Auto Hauling A Very Different Kind of Trucking

Auto Hauling A Very Different Kind of Trucking


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Description - What is the most lucrative form of trucking? Is it dry goods or reefers? Or maybe it’s flatbed trucking. Perhaps the most lucrative way to make a living as a truck driver is hauling flammable or hazardous materials.



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Published 14 March 2017
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Auto Hauling
A Very Different Kind of Trucking
What is the most lucrative form of trucking? Is it dry goods orreefers? Or ŵaLJďe it͛s flatďed truĐkiŶg. Perhaps the ŵost lucrative way to make a living as a truck driver is hauling flammable or hazardous materials. The point here is that the defiŶitioŶ of ͚luĐratiǀe͛ has ŵore to do ǁith prefereŶĐe thaŶ aŶLJthiŶg else.Having said that, auto hauling deserves some consideration. If not the most lucrative, it is certainly a very different kind of trucking.
Auto haulers come in all shapes and sizes, as it were. There are employed truck drivers working for companies that specialize in carrying cars from distribution centers to local dealerships. There are independent operators who carry used cars from wholesalers in the South to small dealers in the North. There are even truck drivers who specialize in moving luxury and classic cars.
Auto hauling is very different for a number of reasons. From the equipment to the necessary skills, it is a career a lot of driǀers aspire to ďut Ŷeǀer attaiŶ. Here͛s ǁhat ŵakes auto hauliŶg so differeŶt:
The Equipment
First and foremost is the equipment necessary for this kind of work. The owner-operator starts with a custom rig. Believe it or not, trucks and trailers for auto hauling have to be matched. You cannot just use any auto trailer on the back of any tractor. As a result, auto hauling rigs are significantly more expensive.
Next, owner-operators have to have a pretty significant supply ofauto hauling equipmentincluding hooks, shackles, rope clips, straps, and chains. There may not be any other form of trucking that requires so many pieces of equipment for a single run.
The Skill
Auto hauling is very different in terms of the skills a driver needs. What so many do not realize is that cars have to be loaded and secured in a certain way in order to prevent damage on the road. But loading and securing is not necessarily a cookie-cutter operation. Auto haulers have to account for different makes and models, different weights, potential weather conditions, and more.
Skill also comes into play on the actual journey. Drivers need to take a little bit of extra care due to the precious value of their cargo, especially when they are hauling expensive luxury or classic cars. They should be careful about accelerating and braking; they have to be careful about cornering; they need to be extremely cautious in bad weather.
The Experience
Just about every sector of the truck driving industry is affected by the conundrum of companies only wanting experienced drivers but new drivers not being aďle to get edžperieŶĐe ďeĐause theLJ ĐaŶ͛t fiŶd a joď. Noǁhere is this conundrum more prevalent than in auto hauling. Because auto hauling is so much more involved than simply applying some hooks and shackles, haulers almost always insist their new drivers have at least a couple of years under their belts even if that time was spent hauling something else.
Drivers with extensive flatbed experience typically have an easier time breaking into auto hauling because they are already experienced with securing loads. They have used things such as hooks, chains and straps for cargo control. Suffice it to say that owner-operators who want to get into auto hauling have to work for it.
Here at Mytee Products, we are acutely aware of what it takes to be a successful auto hauler. We want to do our part by ŵaiŶtaiŶiŶg a solid iŶǀeŶtorLJ of auto hauliŶg supplies for AŵeriĐa͛s oǁŶer-operators. From shackles and rope clips to auto hauling straps, we have everything the owner-operator needs.
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