South American Fights and Fighters - And Other Tales of Adventure
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South American Fights and Fighters - And Other Tales of Adventure


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Published 08 December 2010
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The Project Gutenberg eBook, South American Fights and Fighters, by Cyrus Townsend Brady, Illustrated by Seymour M. Stone, George Gibbs, W. J. Aylward, and J. N. Marchand This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at Title: South American Fights and Fighters And Other Tales of Adventure Author: Cyrus Townsend Brady Release Date: March 26, 2007 [eBook #20910] Language: English Character set encoding: ISO-8859-1 ***START OF THE PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK SOUTH AMERICAN FIGHTS AND FIGHTERS*** E-text prepared by Al Haines "The Poor Little Governor . . . Distanced His Fierce Pursuers at Last" AMERICAN FIGHTS AND FIGHTERS SERIES South American Fights and Fighters AND OTHER TALES OF ADVENTURE BY CYRUS TOWNSEND BRADY, LL. D. ILLUSTRATIONS BY SEYMOUR M. STONE, GEORGE GIBBS, W. J. AYLW ARD AND J. N. MARCHAND TOGETHER WITH REPRODUCTIONS FROM OLD PRINTS AND PORTRAITS GARDEN CITY ———— NEW YORK DOUBLEDAY, PAGE & COMPANY MCMXIII ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, INCLUDING THAT OF TRANSLATION INTO FOREIGN LANGUAGES, INCLUDING THE SCANDINAVIAN COPYRIGHT, 1910, BY DOUBLEDAY, PAGE & COMPANY PUBLISHED, APRIL, 1910 To George William Beatty Good Fellow, Good Citizen Good Friend PREFACE The first part of this new volume of the American Fights and Fighters Series needs no special introduction. Partly to make this the same size as the other books, but more particularly because I especially desired to give a permanent place to some of the most dramatic and interesting episodes in our history—especially as most of them related to the Pacific and the Far West—the series of papers in part second was included. "The Yarn of the Essex, Whaler" is abridged from a quaint account written by the Mate and published in an old volume which is long since out of print and very scarce. The papers on the Tonquin, John Paul Jones, and "The Great American Duellists" speak for themselves. The account of the battle of the Pitt River has never been published in book form heretofore. The last paper "On Being a Boy Out West" I inserted because I enjoy it myself, and because I have found that others young and old who have read it generally like it also. Thanks are due and are hereby extended to the following magazines for permission to republish various articles which originally appeared in their pages: Harper's, Munseys, The Cosmopolitan, Sunset and The New Era. I project another volume of the Series supplementing the two Indian volumes immediately preceding this one, but the information is hard to get, and the work amid many other demands upon my time, proceeds slowly. CYRUS TOWNSEND BRADY. ST. GEORGE'S RECTORY, Kansas City, Mo., February, 1910. CONTENTS PART I SOUTH AMERICAN FIGHTS AND FIGHTERS PAGE PANAMA AND THE KNIGHTS-ERRANT OF COLONIZATION I. THE SPANISH MAIN 3 II. THE DON QUIXOTE OF DISCOVERERS AND HIS RIVAL III. THE ADVENTURES OF OJEDA IV. ENTER ONE VASCO NUÑEZ DE BALBOA V. THE DESPERATE STRAITS OF NICUESA PANAMA, BALBOA AND A FORGOTTEN ROMANCE I. THE COMING OF THE DEVASTATOR II. THE GREATEST EXPLOIT SINCE COLUMBUS'S VOYAGE III. "FUROR DOMINI" IV. THE END OF BALBOA PERU AND THE PIZARROS I. THE CHIEF SCION OF A FAMOUS FAMILY II. THE TERRIBLE PERSISTENCE OF PIZARRO III. "A COMMUNISTIC DESPOTISM" IV. THE TREACHEROUS AND BLOODY MASSACRE OF CAXAMARCA V. THE RANSOM AND MURDER OF THE INCA VI. THE INCA AND THE PERUVIANS STRIKE VAINLY FOR FREEDOM VII. "THE MEN OF CHILI" AND THE CIVIL WARS VIII. THE MEAN END OF THE GREAT CONQUISTADOR IX. THE LAST OF THE BRETHREN THE GREATEST ADVENTURE IN HISTORY I. THE CHIEF OF ALL THE SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE II. THE EXPEDITION TO MEXICO III. THE RELIGION OF THE AZTECS IV. THE MARCH TO TENOCHTITLAN V. THE REPUBLIC OF TLASCALA VI. CORTES'S DESCRIPTION OF MEXICO VII. THE MEETING WITH MONTEZUMA VIII. THE SEIZURE OF THE EMPEROR IX. THE REVOLT OF THE CAPITAL X. IN GOD'S WAY XI. THE MELANCHOLY NIGHT XII. THE SIEGE AND DESTRUCTION OF MEXICO XIII. A DAY OF DESPERATE FIGHTING XIV. THE LAST MEXICAN XV. THE END OF CORTES 5 10 17 20 31 34 42 44 53 57 68 73 85 93 102 105 108 115 120 125 130 138 147 162 171 174 177 182 194 198 215 218 PART II OTHER TALES OF ADVENTURE THE YARN OF THE "ESSEX," WHALER SOME FAMOUS AMERICAN DUELS I. A TRAGEDY OF OLD NEW YORK II. ANDREW JACKSON AS A DUELLIST III. THE KILLING OF STEPHEN DECATUR IV. AN EPISODE IN THE LIFE OF JAMES BOWIE V. A FAMOUS CONGRESSIONAL DUEL VI. THE LAST NOTABLE DUEL IN AMERICA THE CRUISE OF THE "TONQUIN" JOHN PAUL JONES 231 245 246 248 251 252 254 256 261 281 I. THE BIRTH OF THE AMERICAN NAVY II. JONES FIRST HOISTS THE STARS AND STRIPES III. THE BATTLE WITH THE "SERAPIS" IV. A HERO'S FAMOUS SAYINGS V. WHAT JONES DID FOR HIS COUNTRY VI. WHY DID HE TAKE THE NAME OF JONES VII. A SEARCH FOR HISTORICAL EVIDENCE VIII. THE JONESES OF NORTH CAROLINA IX. PAUL JONES NEVER A MAN OF WEALTH IN THE CAVERNS OF THE PITT BEING A BOY OUT WEST INDEX 283 284 285 287 288 289 292 296 297 301 315 335 LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS "THE POOR LITTLE GOVERNOR … DISTANCED HIS FIERCE PURSUERS AT LAST" Drawing by Seymour M. Stone "OJEDA GALLOPED OFF WITH HIS … CAPTIVE" Drawing by Seymour M. Stone "THE INDIANS POURED A RAIN OF POISONED ARROWS" Drawing by Seymour M. Stone "BALBOA … ENGAGED IN SUPERINTENDING THE ROOFING OF A HOUSE" Drawing by George Gibbs "THE EXPEDITION HAD TO FIGHT ITS WAY THROUGH TRIBES OF WARLIKE AND FEROCIOUS MOUNTAINEERS" Drawing by George Gibbs "HE TOOK POSSESSION OF THE SEA IN THE NAME OF CASTILE AND LEON" Drawing by George Gibbs "HE THREW THE SACRED VOLUME TO THE GROUND IN A VIOLENT RAGE" Drawing by George Gibbs "THEY BURST UPON THE RANKS OF THE UNARMED INDIANS" Drawing by George Gibbs "THE THREE PIZARROS … SALLIED OUT TO MEET THEM" Drawing by George Gibbs "HE THREW HIS SOLE REMAINING WEAPON IN THE FACES OF THE ESCALADERS" Drawing by George Gibbs FERNANDO CORTES From a picture in the Florence Gallery THE DEATH OF MONTEZUMA From an old engraving "HE DEFENDED HIMSELF WITH HIS TERRIBLE SPEAR" Drawing by George Gibbs "THE SHIP CAME TO A DEAD STOP" Drawing by W. J. Aylward THE KILLING OF ALEXANDER HAMILTON BY AARON BURR Drawing by J. N. Marchand Frontispiece FACING PAGE 6 7 34 35 40 41 86 87 102 103 178 179 234 233 The publishers wish to acknowledge their indebtedness to The Cosmopolitan Magazine and Munsey's Magazine for permission to use several of