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Globalization and inter-culturel dialogue


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Revue internationale. International Web Journal www.sens-public.org. Globalization and inter-culturel dialogue. WILLIAM MAC BRIDE. Abstract: Globalization ...



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Published 23 April 2012
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Revue internationale International Web Journal www.sens-public.org
Globalization and inter-culturel dialogue
Abstract: Globalization, always a difficult word to define and one with many meanings, has acquired yet another significance of late. If one looks at a globe and focuses on the westernmost part of the American State of Alaska and the easternmost part of the newest partner in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, one sees that only a few kilometers of the Bering Strait prevent NATO from complete encirclement of the earth. Not only the North Atlantic Ocean, but the northern Pacific Ocean as well, are maria nostra, our seas. By contrast, the once-mighty Roman Empire confined the designation, "mare nostrum," to the Mediterranean Sea alone.
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