How to Reset a Forgotten Windows Password by AGR Technology
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How to Reset a Forgotten Windows Password by AGR Technology


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This tutorial will help you to reset the login for your Windows computer if you forgot your password and cannot access your computer. These methods work across all Windows systems starting from Windows XP and can help you get back up and running after forgetting your password.



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Published 08 August 2017
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How to reset a forgotten windows password by AGR Technology
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(Alternativemethod if first method doesn’t work)
If you have been using Windows for a while one problem you may encounter is a forgotten password on your computer, you may think this will require you to format your system and lose access to your files but have no fear.
In this tutorial we will be looking into how you can quickly bypass the Windows password without losing any files on your PC, for this task we will be using a piece of software called KonBoot.
The software can be found at the official website: boot/
at the time of writing the software costs $15.00 for a personal license and $75 for a commercial license. The company also offers a separate version for use with Apple Macintosh computers. KonBoot is compatible with all Windows versions starting from Windows XP.
In order to get started you will need to purchase a copy of the software, once purchased you should be able to download a .zip file which will contain a .iso file as well as instructions and tools to create a bootable USB.
Once you have successfully burned the image to a flash drive you can simply boot directly from it, depending on your PC you may need to go into your BIOS and change the boot order to boot from whatever storage medium you used previously.
Once you selected the device your PC will begin to boot from it and you should see a splash screen appear on your screen like the image shown above. Next up your PC will boot directly to the login screen.
At this point you should see the normal login screen with the password field still there, don’t worry because it may seem to not have worked. Now click inside the password field and simply press enter on your keyboard without typing anything.
If all goes well you should log straight in and effectively bypass the Windows password. There are some circumstances however where this method won’t work, these include the following:
1. The SSD or HDD is encrypted using Bitlocker or other encryption software 2. The BIOS itself is locked and doesn’t allow you to change the boot order3. If you are using Windows 8 or higher and have configured a Microsoft account to log in (KonBoot only works with local logins) 4. Some networked computers which use Windows domain management credentials instead of traditional logins
Be sure to also read the official KonBoot page before purchasing as it also includes additional support notes which at the time of writing may change as KonBoot is updated.
Onceyou’re done with KonBoot you can temporary login, once logged in you will need to set a new password by going into Control panel> user accounts and change password.
If you don’t do this the old password will come back on the next reboot.
If KonBoot fails then we recommend trying an alternative method which can be viewed above, unlike KonBoot this allows you to reset the password and put a new one instead of bypassing it completely. This method uses a Linux live CD or USB to modify some files which will allow you to use the command prompt to reset the password. How to protect yourself against these tools
In order to protect your computer against these tools we recommend you consider implementing the following:
1. Full disk encryption 2. BIOS password
Using these safeguards you can prevent your data being accessed if your PC is accessed by an unauthorized person. Hopefully this tutorial has helped you recover from a forgotten password and regain access to your locked Windows PC. For other I.T tutorials and software check out:
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