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Maloney's ... Raleigh, N.C. city directory [serial]


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NEWS AND OBSERVER""r"""'Sr3''"*•• —^•»« CDAttorney and OounsellorBUILDING,UW 331 PAYBITEVIUB ST*9«xt Dmt t9 Torbroasli Sooatb^Foderai Coiirts*of t|)eiQottj) CarolinaOnit)et0itp ofCollection ot Catolinianail^ortl)^^^10 booK toa0 pte^mtedftp*^ »G5m1%^9-iSooProprietors,COOPER BROTHERS,RALEIGH, N. C.//. HUGHES • •W..DEALER IN.China, Crockery,Lamps,Glassware,Cutlery,TableSilver-Plated Ware, Filters, TeaTrays and Oil Stoves.Furnishing Goods.A General Line ot HouseST.127 FAYETTEVILLEAgent for the Odorless Refrigerator.Have announced from time to time that we carrythe hxrgest and best assorted stock of drugs in theState; that we sell goods on a very close margin, dealstrictly square with everybody, and guarantee promptdelivery of goods to every part of the city, and weBACKtransaction. BeUp every claim we make with everyyou are alw^ays accordedyour purchase 5 cents or §500,gentlemanly treatment. Every department ofthe sameour establishment is complete in every detail. If wefail to have what you call for, we will take great1 pleasure in getting it for you. Call^gof anything in'Phone, old or new, 109. when in need ^ |^=the drug line. You wofor an answer, nor agoods. Our store is h This book must iMd(and our Soda Waterbe taken fromkeep our doors opWe U^^public Library building.,EMinute in the year, bethere may be no delay iother medicine for theof the celebrated Ottertion to this we handle £1supply our customerstrade, and ...


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NEWS AND OBSERVER""r"""'Sr 3''"*•• —^ •»« CD Attorney and Oounsellor BUILDING,UW 331 PAYBITEVIUB ST* 9«xt Dmt t9 Torbroasli Sooatb ^Foderai Coiirts* of t|)e iQottj) CarolinaOnit)et0itp of Collection ot Catolinianail^ortl) ^^^10 booK toa0 pte^mted ftp *^ »G5m 1%^9-iSoo Proprietors,COOPER BROTHERS, RALEIGH, N. C. //. HUGHES • •W. .DEALER IN. China, Crockery, Lamps,Glassware, Cutlery,Table Silver-Plated Ware, Filters, Tea Trays and Oil Stoves. Furnishing Goods.A General Line ot House ST.127 FAYETTEVILLE Agent for the Odorless Refrigerator. Have announced from time to time that we carry the hxrgest and best assorted stock of drugs in the State; that we sell goods on a very close margin, deal strictly square with everybody, and guarantee prompt delivery of goods to every part of the city, and we BACK transaction. BeUp every claim we make with every you are alw^ays accordedyour purchase 5 cents or §500, gentlemanly treatment. Every department ofthe same our establishment is complete in every detail. If we fail to have what you call for, we will take great1 pleasure in getting it for you. Call ^g of anything in'Phone, old or new, 109. when in need ^ |^= the drug line. You wo for an answer, nor a goods. Our store is h This book must iM d(and our Soda Water be taken fromkeep our doors opWe U ^^ public Library building. , E Minute in the year, be there may be no delay i other medicine for the of the celebrated Otter tion to this we handle £1 supply our customers trade, and every STAr We make we back up w BOBBITT=V^ 233 F Branch 5tore, DnionMechanics and Investors OF RALEICH, N. C. MAY, 1893.A HOME INSTITUTION. CHARTERED safe plan ofOffers a profitable and for monthly savings ofinvestment persons in any part of the State. FUNDS INVESTED INARE First Mortgages on Improved Real Estate in cities and towns, whicli securities ar^ held by B. Cashier of theS. Jerman, Commercial and Farmers Bank, acting Treasurer and Trustee of theas Company. A Payment of $3.25 Per Month for 100 Months will Mature $500. Loans Made to Members for Pur- chase or Erection ofHomes. JOHN C. DREWRY, President. J. S. WYNNE, Vice-President. GEORGE ALLEN, Secretary. VOLUME IV. TVVALONEVS N .^T^' ;pT^; *^Ni "PR -^ 5^" •'TNt -TN* -^ •^^^^ •'l*^ •'T^ /^^^Y^ N. C.RALEIGH, Directory.City MALONEY DIRECTORY CO.,THE ATLANTA, GA., PROPRIETORS AND PUBLISHERS. MEMBER OF SOLD BY SUBSCRIPTION PRICE,SUBSCRIPTION ONLY. $3.00. 7iT> CONTAINING an Alpliabetically Arranged List of Business Firms and Private Citizens ; a Classified List of all Trades, Professions and Pur- tfe^ Avenue Directory in numericalsuits a Street and order of heads of ; Directory of the County andhouseholds ; an Appendix City, State Officers, I rivate Schools, Churches, Banks, Secret and Benevolent SocietiesPublic and Incorporated Companies, Kailway Stations, Distances, Etc. this Directory Copyrighted the.Style, Design and Arrangement of 1899 by Maloney Directory Co. {All Eights lieserved.) TABLE OF CONTENTS. Abbreviations 2 Insurance Companies 404 Names (White).. LibrariesAlphabetical List of 135 66 Military300 66 of Names (Col- Newspapers List 67 301-386 Placesored) ofAmusement, Public Build- 41-80 ings, etcAppendix 74 Bankers Police DepartmentBanks and 64 51 andLoan Associations 65 Post-office DepartmentBuilding 48 387-416 Private SchoolsBusiness Directory 55 63 PublicCemeteries 54 Commerce 63 Railroad StationsChamber of and Distances.. .. 75 Directory 59 Schools and CollegesChurch 55 50 Secret SocietiesCity Government 68 Courts 49 Societies, Clubs, etc 73 48 Street and Avenue Directory 81-133County Educational 54 Railways 75 Electric Light Companies 65 StateGovernment of North Carolina 42 Express Companies 74 Telegraph, and Telephone Cos 74 Fire Department 51 Trades Unions 73 General Directory (White) 135-300 United States Government 41 (Colored) 301-386 Local Officials 41 Hospitals and Infirmaries 65 Woman's Exchange 75 Hot Springs, Ark 33-40 ABBREVIATIONS. The asterisk, thus (''), opposite name denotes married. Numbers in parenthesis, thus (418) denote such number appears on tlie liouse, but the one preceding it is the correct one. above es ..easiside proprss proprietressah exp express ptr printeracct accountant addition flgmn flagman pubr publisheradd frt freight r residenceadv advertisement agent genl .general rd roadagt hdqrs headquarters ret retailagrl agricultural hsekpr housekeeper Rev Reverendal alley ins .insurance rms roomsappr apprentice inspr inspector R. M. S ....Railway Mail Serviceasst assistant junction rpr repaireratty attorney June lab laViorer R. R railroadave avenue laund laundress Ry railwaybartr bartender mchst machinist S or s southbds boards mcht merchant se southeastbet between mm master meclianic secy secretarybkpr bookkeeper mdse merchandise servt servantbldg building messenger slum salesmanblksmith blacksmith mess mech mechanic slsdy salesladyblk block mfg manufacturing ss southsidebrkmn brakeman mfr manufacturer So Ry Southern Railway(c) colored mkr maker S A. L Seaboardcarp carpenter market Air Lineelk clerk mkt mgr manager St streetCO company stenographernorth stenocollr collector N or n ne northeast St. Ry street railwaycom mer commission mer- near supt superintendentchant nr northside sw southwestcondr conductor ns northwest tchr teachereonfr confectioner nw telegrapholHce telcontr contractor off ticketopposite tktcor corner opp operator trav agt traveling agenteott cotton opr treasurerpassenger treasdep deputy pass photgr photographer W or w westdept department wholesalephysician wholdist district phys. plbr plumber wid widowdiv Division workspost-oflice wksdo same P. O westsidepresident wsBore ....east pres Bndprinc principal W. E Westemp employee yard'proprietor ydengr. engineer propr ' i pjl|p;i|iii[!;v;i|iti "Kii|jgsii|ji!» ^^^^ ibl Prefatory. * present to theThe Maloney Directory Com])any# 1899-general theircitizens of Raleigh and public in the firm belief that1£00 Raleigh City Directory, with completeness itreliability andin point of information,r city. Insatisfaction and reflect credit upon thewill give entire followed thethe names of the citizens we havethe canvass for we didcities in which we publish, i. e.,rule adopted in all other but havethe city limits proper or any imaginary line,not stop at Pilot Mills,all the territory, viz. : Oberlin, Caraleigh,embraced and all otherWest Raleigh, East Raleigh, Method,Brooklyn, average num-territory tributary to the city. We find the nearest the city, to each nameber throughout the different streets of " "three to the white pop-occupying space in the directory to be I (the average usedulation and three and one-half to the colored in nearly all cities in the South). of the general directory (bothWe have recorded from A to ZI Consequently, at the averagewhite and colored), 8,924 names. has to-day a population (including suburbs)stated above, Raleigh of 27,972. thanks toIn conclusion, we beg to return our most cordial themhave so generously given us their support, and tothose who generally who havededicate this work. To the publicwe hereby return our ac-kindly aided us in getting up the data, etc., we public in general, weknowledgments. To our patrons and the volume of The Maloneypromise to make each succeeding Directory more worthy of com-Directory Co.'s Raleigh City will issue it as often as of actualmendation and patronage, aed wer necessity. f Respectfully, w DIRECTORY CO.,THE MALONEY and Publishers.Proprietors Julius Holderman, Mngr. INDEX TO ADVERTISEMENTS. LEADING BUSINESS HOUSES OF RALEIGH. Machine Works 136 Home Life Ins. Co 193Acme Hughes, W. H., inside front cover.Life, bottom lines.Aetna Iron Mountain Route 256 Alford, Bynum & Ohristojjhers, Johnson, Jas. I 13back cover. T. B 210Allen & Oram Machine Co 139 Johnson & Johnson, center lines.Anticephalalgine 13 King, O. G., druggist 79Ashe. College for Girls and Young Women 305 Lindsey, A. E. S 223 Asheville Gazette 9 McDonald, frontC. C, cover. Association of American Directory McAdoo House . 79 Publishers 5 Mann, W. B 227 .Atlanta & West Point Railway . . 273 Mechanics Dime Savings Bank, 80-81 front cover.Barnes & King Mechanic-; Investors Union,Benedict, Geo. H & Co 13 & top, front stencil and front fly-leaf.Bingham's School 320 iNIichelow, ABlake's Stables, center lines. 232 Mills Mfg. CoBlickensderfer (Tiie), side lines, 233 Montague, B. F., back cover.front and Vjack cover. Morning Post (The)Bobbitt-Wynne Drug Co., top lines, 385 Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y 192front fly-leaf. Reserve Fund Life Associa-Boushall,' J. D., bottom lines. lines. tion, side lines.Bridgers. .Tohn E., Brigg-*, Thos. H. & Sons, bottom Natl. Bank of Raleigh, front cover. lines. New Hotel Jackson (The), side lines Broughton, J. M. & Co., center and 144-160 lines. News and Observer 384 Brown, J. M., back cover Normal & Collegiate Institute 304 Capital City Printing Co., back- Oak City Steam Ldry,bottom lines. bone. O'Quinn, J. L. & Co 81-400 78-300Carrollton (The) Otey, W. G. tt Son 357 fly-Central Hotel, Charlotte, front Pearson & Ashe, center lines. leaf. Penn Mutual Life, front cover. lines.Citizens National Bank, top Pool, Florence, Mrs 251 Commercial & Farmers Bank, cen- Presbyterian Publishing Co.. . . 112-113 lines.ter Raleigh Christian Advocate, back Cooper Bros., inside front cover. cover.& Linehan, bottom lines.Cross Raleigh Marble Works, 2d cover. Daily Citizen (The) 8 Svgs Bank (The), top lines. Drewry, Jno. 0., bottom stencil Robbins' Stables, bottom lines. edge. Rose & Barrett, top lines. Dunston, Nelson 320 Southern Bell Tel. Co.. side lines.Durham Hotel 79 Book Exchange, 3d cover.Durliam Sun 10 Railway, side lines and. . 272 Elducational Bureau 1/6 fly-Southern Tobacco Co.. back 96-97Edwards A Broughton leaf. Everett Piano Co 161 272 Wall Paper Co Excelsior Steam Ldry, center lines. 208-209State Normal & Indus'l College Ferrall, J. R. & Co., bottom lines. Steinm-'tz, H., 2d cover, Alex J front cover.Field, , Sutton, Fred A 277 11-12Franklin Prtg. & Pub. Co Railway 257Texas & Pacific 321Desk Co lines.Gates Thomson, Frank K., center 15(reorgia Southern & Fla. Ry 14Times-Visitor 186& Co fly-leaf.Getaz, D. Union Furniture Co., back 187Giersch's, R. F Holder 4(30Upchurch & ..-. 193Guthrie,.!. O. & Co. 8JUzzell, E. M side lines.lines. Walters, G. N.,Harding, Wm. T., bottom 292194 AVildes, Chas. DHarris, D. W. C Ellington ct Co., top lines.145 Wynne,Harvard Piano Co & Zachary, side lines.401 ZacharyHoldt & BuUington : = Ai of American Di ORGANIZED NOVEMBER, 1898, ...OFFICERS... President, DAVID B. GOULD, St. Louis. First Vice-President, R. L. POLK, Detroit. Second W. E. MURDOCK, Boston. Secretary, W. H. BATES, New York. Treasurer, REUBEN H. DONNELLEY, Chicago. . . . TRUSTEES ... DAVID B. GOULD, St. Louis. R. L. POLK, Detroit. W. E. MURDOCK, Boston. W. H. BATES, New York. REUBEN H. WRIGHT, Milwaukee-DONNELLEY,Chicago. A.G. H. LEE, New Haven. H. HILL, Richmond, Va.W. J. B. D. ANNEWALT, Cleveland. The Objects of the Association are as Follows the directory business the inter-changeFIRST: To improve by exchange of competent employees.of ideas, and by the SECOND: To protect the public against fraudulent advertis- ing schemes, operated under the name of directories, and to drive such publishers out of the business. THIRD: To provide permanent and continuous employment for honest and faithful directory canvassers. FOURTH : For the mutual advancement of the established and prospective interests of all who may become members of the association. [HMm^fflmililllilllUlllllllllli Following Hotels are Recommended by the Publishers Of Ithis Directory as First Class. I HOT SPRINGS, ARK. AUGUSTA, GA. ARLINGTON HOTEL ARLINGTON1> HOTEL V S. H. STITT, Pres., LYMAN T. BRYAN LAWRENCE, Propr. r HAY, Mgr. Strictly First Class. Rales $2.50 to Open all the year round. Illus- $4.00. Headquarters for Commer- trated pamphlet sent on application. cial Men. Large Sample Rooms. HOT SPRINGS, ARK. ANNISTON, ALA. AVENUE HOTEL THE CALHOUN A. R. Smith, I'res. is: Mgr. Re- R. H. FORMAiN, Proprietor. modeled and Refitted throughout. Headquarters tor Commercial Men. Kates furnished upon application. "Sample Rooms." > < THE BATTERY PARK THE NEWY> WINDSOR McKlSSlCK, Manager.E. M. D. P. WEST, PROPRIETOR. Leading Hotel of Asheville. Rates ;$2.50 per day. Opposite Union AND UP.KATES S2 50 Depot. •^/ ANNISTON, ALA. ATLANTA, GA. y) WILMER HOTEL HOTEL ARAGON VINCENP & kAoUL, Proprs. American and European Plan. Rates perRates $2.00 dav. Jgi.50 to and to per day.$3 $3 $S '^ SHERMAN, TEXAS. MOBILE, ALA. BINKLEY HOUSE BATTLE HOUSE FRANK ELLSWOKTH, Propr. Cuisine and Service First Class. The Leading Hotel of Sherman. Ixates $2.50 to S5.00 per day. ASHEVILLE, N. C. COLUMBIA, S. C. KENILWORTH INN Kri'TREDGE, THE COLUMBIAL. A. Manager. Ihroughout the M. F. NIXON, Proprietor.Open Year. Write Booklet. Rates $2.50 per dav.for ATLANTA, GA. MONTGOMERY, ALA. ^ KIMBALL HOUSE EXCHANGE HOTELJOSEPH THOMPSON, Proprietor. GEO. W. SCOVILLE, Manager. WEST, Proprietor.D. P. .American Plan, $2 50 o S5 00 per day. Leading Hotel of the City. Eurorean Plan, Si.00 to S3.00 per day. per day.Rates $3.00Headquarters for Coininercial Men. ^tfe^--^ J