Free Lead Magnet: The Blueprint to Safelist Profits
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Free Lead Magnet: The Blueprint to Safelist Profits

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A safelist is a website where people join who all agree to receive promotional emails. In order to ensure that each member's promotional emails are viewed, safelists require that members view each other’s emails in order to earn credits.



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Published 23 June 2017
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The Blueprint to
Safelist Profits
Learn these rules to using safelists
and they’ll become a goldmine for leads
and sales. by Shane Harrison
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Everyone has always told me that there's no way to earn money from using free safelists but I've actually found that this isn't true. In fact, safelists are exactly how I earned my first commissions online. More importantly, it also lead to my first recurring paid commission! So how do you earn money from free safelists? Read on and I'll give you all of the details.
What is a safelist? A safelist is a website where people join who all agree to receive promotional emails. In order to ensure that each member's promotional emails are viewed, safelists require that members vieweach other’semails in order to earn credits. There's usually an option to view messages for free or to upgrade. Upgraded members are allowed to email other members without having to earn credits. On some safelists, upgraded members also don't have to receive emails as well.
How is a safelist different from a traffic exchange? With traffic exchanges, members must navigate to the traffic exchange website in order to view other members' promotions. However, a safelist website allows members to receive the promotions directly via email. This allows them to simply open your promotional emails right in their email inboxes and then click on the appropriate link within the email to earn credits from the website. This system is effective at getting email opens for your emails for two reasons: 1. There is an incentive to open your emails (credit rewards); 2. Members can view emails as a part of their normal daily activities unlike a traffic exchange where they have to remain on the website in order to collect credits.
What are some examples of safelist websites? You've probably come across at least one safelist website if you've been in the make money online niche for a while. These websites usually have "Safelist" in the title of the website. They may also have the phrase "Viral Mailer" in the title of the website. © Shane HarrisonAll Rights
One important thing that you need to know before I go any further with this guide is that I don't bother with the majority of safelists. Why? In many cases, these safelists aren't actively recruiting new members and their member lists have become outdated or are overmailed. I purposely seek out safelists that are always advertising and being promoted by affiliates. This ensures that the safelist always has fresh subscribers allowing me to get new signups. So now that you understand what a safelist is, I'm going to show you exactly how to use one to maximize your profits.
Safelist Site Features In order to get the most from safelists, you need to understand the features that they offer that can earn you money:
Emails The holy grail of activity on any safelist is always the ability to email other members. As a beginner, you can start with the free mailing option which is usually called the "System Mailer" or "Credit Mailer" within the safelist site. Using this free mailer which only requires that you obtain credits by clicking emails in order to mail is a great way to test whether a safelist is active and if you can get signups for the offers that you are promoting. It's important to note that the safelist may not convert the first time that you send out an offer. In fact, it may take you several tries before you find an offer that actually works with safelist members. Whichever offers you decide to send, I highly recommend that you stick with marketing tips and tools, MLM programs and make money online offers. I've also seen some members promote weight loss MLM programs. However, any other programs outside of these narrow areas probably won't work at all. This is because these safelists are well-known exclusively in the make money online © Shane HarrisonAll Rights
Banners / Text Ads The next feature that most safelists offer that I'd like to introduce you to is banner ads and text ads. Many safelists automatically give you banner ad and text ad credits that you can use to promote your offers on the site. In some cases, the safelist may make you also earn these credits. Regardless of how they are assigned, I suggest that you use all of them. These banner ads and text ads are commonly displayed on the credit click page when a member opens a promotional email from another member. They are also sometimes displayed sitewide or on the homepage of the safelist site. Wherever they are displayed they are designed to get you additional exposure for the offers that you want to promote. In some cases, these display ads can end up converting just as well as your email offers. In other cases you may just want to use them to promote offers that you want to get signups for but don't necessarily want to promote as your main offer. I also recommend that you post the same banner ads and text ads to all of the safelist sites that you join. That will help you to maximize your results by increasing your exposure across all of the sites.
Login Ads This is a very effective tool that the majority of safelist users completely overlook. Why? Because it isn't free. Unfortunately, many safelist users have the mindset that just because a safelist offers free advertising nothing could be worth paying for but that is very far from the truth. In fact, login ads can be highly effectively because your offer will be the first thing that every member sees when they log into the website.
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If you make your offer highly compelling by incorporating a video ad or some other feature that they obviously can't ignore, then you can dramatically increase the probability that you'll get signups from the login ads that you run.
Solo Ads Some safelists offer the option to send "Solo Ads" to their members. These solo ads allow you to email every member of the site while the credit mailer ads are typically limited to only a portion of the site's membership per email based on your safelist site membership level. Additionally, some sites offer contact solos which means that your solo ad will go directly to the member's email address rather than being sent through the site itself. In my opinion, I don't think this feature is really worth it unless a safelist is already delivering you some conversions from using the credit mailer or other advertising features of the site. If you're getting conversions, then it might be something to explore.
Downline Builder Most safelists also offer a feature called a "Downline Builder" or "Referral Builder." This feature is there so that you can get referrals to your own programs or other safelist sites. In most cases, you'll find that you'll only be able to add your affiliate links to other safelist sites. If you have this option and you've signed up for multiple safelists, you should definitely use this feature. What this does is ensure that anyone that signs up for the sites listed in the downline builder will be automatically added as your own referral if the person that you referred fails to add their own affiliate links to the downline builder. So for example, if the person that you referred to the safelist recruits someone who then signs up on another site that is listed in the downline builder, you'll get them added as your downline member instead of your referral getting the credit for the referral because they didn't add their affiliate link. This means that you'll get the commissions if that referral then upgrades their account
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on that site after signing up. It doesn't sound like much now but after using safelists for a while and getting a lot of referrals you'll start to see the benefits add up. This could mean earning commissions for doing nothing but adding your referral links to the downline builder.
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Safelist Strategies Now that we've covered all of the aspects of using safelists that I think are the most important, I want to get into the strategies that you should use to extract maximum profits from safelists. I've already covered how to use the banner ads, text ads, downline builder, and login ads. So now I want to focus on how to mail using the credit mailer and more importantly what to mail. First of all, you should keep in mind that mailing on safelists isn't like sending your typical email marketing message. Since most people are only after the credits initially when opening safelist promotional emails, you're only job needs to be to get them to open the email. That's not to say that you should send misleading headlines either. In fact, most safelists have rules against the types of headlines that you can use when you mail out with a safelist and typically ban members for posting misleading headlines that go against the site rules. Make sure that you check to see if any headlines are banned before you mail so that you don't end up getting your account suspended. The headlines that are banned are almost always posted to the credit mailer page where you fill out the details in order to send your email so they're easy to spot.
Email Contents For the headline, keep it to 2-5 words maximum, the shorter the better. However, you also want to avoid words like "free" that are commonly picked up by email spam filters. For the body of the email, keep it very brief. A simple phrase like "Click here" followed by your link works wonders. Don't be tempted to write a long-winded email. Nobody is going to read all of that. They'll simply be searching for the credit link to click on so that they can get the credits.
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Your Landing Page You may have heard the terms opt-in page or squeeze page. This is the type of page that you want to link to so that you can get signups from your promotional emails. Keep in mind that the goal of using safelists is to get signups, not sales. The sales will come later once the members are on your own email list. Until then, your only goal is getting them off of the safelist site and on to your email list. The best type of opt-in page to use with safelists is one that includes a video and collects the person's email address. You should make sure that both the video and the email signup box appear on the screen without the user having to scroll down. This is because the attention span of your user is typically only as long as it takes for the counter to wind down and for them to be able to click the option that is going to deliver the credits for reading the email. While it may seem like it's a difficult feat to achieve, it is totally possible if you make sure that your opt-in page is properly designed in this way to maximize conversions. You also want to make sure that your opt-in page is mobile optimized so that you don't miss out on anyone who might be using the safelist site on a mobile phone. Mobile users now make up more than 50% of the traffic that browses the internet so you definitely don't want to leave them out. You'll also need to write a good headline for the page that describes your offer. Make it big and bold. This should be the only text on the page for the most part. Unless your offer is insanely awesome, people aren't going to be interested in reading paragraphs of text before they click out of the page to the next offer.
Don’t Send People Directly to Your OfferA big mistake that the majority of safelist users make is that they try to send members directly to the offers that they are trying to promote. Don't do this!
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If you do this there is a strong possibility that you will lose potential signups to other members that are promoting the same offer. In addition, you also have no way to sell anything else to the member once they've signed up because they are the customer of the offer that you are promoting now and not your customer. Finally, by sending people directly to the offer that you want to promote, you'll also be lowering your clickthrough rate (CTR) for the offer. As a result, you could put yourself in trouble with the affiliate program that you are promoting because many programs don't want affiliates who send lots of clicks that don't convert. A low CTR is also another reason why some affiliate programs don't allow affiliates to promote offers with safelist traffic at all. It's actually not because the safelist can't deliver real traffic, it is because the affiliates have no clue how to effectively use them and make all of the mistakes that I just explained not to do.
When to Mail When you use safelists to get traffic, you need to mail every single day. Keep in mind that you are competing with tons of other people who are doing nothing but promoting their own offers. If you only mail every now and then it's likely that members won't see your emails because they'll be buried by other members' offers.
Safelist Branding Also there's a bit of a branding aspect to using safelists. While unproven, I strongly suspect that the more that people see your offers, especially advertised across several safelists regularly, the more they are likely to start to recognize the value of your offer. This increases the likelihood that they'll signup after a while even if they don't sign up the first few times after seeing your offer.
Earning Money With Safelists The main way to earn money with safelists, other than by getting signups to promote your own or affiliate products and services to, is by getting referrals directly on the safelist site itself. Safelist pay their members commissions for getting members to upgrade and often pay when members purchase credits and advertising.
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In most cases, the commissions rates are higher if you decide to upgrade on the safelist site yourself. However, many also pay commissions to free members. If you want to also earn from safelists in this way, you'll need to make sure that you check out the commission structure before you start referring new members to the safelist. Also ask about the payment threshold to ensure that you don't have to wait until you have many referrals in order to start receiving some regular income from the safelists.
How Do I Get Paid/Make Payments? If you use safelists, you absolutely need to sign up for aPayzaaccount.Payzais the safest and most reliable way of getting paid from safelists. If you can't usePayza, ask the site owner what methods of payment are available.
Safelist Do’sThese are just a few additional tips that you should make sure to follow when you use safelists.
1. Max Out the Number of Members Every Time You Mail When you send out an email using the safelist credit mailer, make sure that you send to the maximum number of members permitted every time you mail. If you only send it to a few members, you may not see any results leading you to believe that the safelist doesn't convert. Additionally, mailing to the maximum number of members allows you to effectively A/B test your email content because the sample size will be roughly the same each time.
2. Use Conversion Tracking This is probably the most important tip in this entire report! When you use safelists, you need to invest in conversion tracking. A link tracking service, likeClickMeter,can help you determine exactly where your clicks come from so that you can see which safelists convert and which don't. © Shane HarrisonAll Rights
Make sure to append an identifying tag to the end of each link that you shorten with ClickMeterso that you know that the click can from that specific mailing and that specific safelist. Otherwise you'll be flying blind. Safelists do not track conversions. They only track clicks. So if you want to figure out what's working you have to do the conversion tracking part yourself. Without conversion tracking using safelists is going to yield some really poor results for you. It could even get expensive if you upgrade on sites that arent converting. In fact, I only decide which safelists I want to mail out from on a regular basis and purchase upgrades for based on my conversion rates. If the safelist isn't converting after testing several different offers and different email headlines, I'm out of there! Less experienced safelist members who don't track their conversions might stick around for more failure and then end up believing that safelists don't work. Don't make this mistake!
3. Don't Use the Same Email Headline Twice Most safelists require that you sign up with a Gmail address in order to use the site. If you are familiar with Gmail you already know about conversation view, which is a feature that groups emails with the same subject lines into single threads. While this is a great feature to have under normal circumstances, it can actually harm your conversion rates when it comes to safelist marketing. That's because conversation view can keep members from seeing the latest version of your sent email that still has an active credit link in it. Since they've probably already clicked on one of your earlier sent emails with the same subject line, they'll assume that you're latest sent email is the same email that they already clicked and they'll simply skip over it when their see it in their inbox. This means that your message will get fewer clicks and you've just wasted a mailing opportunity. Keep in mind that it is the subject line that matters when it comes to avoiding the
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