Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals
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Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals


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Published 31 October 2016
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Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals
Top 6 Detox Water Recipese Sa |Submitted On October 24, 2016ByAbb mi
Since the surge of obesityis on itspeak these days, weight loss solutions and recipes are a dime a dozen! But not all are free of side effects. Well, I have alreadysungpraises of water and how it is the best bet forpeople aimingto lose weight, but didyou know that addingcertain fruits/vegetables/other ingredients to water can boost its efficacyinpreventingweightgain agreat deal? Well it can, and I'll showyou how and why.
Ifyou are readingthis, I am sureyou have alreadydone a lot of research on weight loss. And I am also sureyou must, bynow, have learned a thingor two about detoxification. For those who haven't  while the word "detoxification" has a rather... scary, serious medicalprocedureyfeel to it, it is nothingmore than the cleansingof the body. Simplyput, detox water helps kick upthe digestion and boosts the immune system, thus helpingin weight loss. Moreover, it simplymakes drinkingagood amount of water easier and more fun!
So...yes, even thoughyour research might have doneyou somegood, whatyou maynot have landed on is some delicious recipes of detox water to add a kick of flavor to your water!
Here is where you want to be!
1.Watermelon detox water Could itget anyeasier? Dice upa nice, cold watermelon, fill upajugof water and add them to it. Drink it everyday, as manytimes asyou'd like. It makes for a tasty, refreshingdrink that also boosts metabolism. 2.Citrus boost detox water This drink, that is loaded with the most sought after nutrients like Vitamin C, is made upof the ultimate refreshingtrio  mint, cucumbers and lime. Slice these veggies andput them inyourpitcher containingthe water and keepit in the refrigerator. Let it sit there for a bit, and then drink upand feel the toxins leavingyour body! 3.Detox water with Chia Seeds Ifyou want to trysomethingdifferent and more filling, this is the drink foryou. Chia seeds have the tendencyto swell upwhen added to water thus creatingagellike, heavyconsistency. Providingyou with the right amount of calcium and fiber, this detox drink also helps in curbingyour appetite and losingweight. 4.Weight loss combo detox water This recipe ispacked with the most effective and active weight loss agents grapefruit, tangerine and cucumbers. This drinkprovides a fullfledged helpinghand in facilitatingin weight loss byprovidingflavor, minerals and of course, detoxification! 5.Strawberryand Kiwi detox water Infusingsliced fresh strawberries, kiwi and lemon in cold water is what makes this zestydetox water one of the topfavorites. Sick of the old sour tasting, medicinelike weight loss drinks? Trythis andyou would never want to switch back to other drinks! 6.Apple Cider Vinegar This rather strong, tangytastingingredient is known worldwide for its detoxifyingabilities. Add it to one of the recipes mentioned above or simplyto aglass ofplain drinkingwater and it should helpyou shedpounds faster thanyou can say"Apple Cider Vinegar"! AddingApple Cider Vinegar to the cucumber, lime and mint detox drink mentioned earlier will definitelyamplifyits detoxifyingproperties substantially. These are all recipes that include fruits and vegetables that are easilybought from all stores. Other recipes include infusingwater with apples and cinnamon, or with organic lemonjuice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. It is really about how YOU like your detox water.
Drinkingounces of water dailywas never this enjoyable! Grabyour pitchers today and get detoxifying!
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How to Make Profound And Lasting Changes for Healthy Weight Loss | ByJosee SmithSubmitted On October 26, 2016
Astonishingly, "How Do I Lose Weight" is entered into Google 110,000 times every month!
These monthlysearches reallyreflect the state of affairs in weight loss, as thousands of people just cannot seem to find the magic pill.
And do you know why? Because it doesn't exist!
The good news is, there is a lasting solution to healthy weight loss.
You can start todaywith these 5 simple coachingtips for makingprofound and lasting changes towards permanent healthy weight loss.
1. Refuse To Give UpOn Yourself The first and most important stepof weight loss is tellingyourself thatyou can do this! Onceyou have made that decision to be 100% committed,you will find thatyou are stronger than anyexcuse. The brain is the hardest muscle to train but if youget upeverymorningtellingyourself "you can do this",you will guarantee success and rev up your results.
2. Do What You Love The keyreason mostpeople don't exercise is that theydespise it. The keyto weight loss is to find somethingyou enjoydoingthat elevatesyour heart rate for at least 30 minutes. You don't have to buyexpensive exercisegear from late night TV or start runninghalf marathons. Consider the activitiesyou enjoy, or somethingyou've always wanted to try, and get out there and do it!
Some suggestions are a boxingclass, kayaking, mountain biking, dance class, anything! Ifyou hateyour workout,you will always make an excuse to skipit. Find an exerciseyou enjoyandyou'll never have to work out another day in your life!
3. Be Real You mayhave had to endure comments aboutyour weight before from othersyou don't know, maybe even othersyou do know. However, Ipromiseyou, nobodyisgoingto be harder onyou thanyou are on yourself.
Losingweight is not a shorttermgig. You want to change those old habits, learn to loveyourself again and accept that this isgoingto be a gradual and continuousprocess. It's OK to have off days, off weeks, off months. Keepmotivatingyourself and accept thatqualityof life matters and you will easily succeed in your weight loss goals.
4. Don't Eat Less, Eat Right I can seeyou rollingyour eyes at me. Seemspainful right? Well it doesn't have to bepainful at all. Similar to findingexercises thatyou enjoy,the trick here is to rewardyourself with foods that you love eating.
The best waytoget started is to replace anycalorie dense foods with nutrient dense foods instead. Apopular nutritious food item are Superfoods like beans and green leafy vegetables. Consider what you
are eatingand findingless calorie dense alternatives will make a huge difference!
5. StayFocused and Regret NothingSoyou've read the article, found your inner fire, and decided to take the first step.
However, the lastpiece of advice foryou is veryimportant. You have to be consistent.
Not everydayisgoingto be agreat day, and of course,you will encounter the occasional hiccupwhen it comes toyour nutrition and exercise plan. Everybody does.
However, what's important is thatyou recognize this and accept it. When you stay committed to your goal, you WILL lose weight.
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Article Source:
5 Steps To Looking 10 Years Younger
By Steve abd Becky Holman
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