3 Reasons to Feel Good About Locum Tenens
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3 Reasons to Feel Good About Locum Tenens


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http://www.vistastaff.com/ - If you’re a locum tenens clinician already or considering it as a career option, we’ve got three reasons you can feel confident continuing down the locums path.



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Published 11 May 2017
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3 Reasons to Feel Good About Locum Tenens If you’re a loĐuŵ teŶeŶs ĐliŶiĐiaŶ already or ĐoŶsideriŶg it as a Đareer optioŶ, ǁe’ǀe got three reasons you can feel confident continuing down the locums path. No earth-shattering stats here, but some great reminders and recent stats to support that locum tenens has a lot to offer!
Skyrocketing Demand It’s Ŷot a huge surprise that loĐuŵ teŶeŶs ĐliŶiĐiaŶs are Ŷeeded. A ŶatioŶal shortage of physicians combined with more insured Americans has increased the pressure on clinicians significantly, giving locum tenens clinicians unprecedented opportunities. But still, a 2015 study projected U.S. physician shortages of 65,500 by 2020and 90,400 by 2025. What does that mean for locum tenens? Demand through the roof. In fact, according to industry analysts, revenue in the U.S. from locum tenens grew to $3.4 billion in 2016, up an impressive $2 billion since 2006. The greatest opportunity is for primary and hospital care, but demand for locum tenens NPs and PAs is growing, too!
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More Clinicians Choosing Locums Locum tenens has been traditionally mislabeled as a way to transition into retirement, or only an option for clinicians who have been practicing for years. However, as demand rises across the country, so has interest across the board among physicians, NPs and PAs. A 2016 survey by The Physicians Foundation found that 11.5% of physicians planned to work locum tenens that year, up from 9.1% in 2014. Why the shift iŶ popularity? There’s a lot to loǀe aďout loĐuŵ teŶeŶs. It’s great for aŶy stage iŶ your Đareer aŶd ĐaŶ ŵeaŶ seeiŶg Ŷeǁ plaĐes aŶd praĐtiĐe settiŶgs you ǁouldŶ’t otherǁise have experienced. "I've had an excellent experience as a locums.VISTAhas provided me with a wonderful team that has given me great direction and support, along with the opportunity to have experienced, and practiced, in a beautiful part of the country previously unknown to me." -Peter E., Locum Tenens Physician Opportunities Are Everywhere! You can be placed for a locum tenens assignment in any state in the U.S. and even explore international placements. Locum tenens clinicians are needed in lots of different healthcare settings, too. From urgent care facilities to corporate employee wellness screenings, at Indian Health Services programs and walk-in clinics, in state hospitals, schools, government facilities aŶd ďeyoŶd. Whereǀer you ĐaŶ piĐture yourself praĐtiĐiŶg ŵediĐiŶe, there’s likely a loĐuŵ tenens opportunity available.
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