Linda Moreno, "The Patient zero"
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Linda Moreno, "The Patient zero"


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“Few years ago, I worked for a man called Carlos Gonzalez Mata. This guy was spends three years in jail for pimping. After his release, he collapsed in front of a job-center…
At the hospital, doctors discovered that he is suffering from an unknown illness. So Carlos was listed as the “patient zero” of a terrible unidentified disease…”



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Published 01 February 2016
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J.-L. BOULBRIA presents: Linda Moreno The Patient Zero I’m like a dream,Each time the same, Each time a different air…”MMXVI 2
ZERO Sitting at the back of the bus, Carlos Gonzalez Mata looked at the desolate landscape that was passing around him. Popular areas of San Pedro, near the Los Angeles Harbor. Suddenly, he got up and walked unsteadily to up front and spoke to the driver, which was strictly forbidden by the Regulation, according to a notice stuck on the windshield. “Are we far from Margarita Station?”“Are you going to the Employment Agency?” the bus driver reacted immediately. “How did you know?” Carlos said.“All those who go down to Margarita Station will the job-center!”Carlos was a small-time pimp, a little procurer who had just come out of jail. Small, sickly, earthy face, dull eyes, squeaky voice, he had nothing to look like acapo. He made few girls work on Raven Street. The business was doing well, until one of these bitches had betrayed him to the cops…and he had busted for three years. “Look, you’ve arrived!”The driver stopped the bus at the right station requested. “Thanks mate”, Carlos launched. “And have good day!”“Good luck!” the driver said as he opened the door.Carlos got off the bus and wounded up on the sidewalk. A shame for a pimp! He looked at the Employment Agency, right next to a cheap restaurant where a stench of grub escaped. Carlos walked to the entry of job-center with this characteristic approach of procurers, which consists of a light swaying sign of relaxation, accompanied by a shoulder roll characteristic of undeniable virility.
While walking, he was boiling with rage. Because the whore who betrayed him had stolen his nest egg when he was in jail… With this cash, he has enough to retire in Acapulco and have one’s feet up in a palace...Now he was simply a jobless. What a shame! If the Devil had a daughter, she would have the face of Linda Moreno. Slutty Linda…During three years, he had pondered his revenge. He painfully climbed the three steps of the porch leading to the front door of the job-center. Arrived at the door, Carlos grabbed his image in the mirror glass. He was old before his time. He bore on his livid face the marks of jail. He reached out to grab the handle of the door. So he felt unwell. He was hot. Very hot. Too hot... His shirt was soaked with sweat. He was dizzy. His vision disturbed. He felt a violent pain in the neck. The sun pounded his skull. A buzzing noise crushed his head…He put his hands to his ears. It was as if his eardrums were pierced…It was awful! Unbearable…He had the sensation to be dragged down into the Abyss. He was sagging at the knees. He staggered towards the door. A moment later, he collapsed on the doorstep.
THISWORLD…The waiter in a white jacket solemnly placed before Linda crispy pizza with mozzarella and wished her “Enjoy your meal, Miss!” on an exquisite tone.Linda barely had time to start her pizza when a male voice called: “Miss Moreno?”She looked up. A guy dressed in a dark suit standing before her. Not really handsome, but consumable. “What can I do for you?” she asked.“Brian Holden, F.B.I.!” the man said.He pulled a chair and sat down in front of her. She was the sort of girl who disgusted him: a hooker who plays the lady and has dinner in a trendy pizzeria of West Hollywood. “You think that I conspire against the government?”“You know Mr. Carlos Gonzalez Mata?”“I don’t knowthis gentleman... or why I should know!Linda replied. “According to our information, Carlos Gonzalez Mata was your procurer…”Linda felt a sudden rush of adrenaline: “What are you insinuating?”“That you are a prostitute and Carlos Gonzalez Mata was your procurer!” FBI agent said.“Leave the table at onceor I will slap you in front of everyone!” Linda whispered trailing her eyes on the restaurant customers. “You would not dare...” the cop replied with a sweet air.“Why shouldn’t I?” Linda sent.
“I don’t advise you to take action, if I put you under arrest!” Holden grumbled. “Okay...” Linda was retracting. “What do you want to know about this oldmacarra?”Usted confiesas que el Señor Carlos González Mata era vuestro macarra?Linda reared up likea snake. She didn’t like to speak Spanish with a gringo. By the way, she rarely speaks Spanish. She spoke Spanish only with guys like Carlos. Linda decided to play cards on the table: “Of course, I knew this bastard, but he wasn’t my macarraas you say. Simply, I was working in his sector and I gave him little money so he could leave me alone. Our relationship was limited to that! And nothing else!”“Until the day you betrayed him!”“Shit!” Linda cried. “Why you tell me about that? It's ancient history! It's like the sidewalk, it's over! Now I work with this!”She exhibited her Smartphone in front of the cop. “That way I have more carry-on neither with pimps nor with pigs!”The agent Holden didn’t rise about the insolence and preferred to the chase. “Carlos Gonzalez Mata has just been released after three yearsof detention at the State Penitentiary!”“And then?” Linda said. “He will bump me off?”Brian Holden was dumbfounded by her self-assurance. “He has not publicly expressed intention...”“So whydo you give me a pain in the ass with this bullshit? Are you my guardian angel?”“Mr. Gonzalez Mata is suffering from an unknown disease”, Holden said solemnly.
“I don’t care!” Linda replied. “I never fucked with him! This junk would just hit me some money so I could work in his sector! And you want more I fuck with him? Besides, he was ugly as sin and had not hard-wearing erection!”“Uh…” Holden said, clearing his throat. “We search all the people who were in contact with Mr. Gonzalez Mata in the last five years ... It is a contagious disease whose incubation is very long and can last at least five years!”“What a bastard!” Linda sighed. “I thought that he had a goner’s face this abortion!”* * * Starting her service, Ramona Sanchez crossed Professor Benson, coming out of the locker room of the nursing staff of Memorial Hospital in Long Beach. “Hello, Ramona...” Benson threw, visibly excited. “Looks like early mornings are difficult...”“You want a detailed report on my night, Doc? Did I ask you what you did with Melanie?”“With Melanie, it’s over”... Benson replied absently. “Well, good day...”He walked away without to the coffee machine. Ramona watched the Professor and his gangling carcass. She was satisfied for having shut up this macho. Benson was one of those bosses who believed they had sexual rights to their subordinates, especially when they are members of ethnic minorities as Ramona. Benson dreamed to add Ramona to his sexual successes list, but Ramona obstinately refused him, because she had a secret fondness for girls... She rushed into the locker room and opened her locker to change. Dr. Judith Kramer entered the locker room.
“Hi, beautiful!” she threw starting to undress to change.She took off her silk blouse and slid her feminine pants down her legs perfect curve. She seized the medical records of the patient Carlos Gonzalez Mata, dubbed "the patient zero". “Shit! Benson has given him zedma! It means that this guy suffers torments like a damned!”Dr. Kramer paused, beautiful in underwear and bra. “This disease is resistant to all antibiotics! Better, Benson believes it starts feeding on!”“It's silly!” Ramona considered. “Like everything can tell Benson...”Judith applied a touch of lipstick and pulling her blouse. She was flirting shamelessly Professor Benson, who pretended to ignore it... which put her in a rage! “Well, are you coming?” she said. “Grab your mask and your gloves, it’s time for personal hygiene!”“We go!” Ramona reluctantly confirmed.Since he was admitted to hospital, the body of Carlos Gonzalez Mata has been covered with pustules, which containing a creamy and greenish substance. But the worst was diarrhea. A red, bloody, purulent diarrhea... This patient was going on... So they put a catheter into his rectum which connected to a bed-bottle, to drain his highly contagiousfaeces…Carlos Gonzalez Mata was out of jail when the disease had broken out. As a precaution, all inmates in the same block as him and the entire prison staff had been quarantined. During his detention, Carlos Gonzalez Mata had been placed in solitary confinement for disciplinary reasons, which had certainly avoided the direct contagion.
Arriving in front of the sterile room where Carlos Gonzalez Mata, aliasthe patient zero, was quarantined, Judith Kramer and Ramona found a funny girl. A gray-haired girl with a ponytail, dressed in black like a Grimaldi in deep mourning. She wore a black blouse, a black satin miniskirt, black stockings and black stilettos. Her get-up contrasted with the pallor of her gaunt face with purple lips. An emaciated face with sparkling black eyes topped by arched eyebrows. She was holding a beautiful bunch of roses. Red roses like love. The visits are prohibited, Miss!” Judith Kramer said.“My name is Linda Moreno…” the girlreplied. “I would like to give flowers toMr Gonzalez Mata...”“It’s the first time that this patient receives visits”, Ramona watched. “Are youone of his family?”“Let’s say he is my godfather…” Linda replied.Amazing… Dr. Judith Kramer knew this unusual patient was a former convict admitted to the hospital few days after his release. According to the file submitted by the prison administration, he was sentenced to three years for procuring. It therefore considered that she was a former prostitute who visited him. “What delicate attention!” she whispered. “But we can’t let you near this patient…”“Why?” Linda asked.“He is quarantined!” doctorKramersaid. “This patient is suffering from an unknown illness that resists all treatments and is extremely contagious boot!”Through a window, Linda saw Carlos Gonzalez Mata lying on a bed, his body hacked with perfusions. She thought that if total degeneration had a face, it would be this one...
“But who will offer him these flowers?” Linda was worried. “I'm going to do it”, Ramona said.Linda looked at the little brunette with dark complexion who wore under her white coat opulent buttocks and chest. “You would do thatfor me, Miss?” she smirked.“I promise to you!” Ramona said.“You are adorable, sweetie!” Linda chuckled.She handed the roses to the young nurse’s aide.“Don’t forget to tell him it’s from Linda...”“Linda?...” Ramona asked.“Linda Moreno!” Linda whispered. “This is my card!”She drew from her elegant snakeskin handbag a business card and she slipped it into the bunch of roses. “Don’t hesitate to call me! I have my entries in the most chic restaurants in Los Angeles!”So she turned and walked away toward the elevator, leaving in her wake a trail of patchouli. The heels of her stilettos echoed off the tiled lobby checkerboard like a horse's hooves on the pavement of a street in the ancient time. The cavalcade of the Apocalypse... “Congratulations...” Judith whispered by entering the airlock which allowed access to the sterile room which was confined the "patient zero". “Jealous!!” Ramona snapped.“No thanks, I prefer guys! Lesbian plan, it’s not my cup of tea!”
…AND THE NEXTA meeting behind closed doors was held in a room reserved for seminars. The room walls were paneled mahogany panels which ensured soundproofing. In a sepulchral darkness, Professor Benson faced the bureaucrats of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the federal agency based in Atlanta responsible for detecting infectious diseases in the territory of the USA. “We checked ... Carlos Gonzalez Mata has never been to Africa; he divided his time in the United States and Mexico. Among those who were in contact with him, none has stayed long enough in a tropical country for contracting an endemic...”“You speak of "tropical country" and just not african...” Doctor Gilbert raised. “Does it mean that the disease could come from another part of the world?”“In the current state, we know nothing of the origin of the disease...” Benson replied. “There is no evidence that this virus come from Africa.”“So it would broaden the scope of the research to the entire tropics?” Dr. Maxwell intervened.“The problem is that we did not identify the host of this disease ... Benson replied. “For now, we studied unsuccessful several bat species...”“Would it be possible that a virus of a new type of mutation has appeared on US territory?”“This assumption is not proving...” Doctor Gilbert said. “This virus has all the characteristics of a tropical disease and with the exception of Hawaii, no part of the national territory is located in the tropics!”


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