Rumsfeld worked to transform Defense Department during tenure
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Rumsfeld worked to transform Defense Department during tenure


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17 Nov 2006 – College sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37. High school sports . . . . . . . . . . . . .38 ..... One in five children in our region is at risk ...



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and RumsfeldMUST SEE Sports Rumsfeld helped craft the strategy visited soon after the capital fell. He Interservice tourney results . . . . . . .33 that struck back at the Taliban in saw the conditions on the ground andOn the Bench . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34-35 Afghanistan. He pushed for a flexible, understood that Iraq is a battlegroundCollege sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37 High school sports . . . . . . . . . . . . .38 mobile military response to al-Qaida. in the overall War on Terror. Pigskin picks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 U.S. special operations forces worked Rumsfeld has stressed that with Afghans from the Northern America is at war and has often saidHappenings The Denver Art Museum . . . . . .41-42 Alliance and from Pashtuns affiliated that the enemy wants to destroy the Get Out . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43-44 with Hamid Karzai to topple the American way of life. Lakota Sweat Lodge a place of Taliban regime. The secretary loved to Rumsfeld’s news conferences in spiritual cleansing. Classified advertising (719) 329-5236 show off a photo of an Army Special the Pentagon became “must-see TV” asSee Pages 24-25 . Mountaineer editor (719) 526-4144 Forces Soldier on horseback calling in he engaged in repartee with thePost information (719) 526-5811Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, there will be smart bombs to strike Taliban targets. Pentagon press corps during nearly sixPost weather hotline (719) 526-0096no Mountainteer next week. Look for it Dec. 1. Rumsfeld often said that picture years in office. MOUNTAINEER2 Opinion/EditorialNov. 17, 2006 During Thanksgiving: Remember the deployed Commentary by Maj. Gen. Robert W. Mixon Jr. Division West, First Army and Fort Carson commanding general “We have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of heaven; we have been preserved these many years in peace and prosperity; we have grown in numbers, wealth, and power as no Thanksgiving meals other nation has grown.” served locally— President Abraham Lincoln, 1863 In the tradition of giving, Soldiers from Fort Carson will prepare hundreds of turkeys, potatoes andMore than 140 years ago, during vegetables, along with several desserts to serve in thethe height of the Civil War, Abraham Mixon Lincoln reminded all Americans in annual Salvation Army Community Holiday Dinners of his Thanksgiving Day address of the Colorado Springs. These traditional meals will bevalues and principles that we hold blessings and freedoms we share as served in several locations on Thanksgiving Day at nodear — loyalty, duty, respect, a country even during a time of war. selfless service, honor, integrity, and charge. Locations are: Odd Fellows Hall, 575 S. Today, Lincoln’s words still ring personal courage. Union; Fountain Valley Senior Center, 5725 Southmoor true as we enjoy the privileges and As you enjoy your Thanksgiving in Fountain; Marian House, 13 W. Bijou; Manitou unparalleled freedoms that the weekend, consider inviting our single Springs City Hall, 606 Manitou Ave. in Manitou American Soldier has helped secure Soldiers who aren’t able to celebrate Springs; and the Salvation Army Center, 908 Yuma. for more than two centuries. the holiday with their families into And don’t forget our own Mountain Post Dining We live in a free and prosperous your home for the holiday. And let us Facilities; they will be serving the Thanksgiving feast country thanks to the selfless service remember the Soldiers of the 2nd with all the trimmings. The MEDDAC Dining Facility of our Soldiers, civilians and family Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry at Evans Army Community Hospital will hold their members. What you are asked to do Division, 71st Explosive Ordnance meal today 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. The La Rochelle and every day is not easy. And so on this Detachment, the 759th Military Police Butts Army Airfield Dining Facilities will serve the special day, I offer my appreciation to Battalion, 984th MP Company, and the meal Wednesday 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Patton House andyou, the Soldiers, civilians and family 32nd Transportation Company who are Wolf Inn will serve the meal Thursday at the samemembers who serve our nation with a deployed in support of Operation Iraqi times. Meal card holders will not be charged; familylevel of devotion and selfless service Freedom. I ask that you also remember members and guests of E-4 and below are $5; activeunequalled in any other profession. those families the Soldiers left behind duty officers, enlisted Soldiers without meal cards,Each of you walks point, 24/7, and add them to your list of family family members and guests of E-5s and above, andensuring that the torch of freedom never and friends to share in giving thanks. dies. You have made a commitment to all ranks of retirees are charged $5.90.Ruth and I wish the entire step forward to defend America, her Mountain Post Team a safe and happy borders and her people and keep the Thanksgiving. What are you giving thanks forPOST TALK: this Thanksgiving? “My kids. They’re “All the Soldiers “I’m grateful for doing well in fighting in Iraq the birth of school. They’re and the families my grandson not in trouble. that are back and the return They’re healthy.” home supporting of my son from them.” Afghanistan.” Sgt. 1st Class Mark Robinson Staff Sgt. Chaplain (Lt. G-6, 4th Amelia Amato Col.) Dan Infantry Division Installation Harrison Chaplains’ Office Chaplain Trainer for Division West MOUNTAINEER This commercial enterprise newspaper is an authorized is published 49 times per year. Military Newspaper Group, 31 E. Platte Avenue, Suite 300, publication for members of the Department of Defense. The appearance of advertising in this publication, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, phone (719) 634-5905. Commanding General: Contents of the Mountaineer are not necessarily the official including inserts or supplements, does not constitute The Mountaineer’s editorial content is edited, pre- Maj. Gen. Robert W. Mixon Jr. view of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government or the endorsement by the Department of the Army or Colorado pared and provided by the Public Affairs Office, building Department of the Army. Printed circulation is 12,000 copies. Springs Military Newspaper Group, of the products or ser- 1550, room 2180, Fort Carson, CO 80913-5119, phonePublic Affairs Officer: The editorial content of the Mountaineer is the respon- vices advertised. The printer reserves the right to reject (719) 526-4144. Lt. Col. David Johnson Releases from outside sources are so indicated. Thesibility of the Public Affairs Office, Fort Carson, CO advertisements. 80913-5119, Tel.: (719) 526-4144. The e-mail address is Everything advertised in this publication shall be deadline for submissions to the Mountaineer is close of Chief, Print and Web Communications: made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard business the week before the next issue is published. The Douglas M. Rule The Mountaineer is posted on the Internet at to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital sta- Mountaineer staff reserves the right to edit submissions for Staff Writers: Michael J. Pach tus, physical handicap, political affiliation or any other non- newspaper style, clarity and typographical errors. hives/forms. merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or Policies and statements reflected in the news and Rebecca E. Tonn The Mountaineer is an unofficial publication autho- rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is editorial columns represent views of the individual writers Happenings: Nel Lampe rized by AR 360-1. The Mountaineer is printed by confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from and under no circumstances are to be considered those of the Colorado Springs Military Newspaper Group, a private that source until the violation is corrected. Department of the Army.Sports Writer: Walt Johnson firm in no way connected with the Department of the All correspondence or queries regarding advertising Reproduction of editorial material is authorized. Layout/graphics: Jeanne Mazerall Army, under exclusive written contract with Fort Carson. It and subscriptions should be directed to Colorado Springs Please credit accordingly. MOUNTAINEER 3Nov. 17, 2006 NEWS Bush thanks Veterans for safeguarding America’s freedom of Americans for keeping freedom’s light ablaze. engaged the enemy, the terrorists, on many Jim Garamone President George W. Bush gave the principal At this moment, more than 1.4 million Americans areAmerican Forces Information Service address at the ceremony. on active duty, serving in the cause of freedom and WASHINGTON, D.C. — Taps rang out clearly “On this day, in this month, at this hour, our nation peace around the world. as the United States paused to remember America’s remembers the moment when the guns of World War I “They are our nation’s finest citizens,” he con- veterans Nov. 11 in Washington. went silent — and we recognize the service and the tinued. “They confront grave danger to defend the U.S. veterans of many wars gathered to pay sacrifice of our nation’s veterans,” the president said. safety of the American people. They’ve brought down tribute to old comrades and thank a new generation “From Valley Forge to Vietnam, from Kuwait to tyrants; they’ve liberated two nations; they have Kandahar, from Berlin to Baghdad, helped bring freedom to more than 50 million people. our veterans have borne the costs of Through their sacrifice, they’re making this nation America’s wars — and they have safer and more secure — and they are earning the stood watch over America’s peace. proud title of veteran.” The American people are grateful to Veterans took on many forms at the ceremony. the veterans and all who have Many World War II vets had to be helped to their seats, fought for our freedom.” but they are still feisty. “Hey, oldtimer. Still above About 4,000 people attended ground, I see,” said one World War II vet to another. the ceremony at Memorial The day was a pause for reflection for many of Amphitheater. Hundreds more the former Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen. stood outside the facility. The “For many of us, serving in the military was a Department of Veterans Affairs defining time of our lives,” said former Army Pfc. and veterans service organizations Gregory O’Toole, who came from Pennsylvania to be worked together to honor the more at the ceremony. O’Toole, who was an infantryman at than 25 million living veterans. the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium in 1944-45, said And the troops in the field were his generation fought “because we couldn’t let never far from anyone’s thoughts. Hitler run the world. I see the same thing today: “On this Veterans Day, we What would the world be like with Osama bin honor a new generation of men Laden in charge?”Photo by Air Force Staff Sgt. Madelyn Waychoff President George W. Bush lays a wreath at the Tomb of the and women who are defending our Former Army 1st Lt. Glen Giello, who fought in Unknowns during a Veterans Day ceremony Nov. 11 at freedom,” Bush said. “Since Sept. 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All vehicles subject to prior sale, sales tax Colorado Clicks On and license fees. Offers expire November 24, 2006. MOUNTAINEER4 NewsNov. 17, 2006 we enjoy because of theirVeterans willingness to serve.” Reserve Soldiers’ experiences put to workFrom Page 3 Another veteran looked Korea in 1951-52, said support brigade representative. If accepted, finalover the graves at Arlington by First Army Public Affairs Office approval will be dependent upon their state’sseeing combat and having and said that he had just been FORT GILLEM , Ga. — “Train like you’re Adjutant General or Regional Readinessfriends die made him the to a funeral of a friend’s son going to fight!” person he is today. “We saw killed in Iraq. “I remember Commander’s release of the Soldier. what life was like in other the boy always laughing,” Those are the words of Lt. Gen. Russel L. Soldiers may be placed on leave until their parts of the world, where the Honoré, commanding general, First Army, and that packets have been approved. Once the packet issaid Clyde Johnson, a is what he demands of all his Soldiers: tough, approved, they’ll be “TCS’d” (Temporary Changeideas of freedom and liberty Marine vet who served in realistic, repetitive training to develop an intuitive of Station), to the mobilization station, trained andare scoffed at,” he said. “We Desert Storm. “In my mind, response and defeat the enemy on the battlefield. swore we wouldn’t let that he’ll always be that laughing certified as Observer Controller/Trainers, and happen here.” kid, just like in that poem Knowing that experience is the best teacher, assigned for 12 months to a First Army training Bush said veterans have a program developed by First Army has added a support brigade or battalion. from World War I.” valuable asset to the trainer’s arsenal. “I’m excited about the Operation Warriorhanded America a precious The poem is “To the It’s called Operation Warrior Trainer, and it’s Trainer program,” Honoré said. “It represents agift. “As we raise our flag Fallen” by English poet an opportunity for Soldiers returning from theaterand as the bugle sounds Laurence Binyon. Written in great opportunity for our young combat veterans taps, we remember that the 1914, this verse is part of to share their knowledge and experience with to share their unique experiences with our men and women of Soldiers who are preparing to deploy in support of mobilized Soldiers as we continue to preparemany memorials to the dead Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. Reserve component Soldiers to go down range.” America’s armed forces of the Great War: “They Reserve Component Soldiers in critical-needs All information, including the submissionserve a great cause,” he shall grow not old, as we jobs should inquire at their desired mobilizationsaid. “They follow in a great that are left grow old: packet, is available on First Army’s Web site; tradition, handed down to Age shall not weary station about OWT positions before they return, click on the Uncle Sam them by America’s veterans. from overseas. Upon return, Soldiers will be icon along the left side. Locally, call Lt.them, nor the years condemn. briefed at the mobilization station on the OWT Col. Michael Hauser at 526-5501 or e-mailAnd in public ceremonies At the going down of the program in more detail. for moreand in private prayer, we sun and in the morning, we They’ll also be interviewed by a traininggive thanks for the freedom will remember them.” information. t. B J O U F O B O D F'S F F t6 QU P  4 R V B S F'F F U t"  $" Q Q M J B O D F T* O D M V E F E t3 B O D IB O E5XP 4U P S Z. P E F M T *OD MVEFT")0 ???3?? XXX1BMPNJOP3BODI$POEPTDPN XXX )    r DPN (P M . E MF EB 5 NFB  .BSL.D 8JMMTJBN #VMEFSJ *ODFOUJWFT ME*0'M$5 GDPV TOYFBPUJMOEVDF JODHDOTMJPTQTUPJECBZCMSFEJZV.GJTURVM BV TUNHZU SQQJOUTUPFSMZGO PSUIF?TUZS TSBOFENHU T"L" CP V U0 SV                   4 %,0"  0 ) '?  4VOEBZ UP  .PO4BU UP 000 )(&4-"3 (&t8I J SMQPPM"Q Q MJB ODFT . (  %0) '& /+ 2%  2 GPPU$t F J MJ OHT ? ?UPUMIPNFB TJTDJOUIZJPNONVUMHPGM UIFZTUB UPt   4R V B S F'F F U IPNFMQSTJMOBJFSDOHFTBBSFBWMBCMFOPXJB 8JUIPOMZ t%J GGF S F OU'MPP S Q MB OT 8 FJJUFZPVUPDOW PNFIPNFUP) PNF TUF5BE POX MUIFCM FOFB?TPGIPNFPU OFSXTIJQ / F X$ P O EP N J O J V N) P N F T4 U B S U J O HJ OU I F-P X  T CFBTBPSE BCMFB TSFOMPFSMFTU XOMHJIJOHUJ OHB)JO X0 PNF TUF BJEE3HF5 PO) X PNFDOB) BO H: P S)V BU8 J UI6 T OBMPJ JPOUBUDIBU TDPOW FOJFOOHJIUUPFU ZW FS ZUPPJOPQQUVUPSOBOFX XMZUVDPOEIPNFFDSTU PNF TUF BJEE3HFPFSTBOVOCBFBCMFU  GS P N QFSNPOIU #V ZG PSPOM Z HOJ UMSOMFJ UT FZPS" V MOUNTAINEER 5Nov. 17, 2006 MILITARY 3rd BCT assumes command of Diyala Province from 3rd HBCT future plans and goals while wishingby Spc. Ryan Stroud the Striker troops a safe trip home.3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st “Today marks the end to what hasCavalry Division Public Affairs been a successful year,” said Mixon. “It BAQUBAH, Iraq — The 3rd is an honor to stand before (the Striker Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Brigade) in what is a momentous Division, officially assumed operational occasion for all of you.” responsibility for Iraq’s Diyala “(Striker) was responsible for nearly province from the 3rd Heavy Brigade 30,000 square miles (of land), conducted Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division more than 17,000 combat patrols, and during a Mission Assumption Day discovered more than 300 caches,” ceremony at Forward Operating Base Mixon added. Warhorse Nov. 3. “On these missions (Striker) The ceremony was to formally end helped detain over 1,300 terrorists and the year-long mission for the Soldiers insurgents, people whose only goal was and leaders of the “Striker” Brigade to do harm to (the Soldiers) and the and officially begin the “Grey Wolf” peace-loving people of Iraq,” he said. Brigade’s journey in Iraq. Mixon, welcoming the Grey Wolf Many Soldiers of both brigades Soldiers to the “Tropic Lightning were in attendance, along with many Team,” encouraged the Soldiers of Iraqi government, army, police and Grey Wolf to continue the “great work” civic leaders of Diyala. and success of the Striker Brigade. Photo by Pfc. Ben Fox Maj. Gen. Benjamin Mixon, After Mixon’s speech, Jones During a Mission Assumption Day ceremony Nov. 3, the commander commander of “Tropic Lightning,” the and command sergeant major of the 3rd “Striker” Heavy Brigadereflected on the past year and also 25th Infantry Division, Col. Brian D. welcomed the 3rd BCT, 1st Cav. Div. Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division (Mechanized), Col. Brian Jones and Jones, commander of the 3rd HBCT, to the province. Command Sgt. Maj. David List, case their unit’s colors as they wrap up 4th ID, and Col. David Sutherland, “This day represents a big day for their year-long mission in Iraq. The 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st commander of the 3rd BCT, 1st Cav. Cavalry Division, uncased its colors, assuming operational duties in Div., all spoke at the ceremony about Iraq’s Diyala province.See Assumes on Page 7  ! $! "WdZY_[Zkjo[cfbef[efb[m_j^XWZYh[Z_j"[[i$!!#![i" ]ekhZh[Wc^ec[WYj_ZZZlXVPKDI'RUJ(3OHDVHFRQWDFWXVWRGD\IRUPRUHLQIRUPDWLRQJ^_ifheEFWShWc_i\ehXXXWdZ_ief[djeWbb:063#&45$"3&&3.07&?l    "h[i[h"# $]kWhZRXFDQHQGLW3OHDVHKHOSl_b_Wd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