The accomplisht cook - or, The art & mystery of cookery
28 Pages
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The accomplisht cook - or, The art & mystery of cookery


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28 Pages


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Published 08 December 2010
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Title: The accomplisht cook  or, The art & mystery of cookery Author: Robert May Release Date: September 28, 2007 [EBook #22790] Language: English Character set encoding: UTF-8 *** START OF THIS PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK THE ACCOMPLISHT COOK ***
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Accomplisht Cook, O R T H E ART & MYSTERY O F C O Y. O Wherein the whole A isRrevealedTin a more easie and perfect Method, than hath been publisht in any language. Expert and ready Ways for the Dressing of all Sorts of FLESH, FOWL, and FISH, with variety of SAUCES proper for each of them; and how to raise all manner ofPastes; the best Directions for all sorts ofKickshaws, also theTermsof C A andR S V E . I W N I G N An exact account of allDishesfor allSeasonsof the Year, with otherA-la-mode Curiosities. The Fifth Edition, with large Additions throughout the whole work: besides two hundred Figures of several Forms for all manner of bak’d Meats, (either Flesh, or Fish) as, Pyes Tarts, Custards; Cheesecakes, and Florentines, placed in Tables, and directed to the Pages they appertain to. Approved by the fifty five Years Experience and Industry ofR O B; in hisEAttendaRnceT on several Persons of great Honour. London, Printed forObadiah Blagraveat theBear andStarin St.Pauls Church-Yard, 1685.
To the Right Honourable myLord Montague, My Lord Lumley, and myLord Dormer; and to the Right worshipful SirKenelme Digby, so well known to this Nation for their Admired Hospitalities. Right Honourable, and Right Worshipful, E is an Alien a meer Stran er inEn landthat hath not been
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To the Master Cooks, and to such young Practitioners of the Art of Cookery, to whom this Book may be useful. TO you first, most worthy Artists, I acknowledg one of the chief Motives that made me to adventure this Volume to your Censures, hath been to testifie my gratitude to your experienced Society; nor could I omit to direct it to you, as it hath been my ambition, that you should be sensible of my Proficiency of Endeavours in this Art. To all honest well intending Men of our Profession, or others, this Book cannot but be acceptable, as it plainly and profitably discovers theMysteryof thewhole Art; for which, though I may beenvied by some that only value their private Interests above Posterity, and the publick good, yet God and my own Conscience would not permit meto bury these my Experiences with my Silver Hairs in the Grave: and that more especially, as the advantages of my Education hath raised me above theAmbitionsin the converse I have had with otherof others, Nations, who in thisArtfall short of what Ihave known experimented by you my worthy Country men. Howsoever, the French b their Insinuations, not without enou h of I norance,
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