Organic crib mattresses
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Organic crib mattresses


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Our organic crib mattresses are made from organic cotton and wool and have either steel springs or natural latex cores. Most commercially available crib mattresses contain polyurethane foam which requires high levels of PDBEs to meet Federal fire safety codes. PDBEs build up in the body and have been banned in Europe as a carcinogen. Don't expose your baby to these dangerous chemicals. Our organic crib mattresses are made by Vivetique, America's largest and oldest manufacture of organic mattresses, since 1917.



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Published 13 August 2014
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Dax Storesorganic crib mattressesare created with only 3 ingredients, organic cotton, organic wool, and either steel innersprings or even a natural latex foam core. That's it. There aren't any chemicals of any type in these crib mattresses. Absolutely no phthalates, no borates, absolutely no silica, no Kevlar, no estrogen-mimicking plastics, absolutely no fire retardants. Just pure organic materials, grown and made in the USA.
Humans evolved with natural bedding materials such as wool and cotton, and steel continues to be used for thousands of years for cooking and eating items. Latex has been used by indigenous peoples for millennia. These natural supplies are risk-free to us. However the rise of the chemical business after World War II has created bedding materials made through chemicals and substances that are not found anywhere in nature, and many trigger cancer and can poison your baby. Babies are really small compared to an adult, and they have tiny filtering system the size of peanuts and small, not developed livers. This will make it much harder for them to overcome poisons in their atmosphere, leading to health problems and even death.
Newborn babies sleep more than 12 hours a day, and it is very important that they possess a natural and healthy resting environment. Artificial crib mattresses covered in vinyl emit toxic gases like vinyl fabric chloride and formaldehyde. Some so-calledorganic cotton and wool crib mattressare protected in polyethylene plastic and filled with borates or even silica because fire retardants. Not one of this is organic or natural, and we feel strongly that, like food, the shorter the ingredient list for your crib mattress, the better. We use only organic cotton, organic wool, and either metal innersprings or even a natural latex paint foam crib mattress core. Nothing else and our crib mattresses are best for your baby's health.