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Need to get away from carnal pleasures a little? To shiver with pleasure by reading our naughty ebooks  ? To leave for a world full of sensuality? Then you will find everything you need in this topic. Genre very apart from literature and more particularly novels , erotic books or for adults are however very appreciated. Discover now a liberated literature that talks about sex and pleasure!

The history of this literature

Sex and eroticism, two subjects that have always attracted men and women. This is undoubtedly why we find them from the origin of literature. Indeed, it is not uncommon to find books for adults with a certain eroticism  since Antiquity . This is particularly the case in Greece with some famous authors who indulged in it like Plato (Banquet and Phèdre), Sappho or Epicurus . The Latins are not to be outdone, as is literature from the Middle to the Far East. Moreover, one of the best known erotic works today originates from India of the VI th  or VII th  century and it is the Kâma-Sûtra .

Following the antiquity which was relatively auspicious for eroticism in literature, the medieval period very marked by Christian influence (at least in the West) and by Islam (in the Middle East) made that erotic books become more chaste, even if romantic relationships are often violent. Moreover, it is the XII th  and XIII th  centuries are invented courteous novels that are closest to the erotic novel , but with the absence of physical relationship.

The revival of eroticism (physical) occurs during the Renaissance, but especially during the XVIII th  and XIX th  century. It is also during these last two periods that the libertine novels appear. Since the XX th  century, the adult literature is now considered a literary art in itself. There is also a decrease in confidence in approaching the XXI st  century.

Great literature?

A genre apart from the art of literature, erotic novel books have often been considered by many people to be low-level literature. Yet great writers have written real masterpieces like the Marquis de Sade, Mirabeau or Maupassant.

However, the eroticism is also the fact of other authors much less known and specialized in this field. It is also in erotic novels that many lovers of naughty books embark . You can also download these erotic ebooks directly from our bookstore and library. You can also read them online, so take advantage!

Further reading

Are you attracted to this type of book for adults? Then you will be able to discover more in depth the different facets of this erotic literature .

Some sub-genres

To say that there is only one genre that combines the different adult novels is wrong. Indeed, you can find there several sub-genres of erotic literature such as more pornographic, more raw, more explicit stories, while eroticism is more imagined more felt.

The greatest authors of the genre

As with every genre of romantic literature, there are authors who specialize in adult books (erotic, pornographic, libertine, naughty, etc.). In a few paragraphs, they will succeed in getting you into a world of heightened sensuality where pleasure reigns supreme. But are you ready?

The most important collections

To publish these novels with rather daring stories, the editors have most of the time a collection which is dedicated or then it is about an editor specialized in this type of work. Find them the biggest editors of erotic literature on this page.

Where to find his erotic novel?

Want to read a small erotic book, then YouScribe, as an adult bookstore  is the place for you with several hundred ebooks on the subject that you can buy. For some, it is even possible to have them in our subscription offer.

Other genres of novels

In addition to erotic literature, there are many other major categories of literature such as:


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