College View Neighborhood Mobility Audit
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College View Neighborhood Mobility Audit


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Go for a ride and use this checklist to rate your neighborhood’s bikeability.How bikeable is your neighborhood?GRating Scale: 2. How was the surface that you rode on?There were potholes Yes No1 2 3 4 5 6There was cracked or broken pavement Yes NoThere was debris (e.g. broken glass, sand, excellent very good some many awful gravel, etc.) Yes Nogood problems problemsThere were dangerous drain grates, utilitycovers, or metal plates Yes NoLocation of your ride: There were unveven surfaces or gaps Yes NoThere were slippery surfaces when wet (e.g. bridgePanel #: ____decks, construction plates, road markings) Yes NoThere were rumble strips/ speed bumps Yes No1. Did you have a place to bicycle safely? Something else? __________________________________Locations of problems (Also note on maps provided):a) On the road, sharing the road with motor vehicles? ________________________________________________There was space for bicyclists to ride Yes NoBicycle lane or paved shoulder disappeared Yes No Rating (circle one): 1 2 3 4 5 6There was heavy and/or fast-moving traffic Yes NoToo many trucks or buses Yes No3. How were the intersections you rode Well lit roadways Yes Nothrough?Something else? __________________________________Had to wait too long to cross intersection Yes NoLocations of problems (Also note on maps provided):Couldn’t see crossing traffic Yes ...



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