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AddictionRecovery Today This is your Free Report based on the work of A.



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Published 22 January 2017
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 Addiction Recovery Today
This is your Free Report based on the work of A. Scott Roberts, the wellknown addiction recovery specialist for beating addiction. You will learn the “unusual tip” that eliminates cravings and urges andyou will understand why most common recovery programs are doomed to fail. To check out his complete Truth of Addiction recovery program click on the link.(
My name is Steven Gans, PhD and I'm going to share with you some proven techniques that will reduce addiction problems, eliminate cravings and rewire the brain out of destructive habit loops. If you or anyone you love has any problems with drugs, alcohol, smoking, pornography or gambling or any other addiction what I'm going to share with you is a solution to all your addiction problems and I want you to know that there is no more effective or better information anywhere else that is backed up by as much scientific data as this report, Read the following and find a scientifically proven formula that will decrease bad habits and improve addiction problems Three things you need to know First:
You need to know that addiction is misunderstood and mistreated Research shows that some of the most common recovery programs show less than 25% success rate. Some expensive and luxurious rehabs show a zero success rate and this problem is recognized on a national level This doesn’tmean that help should not be pursued. For example, attending AA meetings can be very beneficial and having a strong social support system is very important. Also adding evidencebased techniques to common treatment and options can be helpful.
 Addiction Recovery Today
Secondly: You need to know that most successful methods backed by tons of research are actually the least known. Almost no one teaches them and very few know what they are. These are methods that anyone and everyone can do Thirdly:
You need to know it is possible to rewire the brain out of destructive habit loops or addictions If you're like most people you probably know what it's like to get those intrusive cravings . You may just be getting off work and you feel you need to have that drink or smoke. It doesn't matter what your addiction is these intrusive cravings may come into your mind and make you feel that you need to do something about them right away but these cravings are really false messages that have been strengthened over and over again Now I want you to realize that these thoughts aren't you and these cravings are not you so right now stop thinking that your weak willed or morally wrong. It simply isn't true. When you realize that these cravings and intrusive thoughts are not you that will become the best day of your life. Most people who have these intensive cravings who feel they need to take a drink or smoke excessively try to suppress these cravings. But research shows that suppressing or fighting cravings actually makes matters worse And this is what 90% of people do
 Addiction Recovery Today
A Scott Roberts based on the discovery he made in graduate school teaches that the most common types of recovery programs such as highend rehab facilities are the least effective ways to beat addiction. Some of these recovery programs show less than a 25% success rate while other methods are shown to produce incredible results. He's taught these very techniques in many countries and his online program will help you do what he is done for thousands of people, recover from their addictive habits. You probably heard such things as people with addictions are weak willed, that they have terrible genetics or that once you have an addiction you never be able to get rid of it. You may have also heard that everyone relapses and if you do you have to start all over again from square one. You may have been told that all you have to do is just some steps and gradually complete a program and once you do that you cured However scientific evidence goes against most of these notions and this type of thinking is what holds you back from actually breaking free from addiction forever With most of the common rehab programs you'll have to complete some steps, for example, you have to count the days of sobriety and then you graduate. Once you graduate you may feel cured you may feel that you no longer have to worry about your addiction or that now you can move on with your life.
However this type of thinking will hurt you. This is a major reason why some rehabs also have the highest recidivism rates, relapse after relapse, failure after repeated failure because the source of addiction is not addressed. These low success rates are recognized at an international level however the data reveals that you shouldn't get discouraged from relapse because it can be a stepping stone to recovery not an end to it. I will be getting to the solution shortly, I promise you this method that I will introduce you to has been scientifically proven to decrease intrusive thoughts and cravings by rewiring the brain permanently out of destructive habit lives
 Addiction Recovery Today
This method has also been shown to improve decisionmaking and behavior b ut I have to tell you this is unadvertised since it will probably put all those expensive highend rehabs out of business because you can't make money off of it . It is something that anyone and everyone can do.
The Addiction Solution:
Using mindfulness cognitive therapy techniques techniques of been show to train your brain and rewire your brain out of destructive habits. It is backed by tons of research. This is the one method that uses the nonreactivity principals. Now most people with unwanted cravings or intrusive thoughts usually try to suppress them. Research shows that that action strengthens the craving.
The craving part of the brain is very powerful .People think they are weak willed when they can’tsuppress a craving. This isn't true at all. This type of thinking makes matters worse.
Instead the nonreactive principal teaches us just to observe these cravings as you have them, just acknowledge them and what you'll find is that they will start to leave quickly, they will lessen in intensity and you'll find that will gain greater cognitive control. This is the typical result of this method which has been backed up by solid research.
Using certain cognitive techniques will give you a third person perspective and instead of acting aggressively to these cravings and trying to suppress them or fight them to get them out of the head you will allow them to pass by simply being aware of them . By refocusing your attention in the correct way you'll notice the cravings diminishing and leaving quickly.
 Addiction Recovery Today
This method has not only helped thousands of people but it has been backed up by tons of scientific research . And what's best, is the effects of using this method last longterm.
By using these techniques the user redirects attention and the brain starts to gain greater cognitive control. Keeping cravings out of your mind becomes easier and easier to do.
The brain is a team of rivals This is because the brain is a multiple structured system and parts of the brain fight against each other for dominance but in order for the brain to operate properly it must be balanced. To put this into perspective there are essentially two parts of the brain the prefrontal cortex and the limbic system. The prefrontal cortex is a higher functioning part of th e brain which is rational, logical and understands consequences. But the limbic system is a primitive brain. It has no ability to delay gratification. It is pleasure oriented and selfish. It is concerned with seeking pleasure and avoiding pain at all costs .
This limbic system is also called the reward system because it is responsible for making us feel better by releasing feelgood chemicals in the brain. Drugs, alcohol, sex pornography and even eating activate this reward system.
From an evolutionary standpoint this reward system goes back 600 million years before rational thought . The same reward system is found in vertebrae and mollusks. This simple limbic system is very necess ary for survival. Our ancient ancestors were able to able to survive because they were rewarded for engaging in such survival behaviors as eating and sex. But today the system is not designed to deal with addictions to drugs, alcohol, pornography and gambling which hardwire the brain and become a part of life just like eating and sleeping. There is another scientific technique which is shown to reverse this wiring of the brain The brain is extremely malleable and can be rewired. Scientists call the brain's abilityto rewire “plasticity”.Neurons are not entirely connected until we have repetitive thoughts or behaviors. Networks or pathways are created by neurons firing and sending a signal toward each other. These neurons that fire together are wired together. In order to unwire the connections we use nonreactive techniques and the connections between neurons become weak and a whole new set of thought patterns and behaviors can be created
 Addiction Recovery Today
Most people take medication or pills to feel better But medication only temporarily changes the brain chemistry . It doesn't change the neural pathways and this temporary change only lasts as long as the drug lasts. It is never permanent .You'll always have to take another pill or another drink or not smoke to make you feel better. But when neural pathways change our brain chemistry changes along with it and this change can be longterm. There are hundreds of supporting references found medical journals.
If you are looking for the most effective methods to decrease intrusive thoughts and cravings and help you manage your addiction longterm you will want to have a look at A.Scott Roberts’ The Truth of Addiction.
With his program you also get a guide for nutrition for improved recovery The nutrition guide will show you certain foods and nutrients that restore depleted nutrients and brain functioning. You'll probably feel the improvement in your mood.
The Truth of Addiction recovery program is backed up by strong data and research and is also is based on the author’s personal experience of recovering from addiction.
To access his program click here (