How Secure is Cloud POS Software for Retailers?

How Secure is Cloud POS Software for Retailers?

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How Secure is Cloud POS Software for Retailers? Few words scare a small business owner as much as the word “hacker” and for good reason.



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Published 23 May 2015
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How Secure is Cloud POS Software for Retailers?Few words scare a small business owner as much as the word “hacker” and for good reason. A breach of security can be detrimental when you consider the time it takes to repair your database and regain customer trust along with the cost that goes into hiring programmers to address the damage done to your hardware. Is the Internet cloud making it easier for these hackers to penetrate POS systems?Unfortunately, hackers aren’t going anywhere. In 2014, data breaches in the United States increased from 616 incidents to 783 (up 27.5%) as compared to the previous year. 85 million records were stolen averaging about 60.99 incidents per month. It is also estimated that it costs $194 per record stolen in damages.Those are scary numbers which could make some wary of the Internet Cloud. After all, what exactly is the cloud that everyone is talking about and who has access to the sensitive information that is stored there?First of all, “cloud computing” or the “Internet cloud” refers to a server that stores information that you can access via the Internet. Google is a perfect example of cloud based technology. If you have a Google account you can access your Gmail (email), Google Drive (for storing word processing documents), and Sheets (spreadsheets) on the cloud and you can retrieve your data from any mobile device (as opposed to hardware like your desktop computer in which you had to sit at your desk to work on specific documents). Moreover, you can share access to this data with your staff or other business partners so they can have admittance into current versions of your projects or reports.This newer technology is an especially great asset for small business owners. At the click of a button,Cloud POS softwarecan give you all the vital information you need to run your business and make smart, data driven decisions. For instance, businesses that use Vend can download store updates as soon as sales are processed giving a real time view of how the business is performing. This means that you never order too much product or run out of an item because you have up to the minute data on your current inventory.Now that may sound great, but is a cloud POS system more vulnerable to a security breach? Actually, no. Vend doesn’t store any sensitive data (like credit card info) so data breaches are highly unlikely with cloud POS software. In addition, point of sale companies likeVendhave top tech teams working nonstop to create the most innovative, secure systems. As an independent small business owner you may not have
the funds to hire a full IT team to safeguard your database, but that is one of the benefits to incorporating a retail POS system into your business strategy.The advantages to a cloud POS system can help you to run your business more effectively, more efficiently and with mobility. It all boils down to this: the benefits far outweigh the risk.