A Tramp Abroad — Volume 06
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A Tramp Abroad — Volume 06


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Published 08 December 2010
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The Project Gutenberg EBook of A Tramp Abroad, by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at www.gutenberg.org Title: A Tramp Abroad Part 6 Author: Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) Release Date: June 2004 [EBook #5787] Posting Date: June 2, 2009 Language: English Character set encoding: ISO-8859-1 *** START OF THIS PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK A TRAMP ABROAD *** Produced by Anonymous Volunteers, John Greenman and David Widger A TRAMP ABROAD BY MARK TWAIN, Part 6 Previous Part Next Part A TRAMP ABROAD, Part 6. By Mark Twain (Samuel L. Clemens) First published in 1880 Illustrations taken from an 1880 First Edition ****** ILLUSTRATIONS: 1. PORTRAIT OF THE AUTHOR 2. TITIAN'S MOSES 3. THE AUTHOR'S MEMORIES 236. A SUNDAY MORNING'S DEMON 237. JUST SAVED 238. SCENE IN VALLEY OF ZERMATT 239. ARRIVAL AT ZERMATT 240. FITTED OUT 241. A FEARFUL FALL 242. TAIL PIECE 243. ALL READY 244. THE MARCH 245. THE CARAVAN 246. THE HOOK 247. THE DISABLED CHAPLAIN 248. TRYING EXPERIMENTS 249. SAVED! SAVED! 250. TWENTY MINUTES WORK 251. THE BLACK RAM 252. THE MIRACLE 253. THE NEW GUIDE 251. SCIENTIFIC RESEARCHES 255. MOUNTAIN CHALET 256. THE GRANDSON 257. OCCASIONLY MET WITH 258. SUMMIT OF THE GORNER GRAT 259. CHIEFS OF THE ADVANCE GUARD 260. MY PICTURE OF THE MATTERHORN 261. EVERYBODY HAD AN EXCUSE 262. SPRUNG A LEAK 263. A SCIENTIFIC QUESTION 264. 265. 266. 267. 269. 269. 270. 271. 272. 273. 274. 275. 276. 277. 278. 279. 280. 281. 282. 283. 284. A TERMINAL MORAINE FRONT OF GLACIER AN OLD MORAINE GLACIER OF ZERMATT WITH LATERAL MORAINE UNEXPECTED MEETING OF FRIENDS VILLAGE OF CHAMONIX THE MATTERHORN ON THE SUMMIT ACCIDENT ON THE MATTERHORN (1865) ROPED TOGETHER STORAGE OF ANCESTORS FALLING OUT OF HIS FARM CHILD LIFE IN SWITZERLAND A SUNDAY PLAY THE COMBINATION CHILLON THE TETE NOIR MONT BLANC'S NEIGHBORS AN EXQUISITE THING A WILD RIDE SWISS PEASANT GIRL CONTENTS: CHAPTER XXXVI Sunday Church Bells—A Cause of Profanity—A Magnificent Glacier —Fault Finding by Harris—Almost an Accident—Selfishness of Harris —Approaching Zermatt—The Matterhorn—Zermatt—Home of Mountain Climbers—Fitted out for Climbing—A Fearful Adventure —Never Satisfied CHAPTER XXXVII A Calm Decision—"I Will Ascend the Riffelberg"—Preparations for the Trip —All Zermatt on the Alert—Schedule of Persons and Things—An Unprecedented Display—A General Turn—out—Ready for a Start—The Post of Danger—The Advance Directed—Grand Display of Umbrellas—The First Camp—Almost a Panic—Supposed to be Lost—The First Accident—A Chaplain Disabled —An Experimenting Mule—Good Effects of a Blunder—Badly Lost—A Reconnoiter—Mystery and Doubt —Stern Measures Taken—A Black Ram—Saved by a Miracle—The Guide's Guide CHAPTER XXXVIII Our Expedition Continued —Experiments with the Barometer —Boiling Thermometer—Barometer Soup—An Interesting Scientific Discovery—Crippling a Latinist—A Chaplain Injured—Short of Barkeepers—Digging a Mountain Cellar—A Young American Specimen —Somebody's Grandson—Arrival at Riffelberg Botel—Ascent of Gorner Grat—Faith in Thermometers—The Matterhorn CHAPTER XXXIX Guide Books—Plans for the Return of the Expedition—A Glacier Train —Parachute Descent from Gorner Grat—Proposed Honors to Harris Declined—All had an Excuse—A Magnificent Idea Abandoned —Descent to the Glacier—A Supposed Leak—A Slow Train—The Glacier Abandoned—Journey to Zermatt—A Scientific Question CHAPTER XL Glaciers—Glacier Perils—Moraines —Terminal Moraines—Lateral Moraines—Immense Size of Glacier —Traveling Glacier——General Movements of Glaciers—Ascent of Mont Blacc—Loss of Guides—Finding of Remains—Meeting of Old Friends —The Dead and Living—Proposed Museum—The Relics at Chamonix CHAPTER XLI The Matterhorn Catastrophe of 1563 —Mr Whymper's Narrative—Ascent of the Matterhorn—The Summit—The Matterhorn Conquered—The Descent Commenced—A Fearful Disaster —Death of Lord Douglas and Two Others—The Graves of the Two CHAPTER XLII Switzerland—Graveyard at Zermatt —Balloting for Marriage—Farmers as Heroes—Falling off a Farm—From St Nicholas to Visp—Dangerous Traveling—Children's Play—The Parson's Children—A Landlord's Daughter—A Rare Combination—Ch iIIon—Lost Sympathy—Mont Blanc and its Neighbors—Beauty of Soap Bubbles—A Wild Drive—The King of Drivers—Benefit of getting Drunk