Lighting Your Living Room Appropriately
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Lighting Your Living Room Appropriately

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Lighting Your Living Room Appropriately


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Published 15 October 2011
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Lighting Your Living Room Appropriately
The correct living room lighting can create a delightful atmosphere for you to relax in when arriving
home after a frenetic day. Good lighting can produce an ambiance that will draw family members
together into a space where the elegance of your furniture and walls are highlighted by very good
lighting. The proper lighting can do more for a living room than for any other room in the house.
Living rooms are distinct because of the wide assortment of activities that take place there, so you’ll
need a wide collection of lights to satisfy the varied needs of the people using the living room. Here are
the essential elements of living room lighting.
Natural Light
Using outside natural
light to enhance your living room is not just the most budget-wise choice
for lighting; it's also the healthiest one, because human eyes favor sunlight to that of any artificial
source. You can boost the inflow of natural light by changing your draperies to sheer or pale-coloured
ones. You might also need to consider enlarging the room's windows to permit freer access to the sun’s
Ambient Lighting
Ambient lighting washes a room in warm, pleasing light without making a lot of shadows. Commonly,
ambient light comes from an overhead light like a pendant or chandelier, or from a torchiere floor lamp.
Usually the light source is covered up by a glass globe or something similar that softens the light and
directs it throughout the room.
Recessed lights can be spread out over the entire ceiling to administer an even, efficient light that
produces little glare. But recessed lights have a modern feel that might not suit your theme.
Having multiple soft
wall lights
throughout the room can create a wonderfully welcoming ambient light.
Wall sconces in association with large, soft overhead fixtures can be a superb combination.
For best control in producing just the right ambience for every situation, every light source in the living
room should have a dimmer or a three-way switch.
Accent Lighting
Accent lighting is a decorator’s tool for pulling the eye to specific areas of the room. It highlights parts of
a room that you'd like people to notice, such as architectural elements of a room that might otherwise
go unseen. There are many brands of fixtures that can create this look. Track lighting, which generally
consists of several spotlights installed to a track, can be a superb way to create accent lighting. Usually,
the spotlight positions are adjustable, so you can customize the light fixture to emphasize specific
elements of the room. Use spotlights and track lighting to exhibit elements like a custom-built fireplace,
works of art, or a wall niche with a display of trinkets and photos.
Task Lighting
Task lighting such as table lamps or free standing floor lamps are ideal if you like to work on individual
projects like puzzle games, paper or crocheting. Living room lamps should be ideally set slightly behind
the area being lighted and a little bit to the right or left. Small track lighting fixtures and other low-level
lights work well when you're using a computer or watching TV.
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