
a) Know the peculiarities of your region b) Test your soil to know its content c) Start by growing easy plants d) Draw a plan of your garden to structure it e) Use a calendar to note the major steps f) Learn how to water in the right proportions g) Take the time to maintain your garden h) Be patient !
4.Garden Tree Removal Cost 2019
Introductionto GardeningTips And Tricks Gardening has become very trendy since twenty years ago, carried especially by garden festivals, schools of landscapes, a certain recognition of the discipline as an art in its own right. It is estimated today that people are gardening regularly.
At the same time, the environmental concerns have grown and no one is indifferent: therefore, people with a piece of garden have enjoyed turning it into a kitchen garden to eat their own products deemed healthier, green , better and more economical!
We would have liked the money to grow and grow like weeds in the garden, but in reality it's more the opposite. Gardening, like all passions, can be very expensive and there are many temptations to spend lavishly. Fortunately, smart gardeners have finally found a system D for gardening without breaking the bank, ideas really bad when you have a tight budget.
Between maintenance, watering and the purchase of seeds as well as the hunt for pests, gardening can be expensive. However, what could be better than picking fruits and vegetables from her garden and having beautiful flowers on her balcony and in her garden?
Gardening is a hobby that turns into a real passion for many people. Indeed, with the news topics related to ecology and information questioning the quality of products available in our supermarkets, home gardening is back in force in our villages. Abandoned by new generations, the emergence of new states of mind and concepts highlight the importance of growing our own fruits and vegetables.
Studies have also shown that hobbyists tend to use fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides generously. However, beyond a certain threshold, the product is less efficient and the surplus goes into the soil and groundwater and becomes a source of pollution.
Finally, among the many synthetic substances that make up plant protection products, some are suspected of having effects on human health for users, but also for the consumer when it comes to plants for food use.
OrganicGardening So many reasons to go organic gardening:
Organic gardening does not use synthetic products: neither fertilizers nor treatment products (against diseases or pests) from petrochemicals. However, if one wishes to obtain beautiful harvests, it is illusory to remove these products without changing anything to his habits.
Organic gardening is another way of gardening!
Gardening can still scare beginners, which is why I now offer gardening tips essential for beginners .
Gardening Tips Essential For Beginners
1.Know ThePeculiaritiesOf Your Region
It may sound obvious, but not everything grows everywhere, so what you plant is directly related to where you live. Take a look at the features of your garden, from climate to sun exposure. This is the most important thing to do, because it will allow you to understand the limits and possibilities of your garden. Do not hesitate to ask someone who works in agriculture or a neighbor who has been in a garden for a long time. Choosing the right plants by adapting their crop to your area will result in a much better crop that will require much less maintenance.
2.Test Your SoiltoKnow its Content
To find out in detail the content and composition of your soil (pH and nutrient levels of your soil), send a sample to your local nursery or perform the test yourself with a home soil test kit that you can buy at any gardening store. The results will tell you how acidic or alkaline your soil is, affecting the way plants absorb nutrients. Since different plants grow better at different pH levels, this test will help you decide what to plant or not and will tell you how to treat your soil.
Also examine the texture of the soil. It should be easy to be grasped and crumble in your hands. If your soil is hard or clay, it will be difficult for most plants to take root. In this case you will have to work it by stripping it to add fresh soil, mulch and compost. Take care to aerate as much and as deep as possible the area before planting.
3.Start byGrowingEasy Plants
Growing vegetables is a very good introduction to gardening. They do not take as long to grow as decorative plants, so if you make a mistake, you will not have lost months and months of your time. Start with tomatoes, zucchini that grow quite easily, or try any type of simple plants for your area that may have been recommended.
Do not forget that the first successes are a source of inspiration and that will make you want to go further. The purpose of this advice is to avoid getting into the very difficult plant planting that could slow you down in your desire for gardening.