How to Win at Roulette!

How to Win at Roulette!

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How to Win at Roulette! [$5a 0 ,0lcWee omunoB slCia m ASU Friendly ] Have you ever gambled? Being one of the oldest gambling games ever known, roulette is a game that is purely based on probabilities.



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Published 24 April 2015
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How to Win at Roulette!
Have you ever gambled? Being one of the oldest gambling games ever known, roulette is a game that is purely based on probabilities. Unlike other gambling games, it is founded on certain schemes and skills that can be utilized to maximize the profits or minimize the losses. With a well planned strategy, you can turn tables around by becoming an expert in this game. In this game players choose place bets on a variety of factors. These could be based on either a single number or wide range of numbers, the colors red or black and whether a number is an odd or even number. This article takes a keen look at different ways of how to win at roulette. These include;
1. Spinning the wheel a number of times before playing. If playing in a casino, performing this move will help you to determine whether the wheel is biased. This is because when spinning the wheel you can count the number of times in which the wheel lands on odd or even numbers. From these you will be able to determine whether it is biased or not. Casino game workers may have played the game for a very long time in your absence and hence may have mastered the force required to spin the wheel resulting in bias. By doing this you will have reduced his chances of winning the game due to being bias.
2. Practice playing on a free table before betting. This increases your confidence before playing the real game. It also helps you to acquire special tactics and therefore you will know which move to make and the effects of that move. It is also advisable to play with others before placing a bet so that you can learn their strategies.
3. Play European Roulette, not American Roulette. Playing the European Roulette increases your chances of winning because it has no extra slot unlike the American Roulette which has an extra slot that decreases your chances of winning.
4. Be careful when playing online games. Since Roulette is a game of gambling, you may place a bet on some scam and your money goes into a waste. Therefore, look out for genuine sites that play this game before making a bet to avoid these financial losses. Apart from this, make sure that the site has a random generator. This will help in shuffling of players therefore making it difficult to play with the computer.
5. Know how much you bet. Always bet and stick to the amount you can comfortably lose. This is not an easy task as some of the time you may be tempted to place a higher bet. This can be controlled by limiting the number of alcohol bottles that you take.
6. Double up. If you have placed a bet on red versus black or odd versus even and you find yourself loosing the game. The best option to this problem is by applying the Martingale Strategy where, when you lose $5 the next game double it up to $10. This will help you to return back your money and also obtain profits.
7. Withdraw profits as they come. Reserve your profits. For example, if you started by placing a bet of $100 and you win $150, place the $50 aside and continue gambling with the $100 that you had planned for the game.