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HOW TO SETUP ZARFUND ACCOUNT WITH BITCOIN E-WALLET & ZARFUND UPGRADE Bitcoin WalletʹBlockchain 1. Signupfor a Bitcoin account/wallet from https://blockchain.



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Published 26 November 2016
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HOW TO SETUP ZARFUND ACCOUNT WITH BITCOIN E-WALLET & ZARFUND UPGRADE Bitcoin WalletBlockchain 1. Signup for a Bitcoin account/wallet from
The image below shows the page you will see when you complete your registration
Bitcoin WalletSecurity Settings The 2-step Verification is a security feature to protect your account from hackers. It works like your internet banking token. Also ensure that your mobile phone is working because you will receive an SMS token to your phone whenever you try to login to your e-wallet account.
ZarfundZarfund signup After setting up your Bitcoin e-wallet account, get your referral link from the admin or clickinghere. The image below shows where you can contact the admin by onZarfuŶd MillioŶaire’s Clďfor ǁhatsapp or ĐheĐk the ZarfuŶd MillioŶaire’s Cluď profile oŶ Telegraŵ MesseŶger.
ZarfundSetting up Zarfund with e-wallet Click the receive button to copy the wallet ID. The enables you to receive funds from anyone including your down line
The image below shows the highlighted wallet ID. Copy the wallet ID and make it available in your Zarfund account to set it up.
LogoŶ to LJour ZarfuŶd aĐĐouŶt aŶd ĐliĐk oŶ ͞MY MoŶeLJ\BitĐoiŶ Wallet͟ to setup LJour BitĐoiŶ ǁallet
WheŶ LJou ĐliĐk oŶ ͞MY MoŶeLJ\BitĐoiŶ Wallet͟, LJou ǁill see the iŵage ďeloǁ. Though ŵiŶe is already setup, so you have to click on the link to setup your own wallet on Zarfund.
The clicked link will bring you to this page. This is the time to paste your Bitcoin wallet ID.
1. Wallet Website:https://blockchain.info2. Wallet Address: <Paste your Bitcoin wallet ID here> 3.What is LJour ǁife’s ŵaideŶ Ŷaŵe: <This depeŶds oŶ LJour profile setup. Yours ŵight ďe different>
Click submit when you are done. The wallet setup on Zarfund is now complete.
The answer to the third bullet point mentioned above depends on your Zarfund profile settings. Your secret question might be different.
ZarfundWhat you need to know before upgrading in Zarfund Before you upgrade in your Zarfund account, make sure you have done the following: 1. That you have setup your Bitcoin e-wallet account ( with funds in it. 2. That you have setup your Zarfund account & your Zarfund e-wallet. ZarfundHow to upgrade in Zarfund CliĐk ͞ZarfuŶd Dashboard to display the dashboard where you cab be able to upgrade. Click on the ďuttoŶ ͞Upgrade to the Ŷedžt stage͟
The ͞Upgrade to Ŷedžt stage͟ ďuttoŶ ďriŶgs up the page ďeloǁ. “Đroll doǁŶ to ǁhere LJou haǀe ͞IMPORTANT͟. CopLJ the BitĐoiŶ ǁallet ID.
Logon to you Bitcoin account or you can use the link: Click on the seŶd ďuttoŶ oŶĐe LJou are logged iŶ. perforŵ the folloǁiŶg oŶĐe the ͞seŶd͟ dialog ďodž pops up. Perform the following:
TO: <Enter the Bitcoin Wallet ID of the sender>
BTC: <Enter the Bitcoin amount> e.g. 0.03 for those who want to upgrade from level 1 to 2. Once LJou are doŶe, ĐliĐk the ͞Nedžt “tep͟ ďuttoŶ to Đoŵplete LJour traŶsaĐtioŶ.
BitcoinHow to get your transaction HASH ID To get your transaction HASH ID, you have to logout and go the site home page, but make sure you still have the Bitcoin wallet ID of the receiver. Click on Search.
This page displays the transaction HASH ID after clicking on the search button. Copy the transaction HASH ID to Zarfund.
Paste the transaction HASH ID & enter the Bitcoin amount transferred to the receiver. Click Submit to complete your transaction. The upgrade method is the same for any level.
For more information: CoŶtaĐt: ZarfuŶd MillioŶaire’s Cluď: at