08 Medallion Tutorial

08 Medallion Tutorial


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2008 Medallion Online EntrytutorialImportant Stuff You Needto Know NOW.Beginning in 2007, the Public Relations Council of Alabama made it easier toenter your public relations programs and projects in the Annual MedallionAwards through an online entry system. This system allows you to not onlyenter your programs and projects, but also manage your entries, pay for yoursubmissions and pay for your duplicate awards after the ceremony.This revised tutorial will give you all the information you need to know about08the online submission system, as well as the Annual Medallion Awards rules andregulations. Remember:You must follow the rules and regulations precisely tobe considered for an award. But, the members of the Montgomery ConferenceCommittee are always available should you have questions. Good luck!GET IN Your entries for the PRCA Medallions must have appeared (published,THE GAMEprinted, presented, etc.) between July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008.Oct. 2-3, 2008 Medallion entries are $45 per entry, or $40 per entry if you areMontgomery,Ala. submitting three or more entries.Renaissance Montgomery Duplicate awards may be ordered and paid for through the online entryHotel & Spa system for a short time following the awards ceremony in October.at the Convention Center Duplicate awards for Medallions and Awards of Excellence are $50. The deadline for us to accept your award entries is Friday, Aug. 1. Once you complete your online award submission, ...



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2008 Medallion Online Entry tutorial Important Stuff You Need to Know NOW. Beginning in 2007,the Public Relations Council ofAlabama made it easier to enter your public relations programs and projects in theAnnual Medallion Awards through an online entry system. This system allows you to not only enter your programs and projects,but also manage your entries,pay for your submissions and pay for your duplicate awards after the ceremony. This revised tutorial will give you all the information you need to know about 08 the online submission system,as well as theAnnual MedallionAwards rules and regulations.Remember:You must follow the rules and regulations precisely to be considered for an award.But, themembers of the Montgomery Conference Committee are always available should you have questions.Good luck! Your entries for the PRCA Medallions must have appeared (published, THE GAME printed, presented, etc.)betweenJuly 1,2007and2008June 30,. Oct. 2-3, 2008 Medallion entries are$45 per entry, or$40 per entry if you are Montgomery, Ala.submitting three or more entries. Renaissance Montgomery Duplicate awards may be ordered and paid for through the online entry Hotel & Spafor a short time following the awards ceremony in October.system at the Convention CenterDuplicate awards for Medallions andAwards of Excellence are$50. deadline for us to accept your award entries isThe Friday, Aug. 1. this only puts you intoOnce you complete your online award submission, our database.You must still mail your official award submission to the address provided on theWeb site. Please review the section on“How to Use the Online System” very carefully. If you entered the MedallionAwards last year,your entry account was not saved,and you must re-enter your information. What’s Where? and you wouldWhen you register for the 2008 PRCA Annual Conference, also like to enter the 2008 MedallionAwards, youwill be using an online How to Use the Online Entry payment system OTHER than PayPal.Due to issues with customer service, System .........................................2 as well as an ongoing federal investigation into PayPal’s security practices, Seven steps that will walk you through the Montgomery Chapter’s Conference Committee is currently searching the bases of entering your project into for a more secure online payment service that will give everyone piece of the 2008 Medallion Awards. mind when giving their credit card information over the Internet.Of course, wewill be accepting checks for payment,too. But, onlinepayments Rules of the Game......................4will be accepted and your identity protected. Categories and criteria for your projects, Now, let’sget started with the other things you need to know about the 2008 as well as the judging procedures used Medallion AwardsProgram... in the process.
2008 Medallion Online Entry tutorial How to Use the Online Entry System...
This step-by-step guide for entering your awards using the Online Entry System should entering your awards a home run! REMEMBER:You must pay for three or more awards at one time to receive the multiple-entry discount ($45per entry/$40per entry for three or more).
Step 1:Prepare to Enter Review the categories and criteria listed in this tutorial. Note the category number and title for each of your entries,provided you are entering more than one project. Planning, Implementation, Evaluation)and restrictions (word limits).Note the parameters (Research, Prepare and submit your entries
Step 2:Register and Login Log on towww.prcamedallions.com. Create your username.(Use your e-mail address) (Something just for you)Create your password.
Step 3:Create and ManageYour Account Fill in all fields. REMEMBER:Click [Save].
2008 Medallion Online Entry tutorial
Step 4:Manage YourEntries You can search your entries,edit, deleteor print the Project Profile Sheet for the entry from this screen. Click [+ new entry] to add new entries. Fill in an entry form for each entry. Upload up to three graphics to represent the entry. YOUR ENTRY IS NOTYET COMPLETE! IT MUST STILL BE PRINTEDAND MAILED. Fill in three lines of text that will appear on the award if the entry is selected.Be sure to review what you type in here because this is what will be on your award. REMEMBER:Click [Save]. Once all entries are entered, proceed to checkout by clicking [Pay for Entries] to choose credit card or check. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when complete.
Step 5:Print YourProject Profile Sheet
Click [Print] to the right of your entry on the Manage Entries page.
Review it thoroughly.Check for spelling errors and other mistakes.If you must repair your entry, return to Manage Entries and select [Edit] to make changes.
Print your Project Profile Sheet and insert it as the first page of your entry binder.REMEMBER:THE PROJECT PROFILE SHEET MUST BETHE FIRST PAGE OFYOUR ENTRY BINDER. 3
2008 Medallion Online Entry tutorial Step 6:Mail YourEntry address“Ship To”See theon this site and in the tutorial to the competition coordinator.As per specifications listed on theWelcome page.
Step 7:Order DuplicateAwards If your entry wins an award,you may return to the site and click [Purchase Duplicates] to order additional awards. Be sure to review what you type in because that is what will appear on the duplicate(s). PleaseIf you are paying by check,your entry will be marked as paid online.once your check has been received, allow 5-7 days for payment to be verified when paying by check through the U.S.Mail.
Rules of the Game...
ENTRY ELIGIBILITY: Entries must have been produced between2007July 1,andJune 30, 2008. Deadline for entering:Aug. 1, 2008.
ENTRY FEES: Medallions Awards:$45 per entry; $40per entry if submitting three or more entries. Duplicate Awards:Medallions and Awards of Excellence duplicate awards are$50each.
CATEGORIES ANDCRITERIA Categories I. PublicRelations Programs / Reputation Management 1. TotalPublic Relations Program: A total or overall public relations program developed and implemented for an organization 2008 MEDALLION ONLINE ENTRY TUTORIAL
that includes all components of its communication effort. a. Budgetunder $10,000 b. Budgetof $10,000 - $25,000 c. Budgetof $25,000 or more
2. SpecialPublic Relations Program (Long Term– 90 days or longer): Long-term program developed for a specific or one-time purpose. a. Budgetunder $10,000 b. Budgetof $10,000 - $25,000 c. Budgetof $25,000 or more
3. SpecialPublic Relations Program (Short Term– Less than 90 days): Short-term program developed for a specific or one-time purpose. a. Budgetunder $10,000 b. Budgetof $10,000 - $25,000 c. Budgetof $25,000 or more
4. CommunityRelations Program: Programs that seek to improve relations with or seek the support of individuals or organizations in communities where the organization has an interest. a. Longterm (90 days or longer) b. Shortterm (Less than 90 days)
5. PublicService Program: Programs that seek to advance public understanding of societal issues, problemsor concerns – i.e. RiskCommunication (ex. childhood obesity abatement, public safety and security) aterm (90 days or longer). Long b. Shortterm (Less than 90 days)
2008 Medallion Online Entry tutorial 6. PublicAffairs Program: Programs9. SpecialEvents 13.Publications. Mustbe published designed to influence national,at least semi-annually,with the a. Budgetunder $20,000 state or local public policyexception of newsletters,which b. Budgetof $20,000 or more and/or affect legislation,must be published three or more regulations, politicalactivities ortimes annually. 10. Research:This category is for candidacies. primary research conducted or a. Internalmagazine contracted by the member. a. Longterm (90 days or longer) b. Externalmagazine Entries should include a sample of b. Shortterm (Less than 90 days) c. Internalnewsletter the instrument and document the purpose for implementing thed. Externalnewsletter 7. InternalCommunication research, themethodology used, e. Newspapers/Tabloids Program: Programs designed the results of the research and f. Regularelectronic publications specifically for internal audiences. an outline of the decisions made g. Otherregularly produced from and/or program structured a. Longterm (90 days or longer) publications around the research results. b. Shortterm (Less than 90 days) a. Qualitative 14. SpecialPurpose Publications. b. Quantitative 8. Reputation/BrandManagement: Programs, invitations, reportsin Organization-wide programsc. Totalresearch program connection with special events or designed to build or enhance the other single-issue publications. overall reputation,integrity or 11. Measurement:How do you a. Invitations perceived value of an organization. prove the value of your efforts? b. Programs a. IssuesManagement (issueEx. mediaclipping program, c. Othersingle-issue publications identification, analysis, changeattendance, impressions, return strategy, programming,on investment (ROI),advertising evaluation) equivalence(AVE), etc.Entries in 15. DirectMail. Single- or multiple-this category should explain how piece projects with internal or b. CrisisPlanning (plans the measurement innovation external circulation including developed in advance of directly related to organizational response vehicles.Include crisis situations) goals and/or objectives and printouts for entries in the c. CrisisCommunication briefly discuss the methodology electronic sub-category. (organizational activities,plan for data collection. implementation during crisisa. Print situations) b. Electronic II. PublicRelations Projects / d.Integrated Marketing Tactical Elements Communication Programs 16. PromotionalBrochure or Folder (developed to support specific12. AnnualReport organizational products ora. Brochure/folderbudget a. Budgetunder $5,000 services and designed tounder $5,000 b. Budgetof $5,000 - $10,000 directly influence sales) b. Brochure/folderbudget of c. Budgetof $10,000 or more e. ReputationMaintenance $5,000– $10,000 Programs (ex.corporate c. Brochure/ folder budget of philanthropy, boundary-$10,000 or more spanning activities,etc.) f. Other 2008 MEDALLION ONLINE ENTRY TUTORIAL5
2008 Medallion Online Entry tutorial 17. OrganizationalIdentity a.Internal audioCRITERIAIII. JUDGING AND PROCEDURES b. Externalaudio a. Logodesign c. Internalvideo ThePublic Relations Council of b. Letterheador business cards Alabama, inconjunction with its d. Externalvideo c. Signage regional organization,Southern e. PSAaudio d. Promotionalproducts Public Relations Federation, f. PSAvideo e. Institutional/Imageadvertising establishedthe following criteria and procedures for which the awards g. Podcast f. IdentityStandards Manual programs are based. 18. Media/PressKit Judging Criteria 21. WebSite Development. Submit a. Print For each entry: Web site address and printed b. Broadcast pages fromWeb site. 1. Followentry guidelines and meet c. Online eligibility criteria precisely. a. Internet b. Intranet2. NOdesigns or markings,other 19. Writingfor Public Relations. than category number and title, Entries must be original work on binder exterior. written for public relations22. InteractiveMedia functions. Ifthere is no byline in 3. Firstpage inside the binder must a. CDor DVD published work written or be the Project Profile Sheet, b. Weblog contracted by the member (ex. which is generated by the online news release),submit both thec. Onlinepress room entry system,and should include: release and the final story. d. Otherinteractive media A) Research/ SituationAnalysis: a. Opinion/Editorial Summarize the situation b. Featurestory 23.Presentations (Slide/PowerPoint).and/or provide information Submit slide/PowerPoint on CDgathered through formal or c. Speech or DVD.Must also submitinformal research methods; d. Newsrelease printed pages. B) Planning:State the e. PublicRelations or Marketing objectives, qualitativeand/or Plan 24. Images quantitative, whichthis f. Proposal/Grant program or tool was a. Photography,black and white g. Otherdesigned to achieve; b. Photography,color C) Implementation:Outline c. Illustration 20. BroadcastProduction. Audio or steps used to achieve the video produced and distributed stated objectives;identify the internally, tomass media or25. Potpourri.Any public relations member’s specific role in the through online media;may be atactic or item not otherwise project; and program, videonews releaserepresented in the above D) Evaluation:Explain how the (VNR), internal/externalaudio orcategories. success of the program or video, orpublic service tool was measured. Report announcement (PSA).Submit how well it achieved its entries on CD or DVD. objective. Includea budget or financial outlay,or if this is 2008 MEDALLION ONLINE ENTRY TUTORIAL6
2008 Medallion Online Entry tutorial a pro bono project,give a8. Shouldbe included in athree-value for the hours donated,ring, up-to-two-inchbinder, 10. Forother audio or video etc. andinclude areasonable categories, entriesshould be amount of samples or 4. Willbe judged based on its ownsubmitted on a DVD and edited supporting materialsthat are merit. tono more than five minutes. referred to in the corresponding 5. Willonly be compared to otherentry summary.Entries 11.Must be entered in the entries when being consideredSHOULD NOTcategory. Judges orinclude appropriate for aBest of ShoworJudges’the awards committee mayexcessive workingeverything (i.e. Awarddocuments) associated with theshould not bechoose to accept and reclassify. Entries compared against each other andproduction of the entry.an entry submitted in an awarded as first,second andinappropriate category,ORthey 9. ForWeb-related categories third place in each category.may disqualify the inappropriately should include no more than 10 classified entry based solely upon 6. Willreceive judges’ feedback.images/pages as support material the judges’ discretion. and the live URL. 7. Willbe judged based on the factual material and documentation presented.
About Us... Questions about the 2008 MedallionsAwards Competition?Please contact Jim Plott,2008 Medallion Awards Competition Chair,at (334) 242-5560 or by e-mail atjim.plott@adeca.alabama.gov. Questions about the 2008 PRCA Annual Conference?Please contact Lori Quiller,2008 Conference Chair and Montgomery Chapter President,at (334) 263-7594 or by e-mail atlquiller@acca-online.org. The Public Relations Council ofAlabama (PRCA) is the state’s longest operating and largest group of public relations practitioners.The organization exists to further the professional and networking interests of today’s public relations and communication professionals in private,public and nonprofit businesses and organizations. The Public Relations Council ofAlabama was formed by a group of Birmingham PR practitioners who saw the need for regular networking with their peers.Though the date of the first meeting is uncertain,various accounts put it sometime between 1953 and 1956.The group is now formally organized and incorporated with almost 500 members in sixAlabama chapters – Birmingham,East Alabama(in Auburn), Mobile, Montgomery, North Alabama(in Huntsville) andWest Alabama(in Tuscaloosa). Along with networking,PRCA offers career development opportunities,mentors college students and works to improve the professionalism of public relations practice through its accreditation program.PRCA is a part of the Southern Public Relations Federation (SPRF). SPRF is a network of public relations professionals fromAlabama, North Florida,Louisiana and Mississippi who share a common interest in the public relations profession. Membership in the Federation is automatic for members of the Public Relations Council ofAlabama (PRCA),the Emerald Coast Public Relations Organization (ECPRO),the Public RelationsAssociation of Louisiana (PRAL) and the Public RelationsAssociation of Mississippi (PRAM).