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The Lady's Own Cookery Book, and New Dinner-Table Directory; - In Which will Be Found a Large Collection of Original Receipts. 3rd ed.


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Published 08 December 2010
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The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Lady's Own Cookery Book, and New Dinner-Table Directory;, by Charlotte Campbell Bury
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Title: The Lady's Own Cookery Book, and New Dinner-Table Directory;  In Which will Be Found a Large Collection of Original Receipts. 3rd ed.
Author: Charlotte Campbell Bury
Release Date: June 25, 2009 [EBook #29232]
Language: English
Character set encoding: ISO-8859-1
Produced by Julia Miller and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team at (This book was produced from scanned images of public domain material from the Google Print project.)
Transcriber’s Note Obvious typographical errors have been corrected. Alistof these changes is found at the end of the text. Inconsistencies in spelling and hyphenation have been maintained. Alist of inconsistently spelled and hyphenated words is found at the end of the text.
Third Edition.
THE Receipts composing the Volume here submitted to the Public have been collected under peculiarly favourable circumstances by a Lady of distinction, whose productions in the lighter department of literature entitle her to a place among the most successful writers of the present day. Moving in the first circles of rank and fashion, her associations have qualified her to furnish directions adapted to the manners and taste of the most refined Luxury; whilst long and attentive obse rvation, and the communications of an extensive acquaintance, have enabled her equally to accommodate them to the use of persons of less ample means and of simpler and more economical habits.
When the task of arranging the mass of materials thus accumulated devolved upon the Editor, it became his study to give to them such a form as should be most convenient for constant reference. A glance at the "Contents," which might with equal propriety be denominated an Index, will, he flatters himself, convince the reader that this object has been accomplished. It will there be seen that the Receipts, upwards of SIXTEEN HUNDREDin number, are classed under Eleven distinct Heads, each of which is arranged in alphabetical order —a method which confers on this Volume a decided advantage over every other work of the kind, inasmuch as it affords all the facilities of a Dictionary, w ithout being liable to the unpleasant intermixture of heterogeneous matters which cannot be avoided in that form of arrangement.
The intimate connexion between the Science of Cookery and the Science of Health, the sympathies subsisting between every part of the system and the stomach, and the absolute necessity of strict attention not less to the manner of preparing the alimentary substances offered to that organ than to their quality and quantity, have been of late years so repeatedly and so forcibly urged by professional pens, that there needs no argument here to prove the utility of a safe Guide and Director in so important a department of domestic economy as that which is the subject of this Volume. In many more cases, indeed, than the uninitiated would imagine, is the healthy tone of the stomach dependent on the proper preparation of the food, the healthy tone of the body in general on that of the stomach, and the healthy tone of the mind on that of the body: consequently the first of these conditions ought to command the vigilance and solicitude of all who are desirous of securing the true enjoyment of life—themens sana in corpore sano.
The professed Cook may perhaps be disposed to form a mean estimate of these pages, because few, or no learned, or technical, terms are employed in them; but this circumstance, so far from operating to the disparagement of the work, must prove a strong recommendation to the Public in general. The chief aim, in fact, of the noble Authoress has been to furnish such plain directions, in every branch of the culinary art, as shall be really useful to English masters and English servants, and to the humble but earnest practitioner. Let those who may desire to put this collection of receipts to the test only give them a fair trial, neither trusting to conceited servants, who, despising all other methods, obstinately adhere to their own, and then lay the blame of failure upon the directions; nor committing thei r execution to careless ones, who neglect the means prescribed for success, either in regard to time, quantities, or cleanliness; and the result will not fail to afford satisfactory evidence of their pleasant qualities and practical utility.
GENERALDIRECTIONS CATALOGUEOFTHINGSINSEASON—Fish—Game and  Poultry—Fruit—Roots and Vegetables GENERALRULESFORAGOODDINNER Dinner for Fourteen or Sixteen —— —— Twelve or Fourteen —— —— Ten or Twelve —— —— Eight —— —— Six —— —— Four
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13 14 19 23 26 29 32
SOUPS. Almond Asparagus Calf’s-head Carrot Clear —— herb Cod’s-head Crawfish ——, or lobster Curry, or Mulligatawny Eel Fish French Friar’s chicken Giblet Gravy Hare Hessian Mock-turtle Mulligatawny Onion Ox-head Green pea Winter pea Pea Portable Potato Rabbit Root Scotch leek Soup, to brown or colour Soups and brown sauces, seasoning for Soups —— without meat —— for the poor —— and bouilli Soupe à-la-reine —— maigre —— Santé Spanish Turnip Veal Vegetable Vermicelli West India, or pepper-pot White
Broth for the poor —— —— —— sick Barley Chervil Hodge-podge Leek porridge Madame de Maillet’s Mutton Pork Pottage Scotch pottage Scotch Turnip Veal
Carp and tench ——, to stew Cod, to stew ——, ragout of ——, head, to boil Crab, to dress
33 ib. 34 ib. ib. 35 ib. ib. ib. 36 ib. ib. ib. 37 ib. 38 ib. 39 ib. 41 42 43 ib. 44 45 46 ib. ib. ib. 47 ib. ib. ib. 48 49 ib. ib. 50 51 ib. 52 ib. ib. 53 ib. 54
57 ib. 58 ib. ib. ib. ib. 59 ib. ib. ib. 60 ib. ib.
63 ib. 64 ib. ib. 64
—— or lobster, to butter —— —— ——, to stew Crawfish, to make red Eels, to broil whole ——, to collar ——, to fry ——, to pot ——, to pickle ——, to roast ——, to spitchcock ——, to stew Fish, to recover when tainted ——, in general, to dress ——, to dress in sauce ——, hashed in paste ——, to cavietch Gudgeon Haddock, to bake —— pudding Herring Lampreys to pot Lobsters, to butter ——, to fricassee ——, to hash ——, to pot ——, to stew —— curry powder —— patés —— salad Mackarel à la maitre d’hotel ——, to boil ——, to broil ——, to collar ——, to fry ——, to pickle ——, to pot ——, to souse —— pie Mullet, to boil ——, to broil ——, to fry Oysters, to stew ——, ragout ——, to pickle —— patés Oyster loaves —— pie Perch, to fricassee Pike, to dress ——, stuffed, to boil ——, to boil à-la-Française ——, to broil ——, in Court Bouillon ——, fricandeau ——, German way of dressing ——, to pot ——, to roast ——, au souvenir ——, à la Tatare Salmon, to dress ——, en caisses ——, à la poële Scallops Shrimps, to pot Smelts, to fry ——, to pickle ——, to pot Soles, to boil ——, to boil à-la-Française ——, to stew Water Souchi
ib. 65 ib. ib. 65 66 ib. ib. ib. ib. 67 ib. 68 ib. ib. ib. ib. ib. 69 ib. ib. 70 ib. ib. 71 ib. ib. ib. 72 ib. ib. ib. ib. ib. ib. ib. 73 ib. ib. ib. ib. ib. 74 ib. ib. 75 ib. 76 ib. ib. ib. ib. 77 ib. ib. ib. 78 ib. ib. ib. ib. 79 ib. ib. ib. ib. 80 ib. ib. ib. ib.
Sprats, to bake Sturgeon, to roast Turbot, to dress ——, plain boiled ——, to boil ——, to boil in gravy ——, to boil in Court Bouillon with capers ——, to fry —— or barbel, glazed ——, en gras ——, or barbel, en maigre Turtle, to dress Whiting, to dry
MADE DISHES. Asparagus forced in French rolls Eggs, to dress ——, buttered ——, Scotch ——, for second course ——, to fry as round as balls ——, fricassee of ——, à la crême Ham, essence of Maccaroni in a mould of pie-crust —— Omelets ——, asparagus ——, French Ragout for made dishes Trouhindella
MEATS AND VEGETABLES. Artichokes, to fricassee Bacon, to cure Barbicue Beef, alamode —— —— in the French manner ——, rump, with onions ——, rump, to bake ——, rump, cardinal fashion ——, sausage fashion ——, ribs and sirloin ——, ribs, en papillotes ——, brisket, stewed German fashion ——, to bake ——, bouilli ——, relishing ——, to stew ——, cold, to dress ——, cold boiled, to dress ——, cold, to pot —— steaks, to broil —— —— and oysters —— (rump steaks) broiled, with onion gravy —— steaks, to stew —— olives ——, pickle for ——, to salt ——, to dry ——, hung ——, for scraping ——, Italian ——, red ——, collar of Bisquet, to make Boar’s-head, to dress whole Brawn, to keep Hog’s-head, like brawn Mock-brawn Cabbage, farced Calf’s-head
81 ib. ib. 82 ib. ib. ib. 83 ib. ib. ib. 84 ib.
85 ib. ib. 86 ib. ib. ib. ib. 87 ib. ib. 89 90 ib. ib. ib.
91 ib. ib. 92 ib. 93 ib. ib. 94 ib. ib. 95 ib. ib. 96 ib. 97 ib. ib. ib. 98 ib. 98 99 ib. ib. 100 ib. 101 ib. ib. 102 ib. 103 ib. ib. ib. 104 ib.
——, like turtle ——, to hash ——, fricassee ——, to pickle —— liver Cauliflowers with white sauce Celery, to stew —— à-la-crême Collops, Scotch ——, brown Scotch ——, white ——, to mince —— of cold beef Cucumbers, to stew Curry-powder ——, Indian Farcie Forcemeat Fricandeau Ham, to cure ——, Westphalia, to cure ——, English, to make like Westphalia ——, green ——, to prepare for dressing without soaking ——, to dress ——, to roast ——, entrée of ——, toasts —— and chicken, to pot Herb sandwiches Hog’s puddings, black —— ——, white Kabob, an Indian ragout Lamb, leg, to boil —— ——, with forcemeat ——, shoulder of, grilled ——, to ragout ——, to fricassee Meat, miscellaneous directions respecting ——, general rules for roasting and boiling ——, half roasted or under done Mustard to make Mutton, chine, to roast —— chops, to stew —— cutlets —— ——, with onion sauce —— hams, to make ——, haricot ——, leg ——, leg, in the French fashion ——, or beef, leg, to hash ——, loin, to stew ——, neck, to roast ——, neck, to boil ——, neck, to fry ——, saddle, and kidneys ——, shoulder, to roast in blood ——, shoulder or leg, with oysters ——, roasted, with stewed cucumbers ——, to eat like venison ——, in epigram Mushrooms to stew brown Newmarket John Ox-cheek to stew Ox-tail ragout Peas to stew ——, green, to keep till Christmas Pickle, red, for any meat Pie, beef-steak ——, calf’s-head ——, mutton orgrass-lamb
ib. 105 106 ib. 107 ib. ib. ib. ib. 108 ib. 109 ib. ib. ib. 110 112 ib. 113 ib. 117 119 120 ib. ib. 121 ib. ib. ib. 122 ib. ib. 123 124 ib. ib. ib. ib. 125 ib. ib. 126 ib. ib. ib. ib. 127 127 ib. ib. 128 ib. ib. ib. 129 ib. ib. ib. ib. 130 ib. ib. ib. ib. 131 ib. 132 ib. ib. ib. ib.
——, veal ——, veal and ham ——, veal olive ——, beef olive Pig, to barbicue ——, to collar ——, to collar in colours ——, to pickle or souse ——, to roast ——, to dress lamb-fashion Pigs’-feet and ears, fricassee of —— —— —— ——, ragout of Pig’s-head, to roll Pilaw, an Indian dish Pork, to collar ——, to pickle ——, chine, to stuff or roast —— cutlets ——, gammon, to roast ——, leg, to broil ——, spring, to roast Potatoes, to boil ——, to bake Potato balls Potatoes, croquets of ——, to fry ——, to mash ——, French way of cooking ——, à-la-maitre d’hotel Rice to boil Rissoles Rice Robinson, to make a Salad, to dress Sausages, Bologna ——, English ——, Oxford ——, for Scotch collops ——, veal ——, without skins Spinach, the best mode of dressing ——, to stew Sweetbreads, ragout of Savoury toasts, to relish wine Tomato, to eat with roast meat Tongues, to cure ——, to smoke ——, to bake ——, to boil ——, to pot —— and udder to roast ——, sheep’s, or any other, with oysters Tripe, to dress ——, to fricassee Truffles and morels, to stew Veal, to boil ——, to collar ——, to roast ——, roasted, ragout of ——, to stew ——, with rice, to stew ——, served in paper ——, bombarded —— balls ——, breast ——, breast, with cabbage and bacon ——, breast, en fricandeau ——, breast, glazed brown ——, breast, stewed with peas ——, breast, ragout —— collops, with oysters
133 ib. ib. ib. ib. ib. 134 ib. ib. ib. 135 ib. ib. ib. 136 ib. ib. 137 ib. ib. ib. ib. 138 ib. ib. ib. 139 ib. ib. ib. ib. 140 141 ib. ib. ib. 142 ib. ib. 143 ib. ib. 144 144 145 ib. 146 ib. ib. ib. 147 ib. ib. ib. ib. 148 ib. ib. ib. 149 ib. ib. ib. 150 ib. ib. ib. ib. 151 ib. 151
—— collops, with white sauce —— cutlets, to dress —— cutlets, larded ——, fillet, to farce or roast ——, fillet, to boil ——, half a fillet, to stew ——, knuckle, white ——, knuckle, ragout ——, leg, and bacon, to boil ——, loin, to roast ——, loin, to roast with herbs ——, loin, fricassee of ——, loin, bechamel ——, neck, stewed with celery —— olives —— rumps ——, shoulder, to stew —— steaks —— sweetbreads, to fry —— sweetbreads, to roast Vegetables, to stew Venison, haunch, to roast ——, to boil ——, haunch, to broil ——, to recover when tainted ——, red deer, to pot ——, excellent substitute for Water-cresses, to stew
POULTRY. Chicken, to make white ——, to fricassee ——, white fricassee of ——, or fowl, cream of ——, to fry ——, to heat ——, dressed with peas —— and ham, ragout of ——, or ham and veal patés Duck, to boil ——, to boil à-la-Française ——, à-la-braise ——, to hash ——, to stew with cucumbers ——, to stew with peas Fowls, to fatten in a fortnight ——, to make tender ——, to roast with anchovies ——, with rice, called pilaw ——, to hash ——, to stew Goose, to stuff ——, liver of, to dress Pigeons, to boil ——, to broil Pigeons, to jug ——, to pot ——, to stew ——, biscuit of ——, en compote ——, à la crapaudine ——, in disguise ——, in fricandeau ——, aux poires ——, pompeton of ——, au soleil ——, à la Tatare, with cold sauce ——, surtout of Poultry, tainted, to preserve Pullets, with oysters ——, to bone and farce Rabbits,to boil
152 ib. ib. ib. 153 ib. ib. ib. 154 ib. ib. ib. 155 ib. ib. 156 ib. ib. ib. 157 ib. ib. ib. 158 ib. ib. ib. 159
161 ib. 162 163 ib. ib. ib. ib. 164 ib. ib. ib. 165 ib. ib. ib. ib. ib. ib. 166 ib. ib. ib. ib. 167 167 ib. ib. 168 ib. 169 ib. ib. 170 ib. ib. 171 ib. ib. ib. 172 ib.