Bitcoin Bankroll Builder - How To Earn Bitcoins While You Sleep
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Bitcoin Bankroll Builder - How To Earn Bitcoins While You Sleep

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In this guide you will learn how to earn Bitcoins using simple to follow methods. You will then discover how to invest those Bitcoins to passively earn more Bitcoins even why you sleep.



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Published 28 June 2017
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Bitcoin Bankroll Builder
How To Earn Bitcoins While You Sleep!
In this guide I’m going to show you how to build a Bitcoin bankroll, then put that Bankroll to work earning valuable Bitcoins. I’m going to make a couple of assumptions. First, that you have don’t currently own any Bitcoins. I wanted this guide to work for the complete Newbie, as well as the experienced Bitcoin Investor.
If you do already have some Bitcoins in your wallet -Perfect!You can choose whether you want to skip the “working” steps and go straight to being an investor. If you don’t have a single Satoshi to your name then you’ll want to start at the beginning. Build up your Bitcoin bankroll before you start investing. A word of warning. You can choose to invest either your time or your capital. If you don’t already have Bitcoins (capital) then you are going to need to invest your time. We all should know that there is no free lunch. If you want to make Bitcoins then you are going to need to do some work. Have cash you want to invest? Go straight to appendix one at the end of this guide. There you can learn how to buy Bitcoins today using either money in your bank account.
How to Earn Bitcoins
BitcoinTalk Signature Campaigns BitcoinTalk is one of the most popular Bitcoin forums on the internet. It’s a great place to learn about the latest Bitcoin news and interact with the community. You can also earn Bitcoins by participating it was is called a Signature campaign. A forum signature is a short message which appears every time you make a post on a forum. On BitcoinTalk users will reward you for sharing a link to their Bitcoin products & services in your signature. These are known as BitcoinTalk Signature campaigns. You can find a complete list of the campaigns (including payout amounts, frequency & requirements) here: order to start participating in in a BitcoinTalk Signature Campaign you will need to be at least a BitcoinTalk Junior Member. You can learn more about the BitcoinTalk ranks and what you need to reach them here: in mind that BitCoin Talk doesn’t want you spamming the forum. If you participate in the campaign you will need to contribute useful and reasonably lengthy posts (think 60 words minimum).
Working For Your BitCoins - Providing Freelance Services Working for your Bitcoins might not be glamourous but if you have time on your side it does work. BitcoinTalk Service Board A good place to get started is to look at the services board in BitcoinTalk. Here you can both advertise your services and find work that other people will pay you for:
Coinality Coinality is a Bitcoin job aggregator. It’s a good place to check for Bitcoin related work as it will save you time visiting individual job sites. If you are a developer there is no shortage of work available, but there are also frequent jobs for writers as well.
How to Invest Bitcoins for Passive Income
Now that you have some coins to your name, it’s time to go full capitalist and start putting them to work. We are going to look at three ways you can turn your existing crypto coin capital into an even greater digital fortune.
Backing The House With MegaDice
“In the casino, the cardinal rule is to keep them playing and to keep them coming back. The longer they play, the more they lose, and in the end, we get them all.” - Ace Rothstein, Casino Perhaps the best known truism in gambling is that the house always wins. Casinos and gambling websites are built on the a statistical edge which means that over the long term they invariably win. But what if you could flip the script and become the house yourself? The coin betting website MegaDice(Formerly named SatoshiDice) offers precisely that opportunity. If you want to take a chance then MegaDice allows you to play the standard role of the gambler. But more interestingly MegaDice allows you to become an “investor” in the house bankroll. What is MegaDice? In 2012MegaDicewas the internet’s most popular Bitcoin gambling website based on the total amount wages. One of the key reasons was thatMegaDiceoffered odds that were better than almost any other gambling site online. The house advantage of MegaDice is only 1.9%. This compares to a typical house edge for a game like Roulette 5.26%. The founder of MegaDice was Eric Voorhoes. Born in Colorado Voorhoes was one of the early pioneers of that Bitcoin and start-ups. He is a co-founder of the bitcoin company Coinapult, and worked as a director of marketing at BitInstant. And July 2013 Voorhoes publicly announced that he had sold MegaDice (called SatoshiDice at the time) for 126,315 Bitcoins. By January 2013 it had taken more than $15 million in bets and reported profits of over half US$1 million.
How to invest with MegaDice Investing withMegaDiceis extremely easy thanks to the pseudo-anonymous nature Bitcoin. Setup doesn't require any paperwork and as long as you have coins in your wallet to invest you can be an investor in minutes. Step #1: Open an account The first thing you will need to do is to register a new account. To do this navigate to be MegaDice website and click on the “Join Now” button at the top right hand corner.
You will need to enter an email, date of birth and choose a password. Agree to the terms and conditions and then register.
Step #2: Fund your account Next click on the deposit button on the top navigation bar.
You will be provided with your Bitcoin address where you can send money to deposit to your MegaDice account. Once you have deposited money the coins will show up in your MegaDice account. Step #3 Becoming an investor Now click on the “Bet on the house” button in the top navigation bar.
Choose the amount that you want to shift to invest and click on the “add to bankroll bet” button.
And that’s it! Your are now an investor in the MegaDice bankroll. You just need to sit back and watch your coins accumulate. Visit MegaDice By Clicking Here
Become A Bitcoin Lender With BitBond
If you own Bitcoins you may be wondering how you can make them work better for you.Bitbond allows you to earn returns of 10% or higher while diversifying your risk. Bitbond is a Bitcoin lending market which connects Bitcoin borrowers and investors. Bitbond lets you make Bitcoin investments as small as 0.01 BTC to a pool of carefully checked borrowers. How Does Bitbond Work? For investors Bitbond works as follows: Step #1:First you need to register on theBitbond platform. Once you have completed your  registration you will need to confirm your email address. Bitbond will send you a registration confirmation email. simply click on the link inside of this email to confirm your account. Step #2:Next you will need to fund your account. Log into your account and click on the Funds tab. You will find your unique Bitcoin address here. Send funds to your pick one address as you normally would from your Bitcoin wallet. It takes about 30 minutes for the funds to appear in your Bitbond account. Step #3:Once your account is funded you can start looking for loans that you would like to fund. The minimum amount you can find is 0.01 BTC. To do this you use the browse listings function. Bitbond recommends that you diversify your portfolio between different loans. This will avoid putting all of your eggs into one basket and reduce your overall risk . Step #4:Now you will wait for the lending period to begin. This will be either if the funded amount exceeds 60% of the threshold by the end of the option or if the requested amount is fully funded with the 40 day of the option period. That alone does not go ahead because it does not meet the threshold then your that amount is returned your account. Step #5:You can keep a check on your portfolio by checking your investment section. You can use your interest from your loans to fund new loans or to withdraw to stand elsewhere. Benefits of Bitbond Bitbondis not the only that, lending market available that it is one of the most reputable and industry. Bitbond operates out of diligently and has raised 800,000 rows from .9 capital and other angel investors. Bitbond has a number of advantages over other lending market. * Bitbond screens its borrowers carefully compared to many other that coin lending markets. Only 40% of those who request to borrow funds are accepted. This results in a much lower default rate than other that coin markets. * Bitbond tends to attract small business owners as borrowers and the loans are usually a longer periods. This can make the loans or attractive than some other Bitcoin markets.
* For borrowers Bitbond allows them to pay back their loans early. This helps to attract higher quality borrowers than that they have already markets. How interest rates are determined at Bitbond Bitbond uses what is called our risk based loan pricing in order to determine the interest rate on the loan. What this means is that borrowers are assessed on the creditworthiness and the loan. Bitbond measures the detailed data that they obtain from the borrower and the type of loan and then compare this to similar data that they have already obtained. If alone is determined to pose a higher risk then they will need either a higher rate. If the borrower has created a diversified portfolio average return should be around 10%. Bitbond is arguably the leader and safest option if you are looking to invest your comments. The risk adjusted lending model means that you are being properly rewarded if you decide to take on higher risk loans. The most attractive feature of Bitbond visits careful screening of its lenders. With a diversified portfolio you can carefully manage your risk and receive high return when you likely would with a conventional savings account. Visit Bitbond By Clicking Here
Appendix One: Buying Bitcoins
Here you can find two simple ways of turning either funds in your bank or Paypal account into Bitcoins. Follow the simple steps below to get started.
How to Change Paypal Funds Into Bitcoin Most people who have bought or sold anything online have a Paypal account. Unfortunately, in the past it has been difficult to buy Bitcoins with your Paypal account. This is because with Paypal you can request a refund, where as with Bitcoin once a transaction is complete it is forever. Consequently exchanges have been reluctant to accept Paypal as a payment method. Luckily there is no a platform that does exactly that -Xcoins! Excoins is extremely easy to use and you buy your first Bitcoin super fast. Step One:Register your account by going toXcoinsand clicking on the Sign Up button at the  top right of the screen.
Step Two:Follow the steps provided. You will need an email address and phone number to verify your account. Step Three:Once your account is verified, login into your account. Step Four:Click on the Get Bitcoin tab on the top menu bar.
Step Four:or the equivalent in USD. ThenEnter the amount of Bitcoins you want to buy choose either credit card or Paypal as your payment method. Then click Get Bitcoins.
Step Five:Enter your Paypal details and confirm the purchase and you are finished! Visit Xcoins By Clicking Here
How to Buy Bitcoins With LocalBitcoin
Local Bitcoinsis a P2P where you can meet people in your local community who want to buy and sell Bitcoins. LocalBitcoins tends to offer very competitive rates for exchanging local currencies into Bitcoin. It also enables you to use money in your bank account to buy Bitcoins.