Official catalogue of exhibitors. Division of Exhibits
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Official catalogue of exhibitors. Division of Exhibits


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GIFT OFOFFICIAL CATALOGUEEXHIBITSofPanama-PacificInternationalExpositionSAN FRANCISCO1915-PRICE, $2.00THE WAHLGREEN COMPANYPUBLISHERSCATALOGUETEMPORARYTHEOFFine ArtsofDepartmentPanama-Pacific InternationalExpositionSan CaliforniaFrancisco,1915TheCopyright 1915 by Wahlgreen CompanyPrice Cents50COMPANYTHE WAHLGREENPublishersSTATES SECTION.UNITEDSCULPTURE.Karl.Herbert. Bitter,Adams,Memorial to Dr. P.Bacchante. 54. Henry Tappan,1.ofLent University Michigan.2. Meditation. by55. Fountain3. William Cullen Group.Bryant.Lent John D. Rockefeller, Esq.byRobert.Aitken,of Louisiana Purchase56. Signing Treaty.4 Bacchante.Dancing Lent of St. City5. Faun.57. Faded Flowers.6. Tired Mercury.58. Statue of Thomas Jefferson.A of7. Thing Beauty.Solon H.8. William H. Taft. Borglum,59. 1753.Lent Mrs. W. H. Taft. Washington:by9. Michael Angelo. D.Brenner, Victor10. Outer Darkness.60. Womanhood.11. Door for Gates Mausoleum. the Consoler.61. Nature:12. Commemorative Medal of the Panama-62. Dr. A. Blackwell.Pacific Exposition. John J.Boyle,Lent the United States From the Hunt.63. ReturningE.CarlAkeley, 64. Stone Age.13. The Wounded Comrade. Out.65. Tired14. Lion and Buffalo. Monument.66. Colonel Barry15. Stung. R. E.Brcoks,Vincenzo.Alfano, 67. Frame of Medals.16. Mother's Love. Edith Woodman.Burroughs,17. IsMight Right. L'Arriere Pensee.68.18. Tandem.Quousque69. Fenella.Amanda P.Austin, 70. Vine Leaves.19. Saint John. 71. ...


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GIFT OF OFFICIAL CATALOGUE EXHIBITSof Panama-Pacific International Exposition SAN FRANCISCO1915 -PRICE, $2.00 THE WAHLGREEN COMPANY PUBLISHERS CATALOGUETEMPORARY THEOF Fine ArtsofDepartment Panama-Pacific International Exposition San CaliforniaFrancisco, 1915 TheCopyright 1915 by Wahlgreen Company Price Cents50 COMPANYTHE WAHLGREEN Publishers