Finding Discount Hotels with Journeypass

Finding Discount Hotels with Journeypass


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The best way to get discounts on hotels is to book online or for the popular discount club like Journeypass. Most of the websites online offer hotels at low prices and even guarantee that if you find a lower rate they will match it. Always try to book early by planning your trip in advance.



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Published 02 March 2016
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Finding Discount Hotels with Journeypass
You can always ind dIscounts on hotels IncludIng 4 & 5 star hotels. You can get up to a 80% dIscount of the rate the hotel charges when you walk In. SometImes It Is luck, sometImes you just need to do your research and you could land a ives star property For the prIce oF a Super 8. You Increase your chances oF indIng a good dIscount by bookIng early and indIng a non reFundable purchase rate ahead oF tIme.
ïF you are goIng to be goIng wIth a group oF people who wIll need seperate rooms, chances are you could get a group dIscount. Group dIscounts on hotels are usually avaIlable to groups oF nIne or more who arrIve at the same tIme to the hotel. Some smaller hotels gIve group dIscounts to smaller partIes.
There are a large number oF resources whIch can gIve you InFormatIon about hotel dIscounts and cheap rates. ïF you go through the sItes beFore you book a room you wIll be able to ind the best rate. Some websItes oFten Include revIews oF the hotels. ThIs Is where prevIous guests can comment.
Not all hotels have dIscounted rates. You also want to valIdate the servIces ofered by hotels whIch are oferIng the dIscounts. There should be plenty oF InFormatIon provIded on the Internet about any IndIvIdual hotel. To make up For the dIscount the hotel may have removed breakFast and you end up spendIng the same amount as a hotel that Is more expensIve that Includes It.
The best way to get dIscounts on hotels Is to book onlIne or For the popular dIscount club lIkeJourneypass. Most oF the websItes onlIne ofer hotels at low prIces and even guarantee that IF you ind a lower rate they wIll match It. Always try to book early by plannIng your trIp In advance.
You need to make sure that you are bookIng a reservatIon wIth a cancellatIon polIcy you can lIve wIth. Some cancellatIon polIcIes requIre that you pay upFront and you do not get your money back regardless oF IF you cancel your reservatIon. Though you can save a lot oF money bookIng these non-reFundable types oF reservatIons, you need to make sure that you are not goIng to cancel. ïF there Is any chance you are goIng to cancel then you wIll want to book a reFundable reservatIon.
Want to save money on your next hotel bookIng? Try! Journey Pass gIves Its subscrIbers access to hundreds oF thousands oF dIscounted hotels worldwIde. Through exclusIve negotIated rates, our subscrIbers can save up to 70% and enjoy the iner thIngs In lIFe.
WIthJourney Pass, you’ll be able to compare prIces and make your hotel reservatIon wIth conidence knowIng you’re savIng the most money. ofer consumers a low cost subscrIptIon that aIms to provIde sIgnIicant dIscounts and IncreasIngly dIverse beneits.
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