Corporate Overview and Introduction:
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Corporate Overview and Introduction:

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self-programming knee that gives a symmetrical response throughout all activities, the Esprit Foot, a low profile energy return foot with independent heel and toe ...



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Corporate Overview and Introduction:
Good health and mobility is vital to all of us, and finding solutions to the challenges of disabil-ity in our changing world is critical.That is why Endolite is committed to being a global lead-er in prosthetics.We have a leading portfolio of components that work effectively across a broad range of indications and an industry leading pipeline of promising new products in areas such as biomimetically designed components and microprocessor controlled limbs.
To ensure that we deliver the value our patients and customers demand, we are focused on continually improving the way we do business.We know that we can best insure that people everywhere have access to innovative prosthesis through working in partnership with everyone from patients, and providers, to managed care and industry governing organizations. Operatingwith transparency and integrity are cornerstones to our longevity.
Founded in 1890, Blatchford is one of the world’s longest established prosthetics companies.Our global headquarters are located in the UK with manufacturing and research and development loca-tions in the USA, France, India, Russia and Malaysia.Recent innovations include the Epirus Foot, a multi-axial foot with e-carbon foot springs for excellent terrain response, the Smart IP a novel self-programming knee that gives a symmetrical response throughout all activities, the Esprit Foot, a low profile energy return foot with independent heel and toe actions for excellent gait character-istics, and the Echelon Foot, the first self aligning hydraulic foot/ankle combination in the market.
We are dedicated to providing a valuable and positive experience to everyone who chooses to do business with us and are deeply committed to strengthening the quality of life for every member of the amputee community by offering the most innovative prosthetic engineering and service in the world. Wehave a growing team of dedicated Territory Managers throughout the United States to support our customers.We also have a team of Technical Experts with more than 60 years of com-bined experience to assist with product selection, as well as troubleshoot any issue that may arise.
In our attempt to continually improve, we encourage you to provide feedback on how we are doing so we can help you with your patient care and enable your amputees toget busy living.
US Corporate Headquarters Endolite 1031 Byers Road Miamisburg, Ohio 45342 ph: 800.548.3534 fx: 800.929.3636
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Global Headquarters Chas A Blatchford & Sons Ltd Lister Road Basingstoke, HampshireRG22 4AH ph: 011.441.256.316600 fx: 011.441.256.479705
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Contents Feet Knees  ShockAbsorbers, Rotators AnklesAdapters  FoamCovers Plastics/Socket Materials  Tools& Equipment  TechnicalInformation Warranty & Terms of Sale
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Introduction 1 Function, Impact Level, Terminology4-7 Echelon 11 EliteVT 12 Elite Blade & Elite BladeLP13 Elite2 14 Javelin 15 Esprit 16 Esprit 17 Navigator 18 DR2 19 Multiflex 20 Stellar 21 Senior 22 Aqualimb 23 Smart Adaptive27 Smart IP28 IP+ 29 KX06 30 Mercury 31 ESK+ 32 EUK 33 Compact SAKL34 Knee Control Units35 TT Pro39 Brio 40 Demountable Torque Absorber41 Multiflex Ankles42 Pyramid Options for 4 Bolt Attachment43 Knee Specific Adapters44 Pyramid Options for Single Bolt Attachment,45 Full Alignment Pylons and Tube Clamps 46 Specialty Adapters47 Ankle Fairing, Shin Fairing, Continuous, Discontinuous51 Lock, Valves, Latex Cones, Stockings57 Check Socket Material58 Flexible Materials59 Definitive Socket & Foam Sheet Materials62 66 Schematics for Replacement and Spare Parts74 97
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Function levels Has the ability or potential to use a prosthesis for transfers or ambulation on K1 level surfaces at a fixed cadence.Typical of the limited and unlimited house-hold ambulator.
Has the ability or potential for ambulation with the ability to traverse low level K2 environmental barriers such as curbs, stairs or uneven surfaces.Typical of the limited community ambulator.
Has the ability or potential for ambulation with variable cadence.Typical of K3 the community ambulator who has the ability to traverse most environmental barriers and may have vocational, therapeutic, or exercise activity that de-mands prosthetic utilization beyond simple locomotion.
Has the ability or potential for prosthetic ambulation that exceeds basic am-K4 bulation skills, exhibiting high impact, stress, or energy levels.Typical of the prosthetic demands of the child, active adult, or athlete.
Impact levels Impact levels shown define appropriate selection of K3 and K4 foot springs l o w Daily walking and occasional sports such as golf and hiking.
m o d e r a t e Aggressive walking, frequent or daily sports such as jogging.
Daily activities such as distance running, climbing, lifting and carrying heavy h i g h objects for vocational purposes.
Rigorous daily walking at high cadence, competitive athlete in track and field e x t r e m e type events, has vocation that requires jumping or loading of the prosthesis beyond normal levels.
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Product Selection Guide
Product function terms
Axial Rotation
Dynamic Response
Dynamic Tibial Progression
e-Carbon Heel
e-Carbon Lay Up
Flexible Keel
Full Length Toe-Lever
Bi-directional rotation on a single axis returning to a neutral position.This can dissipate shear forces at the socket interface, while also provid-ing a natural twisting motion.
Human made processes, substances or systems that imitate nature.Prosthetic systems use Biomimetics to imitate nature through the geom-etry as a main source of stability of joint centers, not just the mechanical or fluid resistance of the joints creating more efficient methods of control.
The elastic property of a component (carbon fiber or similar) is designed to deflect under load and has the ability to store and return significant energy.
The process of forward motion is aided by carbon foot heel components which contribute to the effortless forward motion (tibial progression) of the limb.The process is enhanced through the unique shock absorption characteristics and very efficient energy management of e-carbon mix.
Provides an Active Response and shock absorption to ground reaction forces and superior forward progression.
A proprietary method of layering carbon to allow for a “proportionatere-action” to the weight and impact level of the amputee’s activity.The lay up provides flexibility where desired and impact resistance and strength where required.This allows the forefoot to deflect with ease allowing for a smooth and relaxed gait which requires less effort from the amputee.
The keel section of a prosthetic foot that deflects under load without sig-nificant energy return, but stable on uneven ground situations.
A full length toe lever promotes equal stride length allowing for a more biomechanically sound gait.It also promotes the amputee to spend equal time on both the prosthesis and sound side limb which provides and promotes stance phase stability.
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Product function terms continued
Hydraulic Ankle Control
Multi-axial Rotation
Split Toe
Stance Control
Stance Flexion
Tri-pod Stability System
Truly Independent Heel & Toe
Vertical Compliance
935129-US Iss2 0910
Use of hydraulic fluid to control plantar and dorsi flexion at the ankle.The yielding effect stabilizes the knee and introduces new functionality enabling the foot to move without the amputee straining as the foot con-forms to changing ground inclinations.
Two or more axis of rotation at the ankle, anterior/posterior, medial/lat-eral and transverse planes which provide additional stability and natural ankle motion on all walking surfaces.
Allows the foot to accommodate uneven terrain providing for medial/ lateral stability and security on varied surfaces.
A term used to describe the supplement of a less limited amputee need-ing support from the knee control.It refers to extra security in the event of a misstep or when the amputee is rested during weight bearing, add-ing stance stability.A knee which can be partially bent, then as weight is shifted onto the prosthesis the stance control stops it from collapsing, permitting them to complete the step safely.
A part of the prosthetic knee which simulates concentric and eccentric contraction of the quadricep muscles to act as a brake and dampen the prosthetic system absorbing loads.
Unique design taking advantage of our Truly Independent Heel and Toe design which provides efficient forward propulsion and stability on all terrain.
A patented design where the heel and toe function 100% independently of each other which is more biomechanically correct and provides for a smoother rollover which efficiently absorbs shock.With optimal align-ment eliminates the sensation of a “dead-spot” at mid-stance.Minimal muscular effort allows for more comfort while standing for prolonged periods of time.
Vertical displacement creates shock absorption through e-carbon heel and carrier to reduce stress and trauma upon the residual limb, joints and lumbar region of the back during routine daily activities.
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