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Comics, comics, manga ... The world of comics seduces you, do you like to travel from bubble to bubble ? On YouScribe, find all your favorite heroes through the albums. Each reader will find his happiness.

The graphic literature is also a subtle blend of the art of drawing and the art of writing. It is therefore very special in the world of literature . Besides, don't we say of comics (manga and comics) that this is the ninth art  ? But defining graphic literature is not that simple, so let's start now to discover comics, manga and comics…

For all ages and all audiences

Perfect for the awakening of children, many works of comics, comics and manga allow you to share moments of laughter and discovery between children and parents. Adolescents or young adults will also find their happiness with graphic literature from new authors and young illustrators of Franco-Belgian comics, manga or American comics.

For all adults nostalgic for their young years, then you can immerse yourself in classic comics, such as Boule and Bill , Spirou , Lucky Luke , Blake and Mortimer , Garfield or Michel Vaillant , which will rekindle your memories of your childhood.

For each continent its graphic literature

This peculiar media mix so harmoniously drawing and writing, was born in the early nineteenth th century both in Japan (1814) and Europe (1827). These two creations in places without any exchange between them (Japan being isolated from the world until 1867 during the Edo era) mean that there is still today a real difference between different graphic literatures.


Even if we tend to call all creations of this genre of comics, this term is used today above all for European and mainly Franco-Belgian comics . The graphic styles, the genres covered can change, but a comic strip is very easily recognized by its format. From classic comics to much more modern creations, you can find a huge choice on YouScribe in our library.


This is the name given to graphic literature in Japan. Very different in format and often in the stories they tackle, Japanese manga (and their Korean derivatives) are also very popular with their audiences, their heroes or their worlds…

The comics

Comics in the United States are called comics . They are in many ways very different from their European or Japanese counterparts, both in terms of format, publication and stories. Indeed, American comics often stage superheroes with superpowers.

How to define this art?

Today considered an art apart from the others, graphic literature is therefore very special. Indeed, it is not simply a continuation of drawing, because the latter must also tell a story. In this, comics, comics and manga are narrative-type works thanks to their drawing and most of the time to their text integrated into the drawing via bubbles. There are some comics that have no text, yet they are still considered as such, because the images are enough to understand the story.

However, certain authors of graphic literature such as the Swiss Rodolphe Töpffer (inventor of this art) explain to us that the comic strip can only be a mixture between graphic writing and literary writing: "This little book is of a mixed nature. It consists of autographed line drawings. Each of the drawings is accompanied by one or two lines of text. The drawings, without the text, would have only an obscure meaning; the text, without the drawings, would mean nothing. The whole together forms a kind of novel which is all the more original in that it does not look more like a novel than anything else. "

As we can see, it is not always easy to determine what graphic literary art is, even if we see the importance of storytelling and images. In addition to being an art, the comic strip is also a medium which often bears several names: BD, manga or comics .

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