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Sports. Health. Leadership. Life. Mission: Girls in the Game (GIG ...


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Sports. Health. Leadership. Life.Mission: Girls in the Game (GIG), founded in Chicago in 1995, provides and promotes sports & fitness opportunities, health education and leadership development to enhance the overall health and well being of all girls.For eight years, Girls in the Game has successfully responded tothe health and fitness needs of females, serving 8,000 girls throughout Chicagoland.
Statement of NeedAccording to the Center for Disease Control, 13 percent of children and adolescents are overweight --nearly more than double the number in 1980 ("Chain calls for debate on nutrition," Chicago Tribune, September 5, 2003).According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the percentage of children ages 6 to 9 who are obese has more than tripled in the last 30 years, to 15 percent ("Group wants kids to bike, walk more," Chicago Tribune, September 5, 2003).Studies show that poor minority children are increasingly obese.According to an October 28, 2002 report, the prevalence of obesity in elementary school children in the West Side of Chicago and in Hispanic communitiesis an alarming 40% ("Working Together for Health Through Nutrition Education," a BTO Project with UIC/La Rabbida/CPS/TAMS/Erie and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2002).Girls in the GameSports. Health. Leadership. Life.
Who are we?Girls in the Game welcomes girls of all backgrounds, including race, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, ability and socio-economics. Our programming is designed to not only tolerate but CELEBRATE differences. We are proud of the diversity of the 2,000 girls that we serve each year.12-16 years24% EGAMiddle Eastern%4AsianEthnicity 5%African American%53Caucasian%527-12 years%85Latina%13Below Poverty Level%58Girls in the GameSports. Health. Leadership. Life.Family Income Above Poverty Level%51
GIG:After SchoolCore Programs Game Days -Girls Health Fests“SUMMERGAMES”Sports & Leadership Summer CampThe Girls’Advisory Board (GAB)Girls in the GameSports. Health. Leadership. Life.
isa n GIG:After Schoolinnovative citywide collaborative that uses sports, health & nutrition education and life skills to improve the overall physical health and mental well being of adolescent girls. The After School Program serves 200 4th-10th grade girls each week, ages when 88% of girls drop out of sports, and teen pregnancy, school drop out and drug use rates increase.Girls in the GameSports. Health. Leadership. Life.
After School Program Sites2003-2004Brennemann Elementary SchoolGirl World-Alternatives Murphy Elementary SchoolSenn High SchoolSullivan High SchoolCarole Robertson Center For LearningDvorak ParkUnion ParkJuarez Community Academy High SchoolYoung Women’s Leadership Charter SchoolPirie ElementarySouth Shore High SchoolSolomon Schechter Day SchoolNorth SideNorth SideNorth SideNorth SideNorth SideWest SideWest SideWest SideWest SideSouth SideSouth SideSouth SideSuburbsGirls in the GameSports. Health. Leadership. Life.
ra euf nna dGame Days -Girls Health stseFipnrtoegrraactmivs eo fh aslpf-odrtasy,  team building initiatives and health and life skill development activities that highlight the benefits of healthy living. Game Days get girls moving!Girls in the GameSports. Health. Leadership. Life.
“SUMMERGAMES”Sports & Leadership Summer Campis a four week program, which combines day and overnight experiences and includes workshops and educational discussions on nutrition, self-esteem, conflict resolution and cultural diversity. Girls in the GameSports. Health. Leadership. Life.
The Girls’Advisory Board (GAB),the youth voice of GIG, provides girls ages 8-18 the opportunity to have a direct impact on the development of GIG programs. Board members attend monthly planning meetings, co-lead sports/fitness classes, outdoor adventure trips and health conferences & engage in community service projects.Girls in the GameSports. Health. Leadership. Life.
Our Impact“Girls in the Game –a thriving, shoe-string non-profit effort that strives to teach girls about sports, health, leadership and life –bucks two traditional concepts about out-of-school programs: that activities should be designed primarily to keep kids out of trouble and that they should revolve around sports that generally attract boys”(Worland, Gayle. “Girls Program Goes Far Beyond Fun and Games.”Chicago Tribune21 Sep. 2003).“Participation in sports, fitness and leadership programs for girls has proven to reduce their potential to be sexually active, reduce risk of obesity, osteoporosis and breast cancer, reduce health compromising behaviors, improve health habits and advance school performance”(President’s Fitness Commission, Women Sports Foundation, Turner Foundation 1998).“More than four out of five executive businesswomen (82%) played sports growing up –and the vast majority say lessons learned on the playing field have contributed to their success in business”(Game Face, From the Locker Room to the Boardroom: A Survey on Sports in the Lives of Women Business Executives, Feb. 2002).Girls in the GameSports. Health. Leadership. Life.
Community Partners•After School Matters –Sports 37•Boys and Girls Clubs•Chicago Park District•Chicago Public Libraries•Chicago Public Schools•Chicago Youth Centers•Girl Scouts of Chicago•Illinois Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health•Mayor Daley’s KidStart YouthNets•Mayor’s Fitness Council•Mayor’s Office of Special EventsGirls in the GameSports. Health. Leadership. Life.