How using Big Data makes you a MILLIONAIRE whilst doing nothing

How using Big Data makes you a MILLIONAIRE whilst doing nothing

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Description - I will show you the ultimate and easy way to become a MILLIONAIRE with trading and BIG DATA all whilst doing nothing.



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Published 18 April 2017
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How using Big Data makes you a MILLIONAIRE whilst doing nothing! Legit. Easy. Fast.
byJustin Güseon April 17
The emotional trader
Too good to be true? If this would be a sneaky, sleazy ad, then yes. But what I am about to tell you will change your future. How is this possible, you’re asking yourself? It’s really easy actually.
Let us start with deconstructing the stock market. As soon as a lot of people start selling something, the price of that thing goes down. The same routine applies in the other way around. So, basically said - the stock market is simply following the trend of what most people are doing.
This sounds simple… but why are so many people failing it if it’s so simple? Interesting question, but it turns out that the emotionally driven human is not at all made for the world of numbers and statistics called stock trading. We are all fine as long as our portfolio gains
money. If it gains two Euros, we are still unimpressed. Gaining hundred Euros thrives our hunger for more. But as soon as our portfolio losses even the tiniest amount, like 24 cents, we go batshit crazy and start selling all our stocks. And that is the two-minute explanation why 99 percent of stock traders fail in trading. Visit this link for more information on this (
Removing emotions out of trading
So how do we remove this emotional burden in ourselves without turning into a Grinch? We simply don’t trade. Hahaha, very funny Justin, but no, I’m serious. We remove ourselves out of this process in the simplest way possible: We set our portfolio to autopilot and just copy the trades of others. How? There are several ways; in some next posts, I will teach you how I built an Elastic search instance to analyze trading movements and used an API to communicate with my broker - so subscribe for more - but in this post, I will introduce eToro to you.
eToro is a social trading platform, meaning that you can deposit money as usual, but additionally, just copy other traders. The fees are relatively small, and they usually charge mostly as soon as you are withdrawing your deposited funds, but that’s usually no more than some percentages. They have a copy loss stop function as well; meaning that if one of your assets (the people you copy) starts losing a lot of money, it automatically closes the position (sells it).
If you register via this link, you will get a 200$ bonus in eToro money:
(Yes, this is a referral link, meaning that I’ll get something for writing this huge article. It does not affect you in any way)
For the first time trading, I actually recommend using the “virtual” mode, in which you can “try it out” and see how your real investment would perform. A rule of thumb is that you should actually only invest money that you do not need - meaning that you do not need it to pay bills or take your partner out for an ice cream once in a while.
Making your first million
So far so good. But you promised us to become a millionaire right? The secret lies in finding the right people or assets to follow. The strategy I applied for selecting the right people leaves me with a return of investment of 60-120% a year, or 5-10% a month. There are
people promising you 1000% return a month or something like that; don’t trust them. They exist - even on eToro - but they were simply really lucky in a really risky trade, and as fast as they won that money they will quickly lose it again because their investment has been done completely randomly, leaving them with a 50/50 chance of success or failure.
I found that 60% return a year is still risky, but acceptable. 120% works as well, even though the risk is quite high with this strategy. If you are fine with 10% return a year, I can tell you some guys that are almost 100% safe to copy. The only way to lose money with these 10%-return-a-year guys is an atomic war or a complete collapse of the economy (a big thank you at this point to my bank paying me 1% a year).
But let’s skip the numbers and have a look at the potential. Check out the following table:
With a return of 120% a year, and investing 100,000€, you will be a millionaire after four years. Investing 10,000€ will make you a millionaire after 7.5 years. Even with investing 1000€, you will become a millionaire after 10.5 years, and investing only hundred bucks will make you jump in a whirlpool after 13.5 years. As you might have noticed that the expansion of your wealth is not linear as working in your job is, but investing expands your money exponentially.
Finding the right people to copy on eToro
But how do we find those hidden people that give you that return on eToro? I offer you two ways. The easiest is just simply to copy me on eToro. Check out my profile (it’s me, Guestros). As you can see, I gained a
nice five percent a month, heading for the 60% a year value whilst maintaining a low-risk score. That is due to the spread I have in my investments, meaning that even if one person fails, I still only risk 1/20th of my investment. My style of investment is definitely the tech industry, both due to the promises of the future and my personal interest in it. So if you want to go for the income autopilot, just copy me and lean back.
If you are totally against eToro for whatever reason, you can head over to Fiverr, which is a platform to buy services and buy my gig. I recommend the standard package of 10$ which will leave you with my current investments such that you can invest in them yourself. Here is the link to my gig on Fiverr: s.
If you’re still hesitant, just write me a short message, and we will see what we can do.
Forget the money
Now for the probably most confusing part in this post. Forget the money. No seriously. Do not watch your portfolio 24/7. This will only lead to an emotional sale of your stocks. It is normal that your portfolio will fluctuate; meaning that it will lose and gain value, but the overall result will be a plus. So set your stop-loss limits and lean back. Set a date once a week or month to check on your portfolio. Consider following people for at least four months. It is perfectly normal that at the beginning of a copy process, the value will sink, but usually, the person becomes profitable after a month. However, if the person still performs miserably after four months, feel free to stop copying that person.
What are your thoughts on this trading style? Do you have experience? Comment on my website or drop me a message!
Justin Güse.