How to Recharge a Car Battery
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How to Recharge a Car Battery


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Description - It can be very difficult to recharge a car battery. It is hard and can consume time. Or one can follow a simple guide for recharging car batteries so that one will be able to charge the battery in no time at all. It is a simple guide to follow; here is how a battery can be recharged!



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Published 23 June 2017
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ARTICLE 1: Tauqeer Ul Hassan
It can be verydifficult to recharge a car battery. It is hard and can consume time. Or one can follow a
simpleguide for rechargingcar batteries so that one will be able to charge the batteryin no time at all. It
is a simple guide to follow; here is how a battery can be recharged!
Thegoal with thisguide is to make rechargingthe car batteryeasyand safe as possible because as said
earlier, recharging the car battery can be difficult and dangerous.
Manysafe methods have been tried to recharge a car batteryand it has been found that if one follows
thisproperly, it works in an amazingwayfor recharginga car battery, unless the car batteryis brok en. It
should be remembered when dealingwith recharginga car battery, there are dangers such as the battery
can explode. So, one should be extremelycareful while rechargingthe battery. Followingthisguide would helpin avoidingaccidents well while recharginga car battery. A car batterycan be recharged safe and fast.
When and how to recharge a car battery:
As a batterystarts to age with thepassage of time, its charge becomes weak causingslow engine
cranking. A batterymight need an occasionjumpfor startingit, especiallywhen the cars are used for short runs or cold weather. A weak batterycan be simplyreplaced but with a inexpensive recharger. One can nurse it along for weeks months or even years.
If the dashboard warninglight shows on then there is a chargingsystem fault. It has to be repaired
immediatelyas rechargingwill not make it work. If the batteryis refillable, the caps should be removed
and a dampragshould be laid over the openingwhile recharging. If it is sealed havinga charge-indicator
window in the top, onlythe charger should be used if the indicator isgreen or dark. If the indicator is clear
or yellowish then the battery should be replaced.
A trickle charger should be used to recharge a battery. It is a fairlyinexpensive device which is designed
to charge a batteryat a slow rate. The trickle charger has an electric outlet cord and two wires with alligator clips. One has a redjacket and the other has a black orgreenjacket. The ignition of the car should be turned off. This has to be made sure first as it is the first important step. The red clip has to be connected to the battery's positive terminal marked with POS or + and the other has to be connected to the negative terminal marked with Neg or -.
One has to be very careful not to let the metal clips touch each other or any other metal. In such case, they may spark causing an explosion of the hydrogen gas emitted by the battery. That can be dangerous.
When the charger is connected to the battery, the charger should be plugged into the electric outlet and turned on. The charger should be run for a few hours or overnight. The charger should be left running until its meter gives a reading of less than 1 ampere. After that, the charger should be unplugged battery
should be disconnected.
After recharging, the batteryshould be checked with hydrometer if it has removable caps. It is an
inexpensive device with a float that indicates electric energies in the fluid. If the batteryis sealed, it should
be tested bystartingthe engine. After recharging, if the batterystill fails to start the engine, a tryshould
begiven tojumpstart the engine. If the engine can bejumpstarted and the chargingsystem light or
ammeter indicates normal operation, then it means that the battery is bad replacing it.
Also learning,how to clean car batteryterminalsandhow to change a car batterycould saveyou some
money and time in future.
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ARTICLE 2: Tobias K
It is not unusual thatpeopleget curious about the batteries in electric vehicles because theywant to know how apair
of batteries canpower a car and run it for 100s of miles. In fact, this curiosityisquite high amongcar owners because
most car owners might have faced startingissues at least once in their lifetime because the car's batteryran out. In a
traditionalgasoline or diesel car engine, the batterycan run outjust byforgettingto turn of the headlights or even the
reading lamps for very long!
Consideringthe large size of a car batterythat occupya large area in the engine bay, it is not surprisingthat such a
thought emerges amongcar owners. To address this issue, we need to know the major difference between a
traditional car battery and the batteries that power electric cars.
For traditional car batterymanufacturers, the price of their products is a crucial factor and to maintain a reasonable
budget, they use limited technology. However, these batteries are satisfactory for a traditional method of usage.
When it comes to rechargeable car batteries, the situation is entirelydifferent. Even though the batterysystem is
similar to traditional car batteries in function, theyuse highlymodern technologyin construction and charging. For
instance, the batteryhas its electrolyte in agel form but not in liquid form as most traditional batteries have. Due to
thegel form, it ispossible to fix these batteries in anyorientation. This allow electric car makers to fit the car batteries
in anyorientation theywant, thus accommodate more cells in a limited space. More batteries in a limited space will
allow better engine output and mileage on a single charge.
There are two types of batteries for electric vehiclessuch as VRAL and GEL. GEL batteryuses the VRAL
technologybut is highlyadvanced and requires veryminimum maintenance. With GEL batteries, chances of a spill
are verylow because theyhave sophisticated sealingtechnology. One drawback with GEL batteries is that theywon't
perform better with irregular usage because the batteries need constant chargingand discharging. With constant
chargingand discharging, these batteriesperform verywell and for the same reason, regular commuters find these
batteries to bequitepractical. Ifyou don't have regular usage ofyour car, these batteries maywear out verysoon,
thus leaving you with a maintenance problem.
One of the most recent advancements in the industryis the usage of Lithium-Ion batteries. Even though Li-Ion
batteries are around for more than four decades, we couldn't make its effective usage in cars and this issue isgetting
resolved with the new technology. The nano technologyensures that the latest lithium based batteries will be quite
small but can carrya lot of energyin them. These batteries can last for a longer period and the lack of liquids in it will
help the users to drive their cars for quite a long time.
Tobias is an IT-Specialist and editor of [] - an information portal with tips and
suggestions on electric cars. Further information on electric car batteries can be found at [].
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