Aloe Clear - Clear Skin After Hair Removal
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Aloe Clear - Clear Skin After Hair Removal

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Published 20 June 2016
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Aloe Clear, Clear skin after hair removal.
Shaving for both men and women is often an unpleasant, painful but necessary process for many people. Removing unwanted hair is a frequent job that can leave the skin inflamed and sore. But now there is a new product that can help with the after effects of shaving as well as help to prevent another uncomfortable condition – ingrown hairs.
Benefits of aloe vera The benefits of aloe vera have long been recognised in a number of different ways. It was known as the ‘plant of immortality’ by the Ancient Egyptians who made use of this cactus plant and today we have a number of medicinal uses for it. The plant grows in dry climates, originally in Africa, and secretes a clear gel when leaves are broken.
The positive effect of aloe vera on the skin has been well documented. It can treat conditions ranging from flaky or dry skin through to more serious problems and skin conditions such as those encountered after shaving. It can even help with minor skin infections, burns, wounds and may eventually be used for conditions including psoriasis and eczema.
Aloe Clear These benefits are one of the factors that makeAloe Clear,an effective tool against ingrown hairs and razor rash. Aloeclear is a new product that harnesses aloe along with soothing Mentha Piperita or peppermint oil to create a new product that has quickly become an effective post hair removal treatment The product is designed to combat ingrown hairs by using the antibacterial abilities of the aloe combined with the exfoliating action of the roll on gel. The result is a product that quickly refreshes the skin and helps combat those uncomfortable and unsightly ingrown hairs. Aloe Clear comes in a roll on form and can be used after shaving with a razor as well as after waxing, sugaring, threading and even electrolysis. It has a rich formula that instantly cools the skin, often inflamed by these processes. It also alleviates the redness caused by shaving or waxing and the effect will be felt as soon as the product is applied.
Unlike other products, Aloe Clear has less alcohol in its formula which means it gives a soothing, cooling feeling with none of the sting that high alcohol products create. In place of some alcohol, the creators have used rehydrated aloe vera to create a pleasant application with a cooling effect, as well as the light fragrance of peppermint.
Ingrown hairs As well as dealing with the unpleasant after effects of hair removal,Aloe Clear is ideal for dealing with ingrown hairscan happen anywhere on the body and can be quite painful, especially if. This in an area such as the neck when a shirt is worn or on the bikini line legs and underarms. The product also comes in a small, pocket size roll on that is ideal to carry with you and to take on holiday. Aloe Clear is effective way to deal with bikini line ingrown hairs, common after hair removal, that create unsightly red bumps. Applying the product not only soothes the skin but exfoliates it, greatly reducing the chance of ingrown hairs and allowing normal hair regrowth to emerge from the follicle.